The Fight

Lucy was a sixteen year old British girl living in London, it was well known that she was racist, homophobic and violent, she was not liked by many people and certainly not trusted, it was well known that she could fight like a boy, nobody had ever known her to get beat in a fight. … Continue reading The Fight

The Escapee

At just sixteen years of age Steve was a well feared thug, he lived in a small English town where he was well hated and feared, nobody felt safe with him around and stayed well clear of him crossing the road to the other side if the saw him coming towards him on the same … Continue reading The Escapee

Gone Mad

Aamod was a Bengali man aged sixty three years old who had been living in England for just over thirty five years, he was a polite mild mannered man who was well known and respected in the small town where he lived with his wife and two daughters, he worked as a security guard for … Continue reading Gone Mad


It was a quiet warm evening, the shops in the small English town were all locked up for the evening except for the small Indian corner shop owned by sixty eight year old pal who had been given the nickname pal by local residents because he called everyone pal, his two sons had been nicknamed … Continue reading Shopping

To Drunk To Know

Asif was a young Bengali boy who had been disowned by the Bengali community because he was gay, the Bengali community gave him a lot of hassle telling him that he was full of evil spirits, he was often beat up, was given all the dirty jobs to do, spat at and called homophobic names. … Continue reading To Drunk To Know