New Directions

New Directions

By NorthernWolf


Josh and Ann Wright were approaching their twentieth anniversary and were talking about a holiday away weekend when the subject came up.

“Don’t plan one of your dirty weekends, I’m not in the mood for that type of sex anymore,” Ann said, setting the ground rules early. “After twenty years you would think that something else other than tying me up would have caught your interest.”

Josh was dismayed. “I thought you enjoyed our weekends,” he replied.

“I used to, but for the past few years I have just gone along for your sake without really getting turned on,” Ann admitted. “Let’s try something new and see if we can avoid the same old routine. I leave it with you and talk to you about it over dinner.”

Josh suffered from a bit of a one track mind when it came to sex and that track was tying up Ann. All day he puzzled over what to suggest and by dinner he was still clueless and the discussion over how to celebrate their anniversary was not going well. Josh suggested different locations and resorts but Ann wasn’t interested in them. She kept pushing him to come up with better ideas and shooting them down as fast as he did. Finally frustrated with the discussion he stood to leave the table and get a drink.

“If you keep this up I may just skip our anniversary and get myself a mistress,” he snapped.

“Just what makes you think there’s a mistress out there who would have you,” Ann retorted. “But if you find one, get one for me too, make mine male and submissive, I’ve about had all the being ‘Ms Submissive’ I can stand.”

Josh spun on his heel and faced her. “Is that what this is all about, you being tired of being topped? If that’s it and you’re serious, I’ll find us a nice submissive couple we can take with us and you can dominate them both.”

“Now look what you’ve done,” said Ann blushing and staring at her lap. “You’ve turned me on. How do we go about that?”

“We have decisions to make, I guess,” replied Josh noticing that he too was getting turned on. “Do we find a willing couple who are into that sort of life or do we seduce an innocent couple and force their participation?”

“From the point of view of how wet each of those makes me feel, I like option number two,” Ann answered. “I kind of like the total control thing. Are we going to have ground rules as to who can do what to who, or who can require attention from whom. I don’t think we should.”

“You are the boss,” Josh answered solemnly. “I’ll leave the directing up to my beautiful dominating wife.”

“You may regret that, “said Ann. “I am thinking of things I’ve never considered before.”


Finding a couple who was attractive to the two of them was not an easy task. The usual methods for such a thing were of no use as they had decided only an unsuspecting rather innocent couple would do. They had listed the types of things they were interested in, and discovered that humiliation was a turn on for both of them. Ann knew she wanted to control the pair but wasn’t sure how. Josh had come up with the idea of using the couple against themselves and making a mind game out of the experience. To get the right couple they started joining cultural organizations. They went to the art gallery, the opera, the symphony and attended church regularly, all the while meeting and measuring couples against their criteria. In most cases either the woman or the man was unattractive to one of them and even when both were suitable something such as age or attitude was just not right.

One month into their search, at a fund raiser for yet another charity, they were seated at a table for eight with four others, none of whom they knew, when Sally and Curt Mather filled the two empty chairs and introduced themselves. Sally Mather was stunning. She was tall with long auburn hair and a fabulous figure. She was conservatively dressed except for the rather kinky high heels she was wearing. Ann nudged Josh and looked at the shoes whispering to him that there was more spirit to Mrs. Mather than she was showing.

Curt Mather was a self absorbed snob. He had loudly announced that they were supposed to have a separate table, having paid a premium price but that the fools organizing the event had screwed up. This had evoked a comment from his wife about underlings seldom getting things right. They were the type of couple you easily dislike without much effort. Ann smiled at Josh knowing they had found their playthings.


During dinner Ann had made small talk with Sally and found out that the Mathers had an interest in white water paddling and in golf. It turned out to be useful information. By dinner’s end Josh and Curt had arranged a golf game and Ann and Sally were to meet to pick out some summer clothes.

The following weeks saw the Wrights and the Mathers together a great deal. They dined together and went to shows several times. Sally became comfortable enough with Ann that she even made small personal jokes about Curt’s sexual tastes and dislikes particularly his lack of confidence in his own manhood. Sally had explained that Curt was the only boy and youngest child in a very wealthy five child family and that his sisters had been somewhat cruel and ruthless in teasing Curt as a child. She told Ann that she always had to be very careful to build up Curt’s ego and that the attribution of any feminine trait to himself was Curt’s worst phobia.

Josh had opened the topic of sex with Curt by casually referring to Ann’s figure in a complimentary but sexual manner after a few drinks in the clubhouse following what for Josh had been an agonizing golf day listening to Curt talk about himself and money. Curt had soon started making similar remarks about Sally, in the strictest confidence of course. Josh made the comment that Ann was the best wife a guy could have as she was not only loyal but very sexually adventurous. Curt was almost embarrassed as he explained that Sally was very timid and would almost never expand their lovemaking. He said that things like oral sex or telling racy stories just didn’t happen in their bed. At that point Josh had let the topic drop.

“I feel like a teenager trying to seduce my first girlfriend,” said Josh as he lay in bed beside Ann.

“I am really enjoying setting these two up,” answered Ann rubbing Josh’s semi erect cock. “We know enough about these two to humiliate the hell out of them. Do you think if we do this right we could control them enough to not keep them silent about what we did to them, and maybe to make them want to come back for more.”

“We’ll have to see about that, but the whole exercise is very stimulating,” Josh responded coming fully erect in Ann’s hand. “Let’s get them to the cabin this weekend. I’ll drive up there tomorrow and arrange things as we discussed.”

“I was hoping you would say that, you nasty man,” murmured Ann as Josh’s cock disappeared into her mouth.

The next day Ann called Sally and told her the story she and Josh had agreed on, that they had just purchased, sight unseen, a new cabin at the bottom of the Crater River rapids and were going there on Saturday morning. Would the Mathers like to come along and check out the paddling opportunities. Sally accepted immediately and enthusiastically called Curt to tell him of their plans. Curt was equally enthusiastic. Those Wrights sure were the right kind of people.


They left shortly before noon and the drive to the mountains was just over three hours through some spectacular scenery. The Mathers came dressed as preppy as the Wrights had thought they would. Sally had new designer jeans with a plaid shirt and fleece vest, all a bright yellow. Curt looked like the Marlboro man with new but well aged jeans, a leather vest over a red flannel shirt and a weathered cowboy hat. His efforts to look the “guy” part had almost cause Ann and Josh to break out in laughter when they saw him.

The Wrights were dressed in a more urban fashion. Josh wore black slacks with a black turtleneck sweater and black hiking boots. Ann had chosen skin tight black leather pants, that had stopped Curt speechless when he saw them, and a black leather bomber jacket, tight at the waist, covering a tight black sweater.

“We really don’t know much about the people who sold us this place except that they had no kids and that the husband got into trouble and is spending two years in jail for securities fraud. The wife filed for divorce and moved back to England. The cabin was sold exactly as they left it the last time they were here six months ago. We were lucky that the lawyer handling the sale knew Josh,” explained Ann as they drove off the highway and headed up a secondary road. “Josh says the lawyer was quite tight lipped about the people beyond the basics, it’s all kind of mysterious.” For an elaborate lie Ann sounded completely convincing.

“It’s no mystery to me,” said Josh, “I’ll bet they were typical high living stockbroker types, probably kinky too.”

“It’s not fair to make that sort of accusation about those poor people,” chirped Sally. “I’ll bet they were perfectly normal folk who just went astray in life.”

Josh and Ann turned their faces back forward after quickly glancing at each other. As they approached the road into the cabin Sally and Curt were trying to see through the trees as Ann ran her hand over Josh’s lap and gave his erect cock a squeeze.


The cabin appeared around the next corner. It was a typical mountain four seasons home with a cathedral ceiling living room over-looking the river and the mountains behind. Josh unlocked the front door and stepped inside. “It appears that someone has cleaned and aired the place out. It looks great,” he said.

Inside the Mathers were as eager to explore as the Wrights appeared to be. A stone fireplace was set into one wall and faced by a leather couch and a leather covered bench. The main bedroom had a large bed and was decorated in an almost gothic manner. The furniture was large and bulky and the walls and ceiling had open beams.

“It looks like their tastes ran to early Addams family,” said Curt as he started to snoop through the closets and dressers. “Looks like they left their clothes and everything. The woman was surely one who dressed for effect, look at the outfits in here. There are half a dozen different leather outfits and boots to match. Look Sally,” he said holding up a pair of knee high black patent leather boots with impossibly high heels, “I’ll bet you couldn’t even stand up in those heels let alone spent an evening in them.”

“Its not the heels I’m nervous about,” giggled Sally as she snooped through the dresser drawers. “Look at the woman’s taste in under-things, its bizarre. Leather bras and thongs, corsets, garters and stockings. I’ll bet they were kinky. Here’s a photo album that was under the clothing. Anyone want to look.”

Sally opened the first page of the album and blushed. “Whoever took these left out the heads on purpose but the outfits are incredible.”

“Enough of that for now.” Said Ann taking the album and closing it and holding up a bottle of champagne. “Before we completely undress our late hosts, lets drink a toast to the new digs.” She poured fours glasses and handed them around. “To new adventures,” she toasted.

The champagne in all four glasses quickly went down and was replaced with a second. Ann sipped the second glass and flipped open the photo album to the second page. “Here’s the answer to your bet Curt. The woman in the picture is wearing the black high boots with the five inch heels and it sure looks like she moves just fine.”

“I meant Sally wouldn’t be able to wear them. Lack of experience you know, that’s just not Sally’s type of thing,” said Curt draining his glass.

“I don’t know why, but I find these photos quite erotic. I’ll bet I’d do just fine in those boots, given the right encouragement,” said Sally as she passed the album to Ann.

“Why don’t you try them on,” suggested Ann, taking the boots from Curt and holding them out to Sally.

“They are far to tight to go over these jeans, they were meant to be worn with a skirt, or maybe with nothing at all,” Sally giggled, as she gingerly took the boots from Ann. “Tell you what I have no idea why but, if there is a skirt in there that fits me I’ll give you all a quick show.”

“OK, boys out while I get the model ready. You guys go snoop elsewhere,” instructed Ann over her shoulder as she led Sally to the closet.


The clothes hanging in the closet were not like anything Sally had seen before. The skirts were ultra short, the tops skimpy or obscenely tailored to show almost everything. “I can’t wear these in front of the guys, not even in front of Curt,” she said nervously.

“Let me try to help,” said Ann shifting through the clothes. “If it looks too kinky you can take the outfit off and tell the guys it didn’t fit. If that’s OK with you let’s try a whole outfit from the skin out and see what it does to you.”

Ann started placing clothes on the bed while Sally nervously looked through the lingerie. She half humorously held up a half-cup leather bra and a matching garter belt and thong to show Ann. Ann nodded and added them to the pile on the bed. Pouring another champagne and handing it to Sally she suggested to Sally that maybe she might feel more comfortable if she had a fellow model. Sally quickly agreed, grateful she wouldn’t be the total focus of the guys’ attention. Ann started building a clothes pile of her own.


While the women were choosing outfits Josh was taking Curt on a well planned “discovery” of the rest of the house. The kitchen was quite normal however, as they descended into the lower level it was very apparent that this area was not. The windowless room was almost bare except for two metal three foot by five foot cages against one wall. A look through the storage cupboards revealed a wide variety of bondage equipment and an extensive supply of rope.

“They were sure into the weird stuff, weren’t they,” said Curt sorting through an assortment of clamps. “Look at the number of different handcuffs. Some of this stuff looks downright painful.”

“Hand me those two pairs of cuffs on your right,” said Josh. “I’ll take them up to show the girls. Maybe Sally will model these for us as well.”

“Fat chance,” snorted Curt. “I’m astonished that she’s going to try on the boots, but try if you want. Let’s go back up and see what she looks like.”

Upstairs they refilled their glasses and settled in to watch the show. The lights dimmed and the bedroom door opened. Curt gasped as Sally walked in. The black boots didn’t hamper her walk at all. She was also wearing a very short black skirt from which garters extended to the tops of very shear black stockings. A loosely tied leather vest covered what looked to be a half cup leather bra. Sally’s hair was pulled back into a pony tail and her makeup had been redone in a heavier way. All this would have been enough to stun Curt but Ann had added a great touch. Around Sally’s neck was a four inch high black posture collar from which a leash extended. The collar forced Sally’s neck into perfectly straight upright position. Holding the other end of the leash was Ann.

Dressed in a full body skin tight red latex body suit with matching high heeled pumps, Ann led Sally across the room jerking the leash to make her turn left or right and finally to make her stop in front of the men and told her to kneel. “Sally actually turned out to be a very co-operative model after all,” she said to Curt.

“I don’t believe it,” answered a stunned and staring Curt.

“You had better sit down,” said Josh, pushing a heavy arm chair across to Curt. “This could be quite a show. Hey girls look what Curt and I found,” he said holding up the cuffs.

“You had better put them on Curt,” laughed Ann. “He looks like he might jump his pretty wife at any moment. Here. Let me do it.”

Ann gently pulled Curt’s hands behind the back of the chair and made a show of playfully snapping the cuffs on him. Stepping back in front she leaned over and kissed him solidly on the mouth. “Relax and enjoy yourself,” she whispered in his ear.

“You see Curt, it’s not the champagne that goes to the head,” said Josh draining his glass. “It’s actually the drug we put in Sally’s glass that’s making her co-operative. I haven’t tried it, but I’m assured that the main effects are extreme sexual arousal and the inability to satisfy the feeling, as well as a very strong obedience level. Let’s watch its effect.”

“Why are you doing this? Let me loose,” Curt snapped at Josh?

“Just for the pure pleasure of it. Our pleasure of course, not yours,” responded Josh as moved behind Curt’s chair securing the cuffs to a ring built into the back of the chair. As Curt struggled to free his arms, Ann quickly slipped leather straps around his ankles fastening them to the front chair legs ensuring that Curt was not going anywhere in the short term.

Ann, moving in front of Sally, took over saying, “Sally, that vest looks great but why not show us what’s under it.”

Sally’s hands moved to the lace in the front of the vest and slowly began to pull the lace free of the holes down the front. Once open, she moved it aside to display the effect of the half-cup leather bra. Sally’s large breasts were thrust outward with her two inch nipples extending beyond the top of the bra. The tautness of her nipples indicating how effective the drug she had taken was. Ann unhooked and slid off the half cup bra allowing Sally’s heavy breasts to settle slightly.

“Sally, why don’t you take this leather thong, pull down old Curt’s pants and undies and tie his cock and balls with a nice tight slip noose,” Ann instructed the dazed woman handing her the thong.

Sally turned to her helpless husband and began to pull down first his pants and then his boxer shorts. She leaned forward to loop the thong as instructed but before she could pull it tight she was stopped by Ann.

“Better get him hard first dear. A little marital sucking is called for I think,” Ann said pushing Sally’s head forward forcing her mouth to engulf Curt’s quickly rising penis. “Come on, use the teeth on the shaft while you squeeze his balls. You’d think you would be good at this. Now, tie him off, tight.”

Sally did as instructed encircling Curt’s cock and balls with the thong and sliding the knot tight preventing his erection from deflating. She completed her task with two quick turns around the whole “package” and tying a tight knot.

Sally was obviously turned on as her hard nipples were now deeply coloured. She ran her hand gently over each. “Oh now we can’t have that can we? No touching unless permission is given,” instructed Ann nodding at Josh.

Rising from the couch, Josh lifted the bench top and brought out an oval of polished wood three feet long and eighteen inches wide. Three holes were cut in the one inch thick wood. The oval was formed by two pieces of wood joined with a hinge at one end and with a small lock on the other. Ordering Sally to raise her arms, Josh opened the oval and fitted it around her wrists and neck, closing and locking the “walking stocks”. Reach out he grasped Sally by her engorged nipple and led her across the room standing her in front of the fireplace.

Josh wound leather thongs, similar to the one Sally had so viciously tied Curt’s privates with, around the base of each breast and cinched them tight compressing the base of Sally’s breasts and making the front bulge out. A chain resting on the mantle was attached to the beam above was fastened to the back of the stocks holding Sally upright on her toes and immobile.

“That was very successful. How about a walk by the rapids with a drink for half an hour or so. I’d like these two to be horny, mad, embarrassed and hurting when we get back,” said Josh to Ann taking her by the arm and smiling at their guests.


When they came back thirty minutes later, Curt was furious and demanded to be untied. His credibility was badly hurt by the raging erection that stood out in front of him. The thong had not only held his aroused state but had begun to cut off the circulation to his balls which were turning bluish.

“I’ll bet that hurts,” said Sally flicking a finger at Curt’s swollen sack. “The only way that pressure is coming off with a good old fashioned blow-job but that’s not going to happen until you’ve earned it. Sally, how are those tits? They look sore! I’ll make you a deal, you help us with our little plan for Curt and maybe I’ll have Josh loosen the cords. What do you say?”

“This is unspeakable. Our lawyers will sue you and send you to jail, you perverts,” sniveled Curt.

That was a mistake. Ann took two steps forwards and slashed Sally across the tits with coil of rope. Not waiting for the scream she thrust two fingers into Sally’s sopping wet cunt and partially lifted the girl off the ground. “Do as I ask or I’ll never do this again and you’ll never get to cum.”

Sally started riding Ann’s fingers trying to get them deeper but Ann pulled out and stepped back. “Want more. Come on, just ask. No, better you beg. Let’s hear it!” Ann started flicking Sally’s clit driving the girl to thrust her pussy forward.

“Yes, I want more. Please put your fingers back in me. Please I’m begging. I’ll help you,” Sally finally moaned.

“And once you have we will see,” laughed Ann. “Right now I want you to have a little more wine, but none for Curty. We want him to be completely aware of what happens. Load her up Josh, I want her trembling horny.”


With Sally moaning about her need to fucked and Josh poured wine down her throat, Ann laid out Sally’s jobs for the next little while. First, she was to help Josh lift Curt out of his chair and attach his cuffed hands behind him to a rope running over the ceiling beam forcing him to bend forward in a strappado position. Second, she was to take a large jar of Nair and ensure that every body hair on Curt was removed. Third, she was to do the same to herself without causing an orgasm. Finally she was to wash both of them and scent themselves with lavender. “We’ll be in the back, fucking. You have one hour and we want to see you both hairless and glistening.”

As Sally, her hands now free but her neck still locked in the stock struggled through her tasks with Curt swearing at her, Josh and Sally watched and filmed. They wanted a record of this.

Sally had covered Curt’s upper body, rear and legs with the removal cream but was having trouble working the cream behind the thong still binding his cock and balls. It was clear that the cream stung the more sensitive areas sharply as Curt begged Sally to stop and rinse him off. Sally however, was careful to apply the cream evenly even stroking it up and down Curt’s painfully bound cock and into his ass. Within half an hour she had coated both of them and had rinsed herself off leaving her pussy completely hairless. She began to rinse off Curt, leaving his cock and balls to the last. When his legs and torso were hairless and clean she used a soapy wet rag to clean Curt’s cock, jacking him as she washed. Once his cock and balls were bare, it was very evident that he was turning blue.

“You can untie him now,” Ann said as she and Josh re-entered the room. “We wouldn’t want his balls falling off, would we?”

“Let us go, you perverts,” Curt snarled as the blood flow was painfully restored to his balls.

“That’s not going to happen,” replied Josh dragging Curt back to the chair and securing him to it with short lengths of rope on each ankle. With his hands secured behind him it was all that was required to hold him firmly.

Ann took Sally’s hands and relocked them into the walking stocks around her neck. Sally’s bald pussy was swollen and glistened with moisture. She was clearly ready for sex. Pushing Sally to her knees in front of Josh, Ann lovingly unzipped her husband’s pants and brought out his rigid cock guiding it into Sally’s eager mouth and whispered, “When he cums, you hold the whole thing in your mouth, no swallowing and no spitting. Now, make it good for my guy you little stuck-up cock sucking bitch.”

Sally needed little encouragement and began licking and sucking in earnest. It wasn’t long before Josh exploded in her mouth. Sally tried to hold it all in but Josh’s load was massive and leaked out both sides of her mouth.

After Josh stopped to clean his cock in Sally’s hair they pulled her to her feet and led her over to where Curt watched helplessly. “Curt you are going to french kiss your wife and all that lovely cum is going down your throat,” laughed Ann. “Just to make sure you don’t spill any I’m going to hold a testicle between my nails and crush it if you so much as drop one little sperm.”

Josh pushed Sally’s cum covered face in front of Curt as Ann applied a little more pressure than necessary to his balls. Sealing her lips around her husband’s mouth Sally let Josh’s massive ejaculative load drain into him. Once his mouth was full Josh squeezed his nose shut forcing him to swallow.

“Sally, he dribbled a little will you lick that up please and spread it over his face,” Ann said, guiding Sally’s head. “We want great movie’s so put you heart into it.”

Sally did an admirable job of coating Curt’s face with the excess cum and backed away.

“I think Sally deserves a reward for her efforts,” Ann said smiling at Josh. “You aren’t in any state to fuck her at the moment so let’s let Curt do some work.”

Sorting through the assortment of toys they had brought from the other room Ann came up with a unique penis gag. The gag had a four inch rubber cock on one side which she stuffed into Curt’s mouth against his struggles and fastened tightly behind his head. Protruding from the front was a huge black dildo giving Curt an elephant-like look. With a little help from Josh they tipped Curt’s chair backward to the rug trapping his arms painfully underneath him. Sally was brought to stand over Curt’s head.

“If you want to get fucked, get going girl, down you go,” Ann said forcefully pushing Sally down to where the tip of the huge dildo touched her soaking pussy. “I want that monster to disappear in you and I want your pretty little asshole on top of his nose. Now face fuck him.”

The dildo slide easily into Sally. When fully imbedded she began to hump Curt’s face with abandon crushing his nose with her ass and shoving the smaller dido partway down his throat. After a minute Ann made her rise up to let Curt breath and then shoved her back into action. Curt passed out the second time as Sally unable to cum smothered his face with glistening pussy slim. Josh had to pull Sally off the huge cock and push her writhing to the side. Curt had passed out and stayed that way as Josh removed the penis gag and shoved the large end back into an incoherent Sally’s gaping pussy as she lay on her back raising and lowering her hips unable to control her need to be fucked.

“Let’s get him ready while he’s out. Just leave old humping Sally. Without her hands to hold that monster in, it will frustrate her all the more,” said Ann dropping another bag on the floor beside Curt.

Curt was laid out naked on the floor with all restraints removed. Josh had administered a little chloroform to keep him under until they were through. Ann was feeding Curt’s cock and balls into a latex sheath which as she tightened the lace down its side squeezed the now soft organs into a tight small package which would make an erection impossible. Curt was then tied face down over a small coffee table.

“Sally, be good little tramp and come over here please,” Ann snapped. “Slap him with your tits until he wakes up.”

Three blows from each breast finally brought Curt around as Ann fastened a huge double strap-on cock around Sally’s hips and pulled her behind her secured husband. An extension on the back of the strap-on curled down and into Sally sopping cunt. Ann reached behind and flick on the vibrators unit in the part inside Sally. “Get his ass wet with your mouth first you horny little bitch and then fuck him good.”

Sally dropped to her knees and began to run her tongue around and into Curt’s puckered asshole. “Don’t Sally please don’t,” he moaned as the licking started to arouse him. Sally, too horny for much foreplay moved the head of the huge rubber cock into place and plunged into him. Curt screamed but Sally pounded in and out as she tried to drive herself to orgasm. After the initial shock Josh tried to relax and let Sally satisfy herself but she could not. For ten minutes she brutalized Josh’s rear end until finally Ann undid the straps holding the device to Sally and pulled her away pulling the vibrating back end out of Sally’s cunt and leaving the whole contraption buried in Josh’s ass.

Shoving Sally into the corner, Ann turned and extracted the huge cock from Josh’s ass leaving him gaping open after the assault.

“Time to get Josh dressed for our party. Guests will arrive in awhile and we want Josh to be ready to serve them while his lovely wife provides the main entertainment,” directed Ann with a sadistic smile on her face that even Josh had never seen.


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