Bully Beaten Part One

Sharon was a violent sixteen year old out of control bully, she lived with her mum in the middle of London on a run down council estate, she did not have many friends and spent most of her time in her room, her mum was a nurse and like most people on the estate was scared of her daughter. Sharon often bunked school which pleased her teachers and fellow students because she was not in school causing disruptions. It was late evening when Sharon’s mum had long left for work, Sharon had seen her go from her bedroom window and knew she would not be back for at least twelve hours, Sharon was in the kitchen making herself a cup of tea when she heard a knock on the door, when she opened it she saw Asif who she knew was four years younger than what she was, before she could say anything Asif said ” you beat my sister up today you bitch ” Sharon raised her hand to hit Asif but before she could she saw a blur and felt a sharpe pain in her face as Asif landed a karate kick, Sharon fell back into the kitchen surprised at what Asif had done, she had no idea that Asif did Karate, as Sharon started to get up Asif landed a few more kicks to Sharon’s body then reached down grabbed her by her pony tail and half dragged her into the lounge, Sharon realised that she had problems and would be able to get the better of Asif who said ” you are going to pay for what you did to my sister ” Sharon looked up at Asif from where she lay on the floor, she was starting to feel scared, Asif looked down at her and said ” get your tee shirt off ” when Sharon hesitated Asif kicked her again repeating his order, Sharon knew that she was beaten and reluctantly took her tee shirt off, quickly covering her naked boobs with her arms once her tee shirt was off, Asif then said ” now your jeans ” Sharon knew that if she did she would be naked as she had no underwear on, when she started to talk Asif kicked her saying jeans off as he did, Sharon took her jeans off and when Asif told her to lay flat with her arms at her side Sharon knew better than to argue and did as she was told, Asif looked down at Sharon and said ” you got a nice pair of tits and nice smooth cunt, he then knelt down and started to massage Sharon’s boobs saying nice white tits, after a few minutes he started to rub Sharon’s love tube and at the same time lick and suck her nipples, after five minutes Asif felt Sharon’s love tube become moist and also noticed her nipples were now erect, Asif carried on rubbing Sharon’s love tube and licking her nipples then heard her starting to breath heavy, Asif stopped rubbing Sharon’s love tube and pushed three fingers inside it pushing them in as deep as he could get them, then started to push his fingers in and out of Sharon’s love tube hearing her breathing very heavy as he did then after a few minutes Sharon groaned loudly as she climaxed and as she did Asif felt his hand get wet, Asif pulled his fingers from Sharon’ love tube and stood up then undid his Jeans, Sharon saw his four inch erect dick spring out, Asif told Sharon to kneel and after she had done so Asif said ” suck my cock ” Sharon knew better than not to obey and took Asif’s dick into her mouth and started to suck it, after five minutes of sucking Asif’s dick she felt it twitch and realised he had dry cum in her mouth, Asif stepped back and said to Sharon ” you ever hurt any of my family again and you will get worse ” then left the house, Sharon got up and locked the door knowing that nobody would believe a boy had controlled her, and when she soaked in a bath could hardly believe what had happened but knew she had to get revenge.

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