Training Susie – Part 1

Training Suzie – Part 1

By NorthernWolf


It was mid-winter in the 22nd year of my marriage to Susan. Late on a Friday night the two of us were sitting up and watching a late-night show. I was really watching Susie and deciding that she had to change. In my mind I started listing the things that I wanted to be different about her. I wanted her thinner and in better shape. I wanted her hair done differently in a sexier style. I wanted her to be more enthusiastic about sex and to dress the part, at home and in public. I wanted her to be willing to try new things sexually and in life in general. The thing was, I knew that I wasn’t going to get the changes I wanted, unless I trained her to want them.

“Training” is a hard word, perhaps “conditioning” is a better one. Certainly any physical changes would require a type of training but the other changes would really be more of an attitude adjustment. The physical side should be fairly simple to achieve as Susie had once been a fitness nut and often expressed the desire to get back into better shape. The attitude adjustments would be tougher as Susan was independent person who was often resistant to change. I decided that the one advantage I held was that Susie still liked sex, albeit on a vanilla and infrequent basis. While Susan enjoyed her tv show I lost track of what it was about and thought about where to begin changing my wife


I am a patient man and was prepared to let the changes take place over months if not longer however, the first step happened immediately. Three days after my first visions of a newly adjusted wife I presented Susan with a membership to a premium women-only gym close by our home. Susan was thrilled and also accepted just as happily the sexy gym workout outfit I had bought for her. She said that it didn’t matter if it was too sexy as the gym was all girls anyway. Four weeks later she was already looking better. She had lost 10 pounds and tightened her stomach and ass. She even commented that she felt better.

It may have been the exercise that had Susan feeling better feeling but I suspected the high daily doses of liquid Black Cohosh I had been adding to everything she ate and drank might have had something to do with it. Black Cohosh is a naturopathic medicine given primarily to women going through their “change of life.” It is basically an estrogen replacement that is natural, healthy and completely legal. Did I mention that it also tends to make women really horny if they have been a bit estrogen deprived? Susan had been making some fairly obvious forward moves for the past week or so suggesting she wanted to play around but part of my strategy was to withhold any and all sex until she was willing to change herself a bit to get it.

A few weeks later at dinner I had added a little liquid dope to her wine and I could see that it was having an effect. I told Susan that I had a movie for us to watch tonight but that I wanted her to wear something sexy while we watched it. Susan doesn’t like to dress slutty so I knew she didn’t have anything she could put on that fit my request. When she pointed this out I said I had picked up something she might like. The dope must have kicked in because she gave me a bit hug and said she would love to try whatever it was.


I suggested we watch a bit of the movie first to set the mood and Susan quickly agreed. Susie snuggled up beside me on the sofa and I turned on the movie. There wasn’t much of a plot to the film but there wasn’t supposed to be. It opened with a middle aged groom carrying his new bride into a large gothic house. Welcoming her to her new home he explained the rules of their marriage to his surprised but obedient wife. She was to dress as he instructed and obey him at all times even if she did not want to. Leading her to their bedroom he showed her her new wardrobe. All manner of leather and latex outfits hung there. The husband selected one and instructed her to put it on for their wedding night and left the room telling her he would call her when he was ready for her.

When he called for her an hour later (two minutes in the movie while he poured a brandy) he was standing before a large fireplace. She shyly entered the room wearing what he had selected. Her black latex covered legs rose out of high heeled black boots and ended attached to garters from her latex top which had opening from which her naked breasts protruded. Her pussy, which she had shaved for her wedding night, was uncovered. The husband approached and fitted a wide collar around her neck securing it with a small lock. I put the movie on hold.

Susie had started rubbing inside my thigh during the movie so I decided it was time to push a bit. I told her she should put on the outfit I bought while I poured wine. She moaned but rose and walked to the bedroom. When she reappeared some time later she was wearing an outfit as close as I could find to the one in the movie. She looked fabulous with her gorgeous tits sticking out and I could see her excitement in her swollen pussy. She pointed out that there was no collar but I explained that a collar has to be earned and restarted the movie. Squeaking in her new latex she snuggled in to watch.

The movie didn’t disappoint. The groom instructed his new bride to sit on a stool in front of him. Spreading her knees to reveal her gaping pussy he handed her an eight inch vibrator with a thick tip narrowing to its base. Turning it on as instructed she tried to slide it into her cunt. The tip was so wide that she required two hands to finally force it past her lips. Once in it slide deep and remained in place by itself. As she adjusted to the stretching her husband wrapped each breast at its base with a leather cord tying them swollen and tight. When he was satisfied he moved behind her and bound her hands behind her back. Unable to either release the pressure on her tits or prevent the stimulation to her pussy she began to orgasm. The groom allowed her to cum several times and finally removed the dildo.

Susie had begun to rub her pussy lips as the scene progressed. When I wrapped my hands around the base of her tits she moaned. Instead of following the film and wrapping her tits, I handed Susie the leather pieces and told her to cinch her own breasts. She eagerly did so much tighter than I would have. I moved a small stool in front of us but stopped Susie from sitting on it. I suction cupped a huge 6 inch thick 10 inch long dildo to the seat of the stool. I slapped Susie on her restricted tits and told her she had five minutes to get herself off on the huge spike in front of her. When she hesitated I told her it was to win the collar.

Susie stepped over the stool and positioned the head of the dildo at her pussy lips. I told her “no hands” and she began to move her hips with her hands behind her head. Thirty seconds of moaning and rotating her hips left a heavy sweat running over her latex top and tits. Suddenly she dropped her weight and slid the entire dildo inside her in one move. Screaming she pounded up and down on the huge peg orgasming harder than I had ever seen.

As Suzie calmed, I ordered her to stay still and impaled while I retrieved her new collar. Fastening it around her neck I raised her chin to allow the four inch width and clicked it in place with a small padlock. I complimented her on how sexy she looked and reached out to pull her swollen nipples. Suzie started to move on the dildo again as I took her between pain and pleasure with her nipples. Attaching a short leash to the silver loop at the back of her collar I pulled her upward allowing the huge dildo to slip from her cunt. Suzie moaned as the stimulation was removed but followed me across the room to the sofa in front of the movie. Ordering her to face the movie standing in front of me with her legs spread I told her that she was allowed to rub her clit if she wished.

In the video the Groom had led his new bride to a leather bench and laid her across it face down securing her wrists and ankles with buckles on the legs. Her ass protruded over the end of the bench. He stepped in front of his wife and opened his robe showing her his massive cock which he placed at her lips. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock as she strained forward to draw him in. The camera drew away from the couple allowing a wider view into which stepped a massive Great Dane. The dog approached and ran its nose over the girl’s crotch then began to lick the moaning girl’s pussy. Realizing she was being stimulated by something other than her husband she tried to turn her head but was prevented by her husband’s huge cock sliding into her mouth and partly down her throat.

I again stopped the film and sat watching Susie mashing her clitoris against her pubic bone. Reaching out I slide my right hand into her open pussy pushing until only my wrist showed. Forming a fist I move my hand down and then quickly upward like a small punch. Susie screamed as I developed a rhythm to my fisting. Susie began to cum again so hard that my fist was the only thing holding her upright. I removed my hand and flicked the film back on. Moving Susie backwards I pulled her until she straddled my lap facing the movie.

The Great Dane had an enormous cock and was nudging it at the young bride’s pussy. The groom reached over her back and spread her ass cheeks and pussy allowing the dog to enter. Over twelve inches of dog cock slammed into her cunt. As it did I placed the tip of my cock at the opening of Susie’s ass. The bride screamed as her cunt was filled and Susie screamed as I impaled her ass with my nine inches and reached around to place the ten inch dildo at the entrance to her cunt. Placing her hands on the base of the thick dildo I let Susie finish the invasion. Screaming she plowed herself onto the rubber cock cramming it in beside my own. I came in Susie’s ass so hard it felt like I was going to pass out. Susie was making animal noises as she came while slamming herself with my cock and the dildo.

As Susie collapsed on the floor I restarted the video. The bride was recovering from her dog sex and the groom was speaking to a group of Asian men who had arrived to see the end of the dog sex. The bride was still attached to the bench. One of the Asians spoke to the groom who nodded in agreement. The Asian walked in front of the bride, lifted her chin and spat in her face. He then pulled out his cock and began to piss on the bride’s face. Finished he stepped aside while another Asian man took his place and started to cum in ropes which fell over the bride’s head. A third Asian laughed at the first two, turned and led a small well hung pony into the room.

My sweet fucked-out wife Suzie looked up from the floor with a strange wide-eyed smile and asked if we were expecting guests.


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