Night Drives

Hey folks, First, thanks for the comments on some of my stories. I see there are people that love animal soories so I will keep putting them up. I guess this a wife sharing since my husband Steve let me play at a glory hole for several hours late one night. It is all true.

We were driving from north Florida late one night, the air was nice and the windows down and I had my blouse unbutoned so the air could go across my tits. I had not panties on and had a wrap around skirt that tied at the waist and it was pulled open and my feet were on the dash and I was playing with myself. Steve would turn on the dome light as we passed truckers and they all enjoyed the view. Well, we really needed to go pee and get something to eat and so Steve pulled into one of those multiple function convience store/truck stops on I-75 south of Atlanta.

We pulled in and I only did the bottom two buttons and so the top was really very open. The skirt kind of moved in the breeze and I did not try to keep it closed. We went in and I had to pee so I went to the ladies room and relievd myself. No one else in there so I came out and go a drink and waitied for Steve who soon came out. I had been checking out the guy behind the counter and he was obviously checking me out too. He was in his 30s, cute and kind of boyish. We went to the counter and Steve paid for out drinks and snacks and the guy said,  "Is there anything else you need? " I squeezed Steve’s arm and then looked at the guy and leaned over and let my blouse fall open.  "The question is, is there anything that you need? " I asked him. I saw over the counter that his bulge was growing and so I looked at the camera and smiled and went behind it, got on my knees and took his cock out and took it all the way into my throat. He stood there while I sucked him slow at first then faster and finally he filled my throat. I stood up and thanked him and he said,  "No, thank you. Is there anything else at all? " he asked again.

Steve leaned over and whispered to me,  "The three stalls in the men’s room have huge glory holes in the walls and they are small enough so that you can have one in each end if you like. " he said. I looked at the guy and said,  "I wanna go work the glory holes in the men’s room for a while, can you make sure everyone knows I am there? " I said. He said,  "Sure " and reached over and flipped a switch and said.  "Anyone that knows what that light means will stop. " I told him thanks and Steve went to the TV room to rest and I went to the men’s room. I took off the little I had on and sat on the toilet and in a few min. two men came in and one went into each stall. They looked thru the holes and saw me naked waiting,  "Slip them thru guys. " I said and they did. Both very nice cocks, clean and hard and I took them into my hands, massaging one while licking the other. Then I was deepthroating them both, first one then the other making the men moan loud. The door opened a couple times and there were now a few men waiting their turns. I made sure to time the cocks cumming so that I could swallow each one and not miss any cum. The men filled my throat and then zipped up and left. Tow more came in and one was chubby and had about 5 inches and the other skinny and maybe 5 or 6 inches. They did not last long and then two more came in. One was a black man and he was hung and the other a white guy that was about 8 inches but really thick. I took the white guy in my mouth and he was just too thick to do a good job on so I took the black guy and even though he was about 10 inches he was thinner and went down my throat really good. I turned my ass to the wall of the thick one and guided him into my pussy and took he black one deep into my throat. Both of them got a good rythum going and after a while, maybe a half hour first the black cock filled my throat then the thick one got thicker and filled my pussy and both made me cum. My pussy sprayed the wall and both cocks felt so good.

There were now several men in the rest room and so I opened the door and walked out totally naked.  "Guys, let’s not waste time with the glory hole, just fill me up. " I said and laid on a bench. Soon a man filled my pussy with cock and then I laid back and laid my head back and one filled my throat. They both were good at what they did and my orgasms came constantly and they filled me up. It seemed that as soon as two finished there were more to replace them and so I asked,  "Can we do a triple penetration? " A couple guys said sure and so I got up and slipped one into my ass, leaned back and let one slip into my cum filled pussy and grabbed another for my mouth and they began working on me. I was have orgasms like crazy and it seemed to take them a long time but finally they all filled me. The two in ass and pussy came almost at the same time while the one I was sucking took longer and I had gotten two more in ass and pussy before he finally filled my throat. I was there about 3 hours and was well fucked when I wandered out and woke Steve up. I was naked and carried my clothes with me as we walked to the car. I laid there and fell asleep as we drove the cool night air making my body feel so wonderful after a good fucking.

By the way folks, I love sex of every kind, human, animal, machine, you nake it. My husband does not care that I fuck everything that moves and sometimes something that does not move. I am 42, short and live in North East Georgia. My tits are 42 to 44 EEE and I am always available for sex, male female, it does not matter.