The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles: Part II

     Galloway took Valerie to his cabin in the woods. She was kept in a spacious room he had outfitted as a torture chamber. He had taken women there before; she was not the first to be brutally used by him and his friends.

      He placed her in a room fitted with a cot and a chair and with access to a toilet where she could shower and fulfill her bodily functions. A man servant stayed on the premises and gave her regular but small meals. The servant was well paid and had the full use of her body to fulfill his animal desires so long as he did not beat her or mark up her fine young body. The servant whose name was Ramon raped her daily two or three times as he felt the need, but used only her tight cunt. She was told to wash up each time her fucked her.

     On the third day of her captivity, Ramon told her that morning he would not be fucking her that day. He instructed her to wear a black bikini bra and panties that he brought to her after her light evening meal, and explained that she would be presented to Galloway and some of his friends to entertain them. He told her to wash carefully and to especially wash her vagina and anus with the provided tools. 

      "If they are not clean, you will be severely punished, bitch. I will inspect them when I return after your supper. The guests intend to use your lovely cunt and asshole plenty tonight, so please be ready. "

     Ramon led Valerie out naked except for the very brief black panties and brassiere at 8 p.m. that evening to a group of five men and Galloway. He placed her against a metal pole in the middle of the torture chamber and carefully handcuffed her arms behind her around the pole. The men disrobed down to their shorts; they were all young and well endowed. At the sight of her lovely body and face, their cocks grew stiff and jutted out against the cloth of their briefs. Before removing her C cupped bra, Ramon pushed a rod from the pole against the middle of her back forcing her chest with her breasts out and her flat belly forward temptingly. He then removed the bra and her breasts with their light brown aerolas and firm long pink nipples thrust forward. Her pear shaped breasts were firm and hard and now jutted slightly upward. Ramon stood aside as the men admired her fine young body.

      "Take off her panties, Ramon, and let my guests see her tight young pussy and fine well shaped ass they will be enjoying tonight, " Galloway directed.

     Ramon pulled her panties off slowly revealing her cleanly shaved cunt and its beautiful rose petaled pussy lips. He ordered her to spread herself open so they men could see her lovely cunt slightly opened. She closed her eyes and obeyed, her face reddining as the men began to remove their undershorts revealing big, hard, ready tools they planned to insert in her holes.

      Valerie was now open and vulnerable to their use; her fine young body completely naked and helpless before their lust. She knew she would be ravished by all of them many times that night. She knew she could expect no quarter. They would ruthlessly plunder her with their big stiff cocks all night long. Her nipples hardened at the realization, and she sank to her knees weak before the onslaught of their hard young cocks.

     One of the men stepped forward, his eight inch rod hard as steel. He told her to look at him but to remain on her knees. 

      "That’s perfect, Valerie. I’ve been watching you swim at the gym and wished I could fuck you many times. Now I get to. Take my cock in your mouth, bitch. Let’s see how much of my eight inches you can swallow. "

     He gently pushed his cock head in her mouth and let her lick it for a few seconds before he put both hands on the back of her head and held it and pushed in to the back of her throat gagging her. He pushed his cock deeper into her throat. He held her nostrils closed with one hand while the other pushed her head forward to take more of his rod. She was powerless as he began to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth slowly inching it deeper down her throat. She paniced thinking he meant to keep her from breathing until she fainted. He got six inches of his cock in her and held it there as he finally let her breathe again. He pulled out slowly leaving her to gasp and choke.

      "Now, all the rest of you fuck her throat for awhile and then we will fuck the shit out of the bitch, " he said as he walked away.

      Valerie was forced to take all the men’s cocks down her throat briefly, but not one of them allowed himself to spill his seed in her throat. Finally after all five had briefly fucked her throat, Galloway grabbed her pear shaped tits and raised her roughly to her feet.

       "Ramon take her handcuffs off and put her in the stocks so we can use her doggy style in her ass and cunt, " he ordered.

     With her arms and neck in the stocks, Valerie was bent over and open to the fucking frenzy that was to follow. The man who had first fucked her throat walked up behind her and spread her ass cheeks and admired her puckered brown anus. He inserted his middle finger into the tight sphincter and pushed it roughly into her. She whimpered as he probed her anus with a finger and her tight pussy with the fingers of his other hand. He rubbed her clitoris. She felt herself being aroused by his penetrating digits and began to move her ass slightly, surprized by the pleasurable sensation of the act.

      "That’s it, Valerie. You want to be fucked in both holes, don’t you. You want it real bad, real hard and real deep, and we want to give it to you till you are totally fulfilled and dripping with our cock juice. We can use all three of your holes with you. We’re going to rape you harder and deeper than you’ve ever been fucked before.  We’re going to fuck your brains out tonight, whore. For you are a whore from now on till the end of your life. We may rape you to death tonight for all you know. You are such a sweet little bitch. "

      "Go ahead and fuck her, Mark. Fuck her hard< " she heard one of the men say.

       And fuck her he did. He thrust his cock in her tight young cunt the full length in one swift hard thrust and reached her cervix with the stabbing thrust. She screamed in pain as Mark thrust the full lenght of his cock into her tight cunt over and over. He seemed to thrust his sword deeper into her with each thrust. The violence of his cock action shaking her hard breasts as he rammed in and out of her tight, slender young body. Never had she been taken this brutally; she felt as if he wanted to kill her with each impaling thrust to her tender vagina.

     He was holding her tightly by her ass as he plowed his tool into her. He did not care how badly he hurt her because he enjoyed her squeals of pain as he used her. He pulled out before he came and slapped both ass cheeks. 

       "Who wants to fuck that tight little ass hole of hers, now? " she heard him say.

        "I’ll stretch it for the rest of you, " a second man said.

         "I’ll fuck her mouth while you assfuck the bitch, " a third man said.

        Valerie felt herself being filled with long hard cock in both her ass and mouth now. Her anus burned from the deep impaling cock as it stretched her tight rear hole. Her rapist has his cock embedded deep in her bowels and fucked her with swift, vigorous strokes. She was being choked by the seven inch cock in her throat as he thrust up into her face forcing her to take the full length of his hard rod.

      For the next nearly two hours each of the men used her cunt, asshole and mouth in turns. She felt faint as they took turns thrusting deep into her sweet young helpless body. They began to spurt their sperm into her orifices. Soon she dripped cum from all three sore holes.

      But her torture had hardly begun. They began to use various sized dildos on her ass and cunt. They fucked her with studded steel dildoes ranging from six inches to nine inches in length and of various circumferences. They inserted a seven inch butt plug in her anus and a eight inch plastic dildo attached to a rod which in turn was fastened to the floor. They stopped to eat and drink before they resumed their fucking of her much used entrances. They took her out of the stocks and double and triple teamed her for most of the rest of the night. Near dawn they carried her unconcscious body to her room and Ramon fucked her until the sun came up even though she did not realize it because she was still out. It took her days to recover from the orgy. Ramon told her she would be kept there and used as her master’s fuck toy until he grew tired of her.

        "What will he do with me then? " she asked a day or two later when he brought her a lunch.

        "Who knows, " he said with an enigmatic style,  "maybe he will give you to me and my friends down in Mexico. "