James in Charge – Part 1


James Johnson and his parents had never had an easy relationship. James’s father Roger was a strict man who demanded that both his wife and son act as he saw fit. James’s Mom Brenda was a gorgeous 39 years old Mom who followed his father’s every command without question. Over the years James had become aware that his parents’ sex life was much the same as everything else and that his Mom was a complete submissive to his father.

James didn’t care. He was 17 and in one more year he could move away and his father couldn’t stop him. He couldn’t wait. Not only would he leave but he would be able to date and do all the other normal things his father refused to let him enjoy. The only break James ever got from his Dad’s control was when he was at school. He was picked up and dropped off with no spare time to socialize but when in school he was on his own. One of his buddies had loaned a laptop to him which he secretly kept in his locker. It was James’s only sexual outlet and what he watched and read on the internet had not made him a nice person.

Then James got lucky. While at work Monday morning his father had a stroke and died on the spot. He was buried three days later and James and his Mom were left with the house and a sizable insurance payout. The day after the funeral James’s Mom explained that he was going to finish school and that she was going to travel. She had told her friends she would be gone for several months and that they should look in on James once in a while. She told James he had no choice because she was the boss of the family now. James said he hated her and locked himself in his room and listened to his Mom as she packed for her trip.

Monday morning, only a week after his father died, James’s Mom called him into the living room to explain the arrangements she had made for him to be cared for. She had dressed in the clothes she would wear when she left later in the day and looked great. A tight sweater displayed her large breasts and a pair of skin-tight jeans showed off her ass and long legs. Before she could begin her lecture on his expected behavior James looked out the window and asked if her taxi has come too early. As she went to the window to check James plunged the hypodermic needle he had been hiding into her ass and pressed the plunger. The needle contained a sedative that James had obtained along with a few other special drugs from a buddy at school who worked part time for a veterinarian. His Mom gasped and slumped to the floor. James got busy.



Although he had his driver’s license, James’s father never let him drive the family car and most of the time it sat unused in the attached double garage. The day after his father died James went looking for the keys. He found them in his father’s tool box which was bolted to the floor at the back of the garage to prevent it from being stolen. The keys were on the top shelf of the box. James was curious about what else might be hidden there so he lifted the shelf off the top and looked inside. There was nothing in the box but a toggle switch. Flicking it on James smiled as his father’s workbench turned outward revealing a set of stairs. Walking slowly down the stairs James entered what must have been his parents’ secret playroom complete with cage just large enough to hold a person and to let then stand up. The walls had been soundproofed and there were no windows. James had wondered how many long nights his Mom had spent down here. Leather and latex outfits hung on hangers on the wall beside a huge collection of whips and sex toys. James had closed the room back up and begun planning his Mom’s future.

James’s Mom, Brenda, opened her eyes 2 hours later finding herself in a place she recognized well. She was in Roger’s punishment cage under her own garage, a place she never believed she would see again. Strangely, it was the first time she had ever been in the cage with her clothes on but now she was still wearing the outfit she had picked to go traveling. And she was alone, but not for the first time. Many times Roger had left her here to punish her for small mistakes she made. The lights were on which Roger would never have allowed. Her time here alone had been spent in the silent dark. She tested the door but found it securely locked and she knew from experience that she could not force her way out, having tried many times, so she sat and waited.

Some hours later James came down the stairs into the bunker carrying two suitcases which he placed in the corner before sitting in a wooden chair ten feet in front of his mother’s cage.

“What do you think you are doing? I’m going to call the cops if you don’t let me out right now”, Brenda said angrily.

“Rules are going to be important,” answered James. “The first is you don’t speak to me unless I allow you to, the second is that you stay in that cage as long I want you to and the third is you to eat and drink only what I give you when I want to give it. You were going to leave me and take off for a life of fun and I can only assume fucking. I thought those activities might be better kept at home.”

Brenda, after a life of submission knew better than to argue from such a weak position and said nothing in return.

“Mom, I don’t expect you to like what’s happening so I will make the start of this quick. If you want food or water you will follow my commands. My first is very simple, take off your blouse and bra and stick your big tits between the bars so I can squeeze them.”

Brenda was shocked into responding. “You can’t ask that of your mother and I will never obey.”

“Fine Mom, be that way, but there is nothing to eat or drink until you obey. I’ll be back tomorrow, maybe. There is a bucket in the corner of the cage for your comforts.” James laughed as he went back up the stairs intending to raid his dead father’s liquor stash.



Late the next day James came down the steps carrying a glass of water. Brenda was standing by the edge of the cage. Smiling James carefully held the glass of water in front of the bars.

“Mom, I told you if you want to drink I want to see those big tits of yours stuck out between the bars.”

Brenda was thirsty but afraid to let her son have the power over her. She really wanted her bucket emptied and a drink so she tried to make a deal. “James, let’s make a deal. I will show you my breasts if I get food, water and you clean up my bucket.”

“Bye Mom, see you tomorrow maybe.”

“OK you win”, Brenda cried, “But this is sick.”

Brenda removed her top and bra and stuck her breasts out between the bars. James squeezed each tit roughly and then handed her the water through the bars. As she gulped it down James held up an energy bar and asked if she wanted it. He told her if she did she had to turn around and have her hands handcuffed because he didn’t trust her. She turned and allowed her hands to be cuffed.

“Now Mom, put those tits back out as I feed you.”

Brenda stuck he tits back through the bars and James let her nibble on the energy bar just a little. As she did he snapped an alligator clip on her left nipple and as she screamed he grabbed her hair and fastened a second clip on her right nipple. As he released her she realized a chain ran outside the bars and connected her nipples. Shoving the energy bar in her mouth James told her she would need it and left the room.

An hour later James appeared with another glass of water telling her if she drank it all he would release the clips. She quickly gulped it down and James released her punished nipples and again roughly squeezed her tits. Brenda collapsed on the floor of the cage wondering why she had enjoyed the rough touch of James’s hands.



After her rough treatment James entered Brenda’s cell and removed her bucket replacing it with a clean one. He asked, “How you feeling Mum, maybe just a little randy?”

Brenda wondered how James could think such a thing but had to admit she was a little bit turned on by the rough treatment she was receiving. Before he left the cell James placed a pitcher of water in the corner with a large straw sticking out of it.

“Can’t have you getting dehydrated. You are going to need all your energy,” He said, locking the door and again leaving her on her own.

When he returned 5 hours later he noticed that all the water was gone and his Mom was standing waiting for him with her tits sticking out between the bars.

“Don’t you want to touch me, “She moaned, “I’ve been waiting?”

“Sure I do Mom but you should be naked if you want to be touched. Why don’t you give me your jeans and panties?”

Brenda did as he asked and allowed him to unfasten and remove her jeans and to pull her thong to the floor. James ran a finger between her legs and the held it up to showing her how wet it was. Placing the finger at her lips he allowed her to suck it into her mouth and lick it clean.

“Mom who did you ask to come by and look after me while you were gone?”

Brenda quickly gave him the names of Joan and Ellen, two of her friends, both of whom he disliked but had always found hot. “I may call them and have them come over and help me with you. I think a drink or two before I bring them down here might help loosen those bitches up. The Zeltron I put in your water is guaranteed to make a mare co-operative with a stallion and it seems to be working fine with you. I’ll be back but I am going to leave you cuffed so you don’t finger fuck yourself while I’m gone.”



When James did come back Brenda was pressed against the bars rubbing her pussy up and down trying to orgasm.

“Won’t work, Mom. The juice makes you horny as hell but won’t let you cum. Lasts a long time too.”

Opening the cage and entering James undid the handcuffs and moved her arms in front of her and refastened them. He pushed his Mom to the ground and pulled one leg into the air attaching a rope to her ankle and the repeated with the other leg. He fed the ropes through the top of the cage and outside. Outside the cage he slowly pulled Brenda’s legs up the side of the cage several feet apart. When only her shoulders and head were touching the ground he tied the ropes off.

“I found this in Dad’s collection over there by the whips. I’ve never seen a dildo this big and wouldn’t have believed my Mom could get it all in her pussy.”

James held up a 10 inch long massively thick latex cock and showed it to Brenda. Placing the tip on her pussy he told her if she wanted it she had to reach up and put it in herself. The awkward position meant Brenda had to bend herself double and lift her shoulders and head off the ground to reach the huge cock. Reaching the cock with her fingertips she began to slowly pull it into her pussy. After several minutes she had worked it almost half way in.

“Let me help,” said James putting his hand other the end of the dildo. Suddenly he forced it downward burying all ten inches in his Mom’s cunt. Brenda screamed and bucked her hips against the bars trying to cum. “I’ll let you enjoy that for a few minutes but don’t expect to get off. I will be upstairs having tea with Joan and Ellen. I called them for help with a few things and offered tea. It will be special.”



James sat and drank his tea as Ellen and Joan sipped their wine. James was waiting before he explained why they were there. He had tripled the drug dose in their wine and wanted them off the wall horny. After an hour the ladies began to act differently letting their hands drift over their breasts and rubbing their legs together. James suggested they might want to take off their tops and almost laughed when they both stripped to their bras.

“You two have been friends with each other for years, have you ever felt each other tits. Might be fun,” James said softly, not surprised when they started to fondle each other pulling the other’s tits out of her bra cups. “You both seem a bit horny, want to go and see my Mom?”

They both agreed that they did and as James led them to the garage he told Ellen to bring Butch, the family Rottweiler that James had always hated. He led them to the garage and showed them the secret door.

“Wow, I knew your Dad was strict but never kinky like this,” said Ellen.

James herded them down the stairs and showed them Brenda in the cage. Naked with a dripping pussy Brenda stared at her friends and began begging them to help her get fucked.

Opening the cage door James asked Ellen and Joan to join his Mom and take the dog with them. When all four were in the small cage he locked the door and sat down on a comfy chair to watch.

“There are three dripping pussies in there and only one cock. The good news is he has a huge cock and great staying power. Mom why don’t you get him started. Butch needs a little warm up.”

Brenda dropped to the floor and the others pulled Butch over top of her lining up his massive flaccid cock with her mouth. Brenda needed no encouragement and pulled his organ into her mouth squeezing his balls as she sucked. Butch cock began to swell.

“Ellen, Butch could use a little prostate massage. Use your tongue.”

Ellen dropped behind Butch and leaned forward to lick Butch’s asshole. Butch responded by raising his rear allowing Ellen to push her tongue in further.

“Joan, lie in front of him and let him lick your cunt.”

Joan dropped to the floor in front of Butch and spread her legs pulling her cunt apart with her fingers. Butch needed no prompting and attacked her gaping hole with his tongue. The effect on the dog was startling as his already large cock inflated to the point Brenda’s mouth was bulging as the dog humped her face. Before Butch could cum James ordered Ellen and Joan to put Brenda on her knees. Thinking she was going to get fucked Brenda started begging for Butch’s cock.

“Put him on her back but make sure that cock goes in her ass not her cunt.”

Butch eagerly climbed on to Brenda’s back and with a little help from Ellen and Joan quickly had his cock at the entrance to Brenda’s asshole. She screamed as he drove its entire length inside her bowels. As Butch began to cum he hammered Brenda’s ass with long full lunges.

“Oh God he’s swelling.” Brenda gasped as Butch knotted himself inside her ass began filling her with massive ropes of dog cum. He made no attempt to get off her after his orgasm and stayed knotted inside.

“He’ll take 20-30 minutes to deflate so Ellen let Brenda eat your pussy while we wait. Joan get back to work on Butch’s asshole and see if you can wake him up again. Nobody touch Mom’s cunt. I’m saving that.”


End of Part 1


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