Racist Down Fall

It was early evening in the small coastal town, earlier in the day there had been a protest march b a racist organisation who were protesting about immigrants being in the country, the protest turned into a riot with people being hurt, shops looted and set on fire, it took the police three hours to … Continue reading Racist Down Fall

The Beach Hut

It was a very hot day, the hottest it had been for many years, not many people had ventured out into the open prefering to stay in the shade of their homes, the beach of the small coastal town had quite a few people on it most of whom were under their sun umbrellas in … Continue reading The Beach Hut


Sharon was a sixteen year old racist girl her dad was a very rich engineer who was overseeing the building of a dam in Africa, he had taken Sharon with him in the hope that the experience of life in the jungle would make his daughter change her ways, after three weeks living in a … Continue reading Jungle

Slave House

England had been in the grips of a recession for five years, jobs were scarce which meant that many people could not pay bills and buy food and clothes and were heavily in debt. The government brought back slavery which helped. Sixteen year old Mandy was the daughter of the owner of a slave selling … Continue reading Slave House

Told You So

Sixteen year old Sharon was taking a short cut through the disused derelict trading estate as she walked home from school when suddenly she saw a gang of boys picking on Joel, Joel was from Nigeria and two years younger than what Sharon was, Sharon yelled at the boys telling them to piss off and … Continue reading Told You So

The Dinner Party

It was Karen’s sixteenth birthday her dad who was one of the richest men in the world had organised a dinner party to celebrate his daughters birthday he hired extra staff to help with the catering and other things for the dinner party, on the weekend of the dinner party Karen’s mum and dad went … Continue reading The Dinner Party

The Slaves

England had been in the grips of a recession for many years and things were very desperate. The government brought back slavery and allowed parents to sell their kids to registered slave masters who then sold the kids to anybody who could afford to buy them, If kids saw the red van that was owned … Continue reading The Slaves