Justine the model student part 5

Getting the mail one morning, I noticed a white envelope for me with no return address. Eager, I ripped open the envelope and saw an invitation to the house of a buddy of mine. He was a horny bastard, even worse than myself. With the reputation of a man-whore, he would fuck anything breathing, so his appetite for sex serves as a great service for horny college girls who wants to pass his course. He taught Human Sexuality, surprise, surprise. Having been a family man myself for many past years, I wasn’t a usual guest at his Whorehouse, but  now that my sexual antics with Justine have reached Peter’s ears, I was very sure he had been aching to meet her.

I instructed Justine to wear the sluttiest outfit she owned, and not to wear any underwear. She ended up wearing a miniskirt and her low-cut singlet. I didn’t tell her where we were going, but strapped her in my car and had forbidden her to touch herself for a fortnight. I could tell she was getting more and more frustrated by the day. Her legs would be clamped together at school, her pelvis grinding against my leg whenever she was giving me blowjobs… I stopped in front of his house and noticed dozens of cars lined up in front of me. I got to the front door and Peter answered, smiling when he saw me. His smile grew even bigger the moment he saw the nervous Justine.

“Come in, you’re just in time, we’re about to have a little competition,” Peter stepped aside and I ushered Justine in. His house was just how I remembered it. Naked girls running everywhere, juices running down the inner part of their thighs. Men wanking to the sight of girls with perky young breasts grinding against each other, while moans and screams of pleasure could be heard from the rooms of the mansion. In the rumpus room, girls were seen strapping on what looked like a vibrating g-string and lying down on the floor with their legs together. More men were gathering to watch, and Peter took Justine’s hand, dragging her from me. I joined the men on one side of the wall, while curiosity consumes me. Justine strapped on a g-string and copied the other girls. There were about a dozen of them, their bodies lustful. There were other girls watching with the men, and a few were even giving them blowjobs or handjobs. Two girls in the corner were fucking each other with a double ended dildo, desperate for some attention.

“Okay, girls, when I turn on the vibrators, the first one to orgasm gets to cum, and remember, I can just randomly turn these off at any time,” Peter announced and pressed a button on the remote. There were soft vibrations coming from the g-strings and most of them moaned in pleasure. Some were furiously using their hands, while others grind against one another, desperate to orgasm through their clit. The moment Peter announced what was going on, I knew Justine would win, I don’t usually pleasure her through her clit, so she was a bit uncontrollable there. As predicted, Justine screamed in pleasure and squirmed on the floor, buckling her hips. The vibrations suddenly stopped while the girls groaned in frustration. Justine sigh and sat up. A brunette suddenly smacked her pussy quite hard, probably for revenge, but Justine’s legs gave a little squirm, she obviously enjoyed it. The vibrations came back on again, and girls squealed in delight. The short break did not plague Justine, and sure enough, in mere seconds, a final moan cemented her as the victor, and the other girls sigh in disappointment. “Now girls, you all know what to do,” Peter cooed.

The hoard of girls grabbed Justine and yanked off her g-string. A red head with large breasts stuck two fingers up her pussy and finger-fucked her. Justine moaned louder and louder, while her body jerked at each thrust. “Oh my God,” a brunette one yelped, fondling Justine’s breasts, “she’s already on her way!”

“Horny little bitch!” A blonde shoved another two fingers up Justine’s pussy.

“I got her g-spot!” The red head screamed in delight while the other girls surrounding her start licking Justine’s breasts, butt hole and clit.

“Oh my God! Oh fuck! Oh Jesus! Fuck me harder!” Justine screamed, squirming while a tear rolled down her left eye. With fingers to fuck her, Justine wanted to be slammed so bad! With a loud squeal, a streak of fluid from Justine hit the red head in the nose. The blonde got down to Justine’s pussy with her ass up in the air and began sucking her clit, still swelling red from pleasure. A man next to me walked over to them, pulled down the blonde’s g-string and started fucking her from behind.

“Okay, my little whores, it’s time to leave her be,” Peter laughed while the other girls moved away from her and Peter picked Justine up.  “Here’s your whore back,” he smiled and handed me to her. I know exactly what comes next. I went up the stairs, carrying Justine, while men from the rumpus room began fucking the losers of the competition. After a little stroll upstairs, I finally found a vacant bedroom and dropped Justine on the bed. She woke up, startled.

Justine got up from the bed and ripped off my jeans. She pushed me onto the bed, and slammed down on my waiting hard cock. She was so tight, so wet. Her wet juices were leaking down towards my own thigh, she fuck me harder and harder. Her perky tits bouncing up and down, while the muscles of her pussy clenched hard around my cock, begging me to cum in her. I pulled her out and threw her down the bed, rotating her so that her ass was up in the air. Not wanting her to win, I slammed into her through doggy-style, with her screaming in pleasure.

“Oh my God! Fuck me! Harder! That’s it!” she cried.

After a while of her squirming in pleasure, squealing as my balls hit her spent clit, I finally cum, with Justine gasping for air. She then collapsed on the bed, the fluids overflowing her cunt, soaking the bed sheets.



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