Christie’s Poker Night

Christie’s Poker Night

by, NorthernWolf

Christie wasn’t pleased that Chet had invited a bunch of his bar buddies to the house for a poker night without asking her first. They had been married just over a year and she was just starting to get used to the domestic life. It was a Saturday and she had thought that a little dinner and a TV movie was about all she was up for after her week in court. As an associate at a big law firm she worked hard and looked forward to her weekends to rest.

They had argued a bit but Chet was insistent that he could have the game if he wanted and that she should not be so controlling. Chet scared her a little, not only because he worked as a steel worker and was very in shape, but because he was a little unpredictable. These qualities had attracted her initially, but lately she had begun to wonder if he was long term material.

“What am I supposed to do while you and your muscle brained friends play cards,” she had snapped at him.

“I couldn’t care less,” he had replied. “Why not stay for a drink or better yet, stay here and serve us drinks. Just let us have our fun.”

“No chance I’ll serve your jerk friends,” she snarled. “What a bunch of limp dick losers.”

She wasn’t ready for Chet’s response and took the full blow in the stomach without having a chance to tense herself. She collapsed to her knees bent over in pain. Chet grabbed her by the wrists pulling them behind her and bound them with a short piece of rope. She had never been into restraint and Chet had never brought the subject up but now she was bound and the man she had trusted had almost killed her with one punch.

“You’ll do what I say bitch. Are we clear on that?” Chet said pulling her to her feet. “I have a long night planned for little Ms Stuckup. Let’s just say that a year with you making me feel inferior and getting only the odd mercy fuck is all I’m going to take.”

Before Christie could recover from the stomach blow, Chet grabbed her gapping jaw with one hand and stuffed a discipline ball gag into her mouth with the other. He quickly buckled the straps hanging from the ends of the gag behind her head pulling them viciously tight.

“That will keep you quiet. Now to keep you in one place until my buddies arrive I’ve rigged up something ingenious.” Chet laughed lowering a thin rope that he had looped through the ring that would have held up the chandelier, if they had one which they didn’t. “This is a little thing I picked up in an adult shop in Mexico last year on our honeymoon. Its called a “bride’s bridle” I’ve been waiting for the right moment to try it out.”

On the end of the cord was attached a small metal piece shaped like a fish hook but instead of one curved hook there were two. Each had a dull end but on each shaft where the large barb was on a regular fish hook there was a series of tiny bars just large enough to see. Pulling Christie toward him he inserted the end of each hook into her nostrils and pulled the cord taut. Christie’s head snapped back as her nose stretched upward. The small barbs gripped the delicate skin in her nose sending sharp little pains through her sinuses, but not quite drawing blood.

“You can stand there flatfoot if you want but it would be more erotic if you were on your toes.” Chet sneered pulling the cord gently until Christie was forced to stand on her toes and then tying the end to a hook on the wall. Christie’s neck was stretched upward and her nose bulged toward the ceiling. Muffled screams leaked from the edges of the gag. “Stay there a while until I get set up for my, what did you call them? Oh yes, my limp dick friends.”

Christie at first tried to free her tied hands but any movement made the pain in her face unbearable. After a few minutes she hung a still as possible and waited for Chet to untie her. Her feet started to cramp after the first five minutes forcing her to shift her weight from one foot to the other every few seconds which in turn pulled one side of her nose then the other even harder. When he returned ten minutes later, he slid a pair of her highest heels on her feet which meant she could stay on her toes without her feet cramping. To compensate for the six inch heels he pulled rope and forced her to raise her head higher.

Eddie was the first of Chet’s friends to arrive half an hour later, by which time Christie was exhausted and almost unconscious. The front of her tee shirt was soaked with the drool that had leaked past the gag and run down her face.

“Jesus Chet, I knew she was a bitch, but do you want to kill her?” Eddie laughed setting his backpack down and loosening the nose rope just enough to let Christie’s head tilt forward. “If you want to make this last you’d better take it a bit slower. Why didn’t you strip her?”

“Shit, I’ve seen her tits and pussy, and as good as they are I thought it would be more amusing to let my guests have some fun.” Said Chet handing Eddie a beer.

“Watch this then” said Eddie swigging his beer and opening the bag he had dropped on the floor. He showed Chet four tiny thumbtacks and a tube of superglue. Sliding off one of Christie’s shoes he watched for a few seconds as she balance on one foot and then dabbed one of the tacks with glue and stuck it in her shoe at the heel. Slipping it back on her foot he repeated the job on the other foot and replaced that shoe. “Just to keep her on her toes.”

Christie yelped as her weight fell on the tacks and they punctured her heels and quickly leaned forward to shift her weight to her toes. As she leaned the bridle tightened on her nose. She held the forward position for as long as she could and finally settled back only to jump forward again.

Chet and Eddie sat on the sofa and watched Christie dance in pain back and forth while the other two card players arrived. Chet knew that these were the two that Christie really detested. Bob was black, six foot five and nasty. Billie was skinny white with an IQ just above room temperature. They looked at Christie hanging by her nose and moaning with huge grins on their faces.

“Christie honey, if I let you down will you be nice to these boys.” Said Chet running his hand over her breasts, “Like if they want something you give it. OK?”

Christie shook her head in defiance.

“Eddie, why don’t you slip one of those tacks into the tip of her bra. Don’t push though, I have something in mind.” Chet ordered as he ripped open Christie’s tee shirt to show her 36C breasts nicely held up by a very expensive black bra.

As Eddie slid a tack into each cup Christie flinched as the sharp points met her nipples without piercing her. Chet untied the rope holding her nose hook from the wall and, keeping the tension on her nose walked behind her and tied it to her bra strap pulling it tight. Slipping off Christie’s shoes he adjusted the tension so as long as she stayed on her toes the rope wouldn’t pull her bra upward forcing the tacks into her nipples.

Bob was getting turned on watching the struggling white girl. “When we gonna see her pussy?” He asked Chet.

“Whenever you like” Chet answered, “It’s your party.”

Bob didn’t need an another invitation. Stepping in front of Christies he undid her jeans and pulled them and her thong panties off in one motion exposing her neatly shaved crotch. Christie screamed into the gag and Chet wondered if it was the tacks impaling her nipples or the thought of the huge black man playing with her pussy. Not that it mattered, either way he was enjoying himself.

“Open up Bitch,” snarled Bob. “Right now.”

Christie legs didn’t move so Bob put a huge black thumb on each nipple and pushed both tacks in deep. It was too much for the exhausted woman who collapsed, unconscious from the pain. Only Bob catching her on the way down prevented her nose from being ripped apart.

Twenty minutes later Christie woke up as cold water hit her face. While she was unconscious the men had removed her bra and tee shirt and tied her to Chet’s big leather chair. Bob was amused that the tacks were still firmly imbedded in Christie’s nipple and looked like old stripper’s pasties. Chet said they had to come out so Bob took each breast in his huge hands and squeezed until the tacks popped out. Even after Chet rinsed the punctures with vodka Christies breasts were swollen and discoloured. Her legs had been pulled back over the arms of the chair and tied with a rope running behind the chair opening her pussy and rear to the room. Her arms had been left untied but were attached to short cords wrapped around her wrists and secured to belt with rings around her waist. Christie could touch her pussy but couldn’t reach her face. Chet had reattached the “bride’s bridle” to her nose and her head was forced in an upward tilt.

“Welcome back, Bitch,” said Bob. “Didn’t want you to sleep through your first black fisting. First, Billie do your thing.”

Billie worked as a veterinarian’s assistant on the weekends and had stolen a small vial of the drops that the vet used to make the bitch dogs horny. The drug worked through skin contact and Billie saw a lot of humor in letting the drops fall directly on Christie’s pussy and nipples.

“Takes about five minutes is all, He said. “Let her alone until she starts to paw herself and begs us to help. This is great stuff. Trust me, it won’t take long.”

The men took the opportunity to get fresh beers and sat across from the helpless woman watching her struggle against the ropes. After several minutes Billie pointed out that one of Christie’s fingers had made its way to her clit and was moving in small circles over it. He pulled the finger aside and Christie’s clit was clearly visible, swollen and pink. Quickly her finger was back rubbing her engorged organ.

“She can rub all she wants,” said Billie. “This stuff is made to keep them horny. It’ll be hours before she gets off.”

Bob positioned himself in front of Christie’s pussy and roughly pushed her hand to the side. From his pocket he took a short leather crop and gently started to strike Christie’s cunt. Her labia started to swell and enlarge with each blow. Before long Bob was using almost a full swing and the force of each blow caused drops of pussy juice to splatter around the tied woman. When Bob finally stopped Christie was thrusting her pussy forward to receive each blow as she was driven towards the unachievable orgasm she needed. Throwing the crop to the floor Bob placed his fist between the swollen labia and thrust into Christie in one motion. His hand disappeared up to his wrist before he pulled it almost out and repeated the penetration. He started to pound his fist in and out of Christie’s cunt.

“Jesus this bitch has the sloppiest pussy I’ve ever fisted. I’ll bet I can get both hands in there.” Bob growled as he placed the fingers of his second hand to the side of the one buried to the wrist in Christie. Using her juice as lubricant he slid his flat hand in beside his imbedded fist. “She sure is flexible. Look I can make a second fist.”

“Watch this,” said Billie, not wanting to be left out. He used Christie’s streaming juices to lube her anus and pushed the neck of his beer bottle in. Moving it in circles to stretch her ass he pressed deeper until the wide part of the bottle started to enter her. When only an inch was left showing he backed away from the writhing woman. “Told you that stuff was strong. Look at her contract on the bottle and Bob’s hand at the same time. Wow.”

Pulling his fists from Christies cunt Bob wasn’t surprised that her hole stayed wide open twitching from the orgasm it wanted but couldn’t achieve. Leaving the bottle up her ass he untied her legs and released her from the nose bridal, gag and wrist ropes. “We are going to play cards sweetheart and you are going to get beers, give blowjobs and fuck yourself with a baseball bat in between. That OK with you?”

Christie’s pussy juices flowed down her legs. She was so desperate to cum that she stated slapping her open soggy pussy until Bob stopped her telling her that he would tie her again. He handed her a bat and smiled. “I said you could fuck yourself with this and this only. Leave the bottle in your ass so it will break if you pound too hard. Gentle sex is better. Right?”

Christie stood up and placed the handle of the bat on the ground lowering herself onto the thick end. The bat slid smoothly 10 inches into her pussy

Leaving her swollen labia twitching as they contracted on the wood. Slowly Christie began to rise up on her toes and let the bat slide out until just the last inch was in her and then settle down again this time letting over a foot of the thick wood enter her. Developing a rhythm she rose and fell on the giant dildo. Each time the bat left her it was more thickly covered in her juices.

Billie, who had wandered into the kitchen looking for a beer was now watching the action while stroking his own cock. Leaning towards Christie he reached out with his free hand and began rubbing the bat each time it slid out of her cunt. Smiling he showed the others what his hand held. He had found a jalapeno pepper in the kitchen and had diced it. His hand was full of the pepper mash which he was smearing on the bat. After several strokes over the goo Christie began to sweat and muffled screams leaked out of her gag but her gyrations on the bat didn’t slow as she continued to fuck herself.

Pulling the beer bottle from her ass, Billie thrust his pepper coated hand deep into her anus, rotated his arm depositing the last of the hot mash and withdrew his hand. Placing the bridle back in Christie’s nose he raised her to the point where only her contractions were holding the bat in her and tied off the rope. “Let her squirm. The pepper will increase in temperature for over an hour. Let’s play cards.”

Ten minutes later the bat finally slid out of Christie’s contracting pussy and fell to the floor. Bob lowered the quivering woman and lifted her into the bathroom where the shower head was used to douche out Christies pussy and ass. Bob removed her binding and the gag and told her to clean up and be outside in five minutes looking presentable.

When she returned Christie was still naked but looked much better. Her hair was brushed and she had showered. The swelling in her breasts was down and they looked almost natural again. The men could tell the drug was still working because Christie’s right hand was at her pussy and she was massaging her clit was two fingers.

“Stop that. You get fucked when we say and not before.” Snapped Chet, slapping her hand away from her crotch. “Billie hold her arms while I fit another surprise on my little darling.”

From the hall closet he produced a set of walking stocks and placed them over Christies’ head. Pulling her hands upward through holes on each side he locked the device in place. Hanging from the boards was a set of clamped bars through which Chet roughly pulled Christies breasts by the nipples and tightened the clamps. “That should keep her hands away from her cunt.”

Billie immediately reached to tighten the clamps squeezing Christies’ tits almost flat. “What else you got Chet, that’s great.” He laughed backhanding her nipples viciously.

“Leave this on for now. Once her tits turn blue we’ll take it off and have a good old piercing party.” Replied Chet.


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