To Drunk To Know

Asif was a young Bengali boy who had been disowned by the Bengali community because he was gay, the Bengali community gave him a lot of hassle telling him that he was full of evil spirits, he was often beat up, was given all the dirty jobs to do, spat at and called homophobic names. … Continue reading To Drunk To Know

The Bait

Emma was a blonde haired sixteen year old girl who many boys and some girls had dreamed about getting into bed with but none of the dreams had ever came to real fact. Emma was the girlfriend of sixteen year old Steve who was a violent thug and well feared, until she met Steve Emma … Continue reading The Bait

After The Party

Ira was a sixteen year old Indian boy who lived next door to Dawn who was sixteen years old and her sister Sara who was four years younger, both girls were loud mouthed racists and gave Ira a lot of trouble, the girls dad had left home a few years ago and their mum could … Continue reading After The Party


Steve lived on a council estate that was so run down it looked derelict, Steve was well known on the estate and surrounding area but for all the wrong reasons, at just sixteen years of age he had been in youth custody twice, as well as being racist Steve was also homophobic and also very … Continue reading Broken


There had been civil unease in England for nearly two years then as had bee predicted rioting broke out all over the country, due to the heavy cut backs made by the government the police admitted that they could not manage and they did not have the officers needed to gain control, the government then … Continue reading Slavery


It was Mandy’s first trip to India, she was with her dad who had said at sixteen years of age Mandy should be learning the all about the company that he ran and all about the countries that they traded in. Many was a foul mouthed girl who caused trouble where ever she went and … Continue reading Learning