Mother gangbanged forcefully by local garbage picking men

Hello all this is my first story here. Am Alok from Kolkata currently in Assam for my higher studies. This happened just a year back. At Kolkata we live in Sealdah Rajabajar area. My father lived at Birbhum for his factory overview and visited us only Saturdays and Sundays. So me being at Guahati my … Continue reading Mother gangbanged forcefully by local garbage picking men

Hot And Wet

The weather had been boiling hot for the last three days, after only three days many people were feeling very uncomfortable, even the evenings were hot, people were staying indoors but if they had to go out then they were doing their very best to stay in the shadows of buildings and trees, to try … Continue reading Hot And Wet

Double Take

There had been a large demonstration held by a well known racist organisation, the police had been out in large numbers keeping things under control, Many of the residents of the small coastal town where the demonstration had been held were Bengali they had boarded up there homes and businesses and stayed off the streets … Continue reading Double Take

Wrong Way

Dawn was a sixteen year old girl who lived in England but was in India with her dad who owned a very large clothing company. Dawn was a loud mouthed bully girl who never listened to advice, Dawn had decided to go sight seeing while her dad attended to business in his large office complex … Continue reading Wrong Way

The Fight

Lucy was a sixteen year old British girl living in London, it was well known that she was racist, homophobic and violent, she was not liked by many people and certainly not trusted, it was well known that she could fight like a boy, nobody had ever known her to get beat in a fight. … Continue reading The Fight