Well Done

The hotel on the edge of town was a big hotel it was posh and expensive and attracted a lot of famous people, many wedding receptions and other functions were held there and when there was a function being held at the hotel extra staff were brought in from the town just to cover for the function, despite being a bully and foul mouthed girl sixteen year old Cindy was one of the part time workers who was some times called in, there was a Bengali event taking place at the hotel and Cindy was just arriving at the rear entrance to the hotel to work as a waitress as Cindy walked in the hotel duty manager smiled and told Cindy she was the best worker he knew and that she was elegant smart and intelligent, Cindy looked at him and said ” what the bloody hell you after you creep” the manager then explained that the booked child minder had called in sick and he needed a child minder for the night and would give Cindy an extra fifty pound if she did the child minding”  Cindy smiled and said ” I knew you were creeping for some purpose” and agreed to do the job. Half a hour later Cindy was sat in a room keeping an eye on four Bengali boys who were all four years younger than what she was, Palash who was one of the boys said to Cindy ” we want to fuck you” Cindy was surprised by what had been said but replied I want to go to Australia but neither is going to happen, Cindy took a couple of sips from her drink and carried on looking at her magazine and after a couple of minutes the words started to blur, Cindy shook her head took another drink and tried to concentrate on her magazine but could not, she then felt her shoes being removed but did not have the energy to stop the boy from doing it then realised her drink had been spiked, Palash was undoing her blouse while another of the boys was undoing her skirt, Cindy felt both her blouse and skirt being removed and her bra being unclipped and removed then her panties were pulled down and off, Cindy heard Palash say ” yeah the fucking bitch is naked look at those tits” then felt Palash rubbing her boobs while some one rubbed her love tube, Cindy was to weak to do anything to stop the boys, she was pulled out of the chair and laid on the floor then her legs parted, Cindy saw Palash kneeling between her legs naked with an erection and after a minute she felt it slide into her love tube at the same time Cindy felt her boobs being sucked, Palash was thrusting I and out of Cindy’s love tube as hard as he could and after ten minutes was squirting cum over her body before backing away Cindy felt another dick slide into her now moist love tube and after five minutes of the boy thrusting in and out of her love tube Cindy climaxed and not long after felt the warm sticky splattering of more sperm on her body and not long after another dick entered her love tube, after another forty minutes Cindy had felt all four mores have a go on her love tube and had climaxed three times, the four boys lifted Cindy and dumped her on the bed then left, Cindy saw a Bengali girl enter the room and realised it was Pao who was Palash’s twin sister and a lesbian, Pao got damp clothes and spent twenty minutes cleaning the mess off of Cindy’s body and afterwards started to massage and suck Cindy’s boobs rubbing her love tube at the same time and after ten minutes inserted three fingers up Cindy’s love tube and started pushing them in and out pushing them in as deep as she could go while sucking her nipples and after half a hour had felt Cindy cum twice before she stopped. After washing her hands and with a struggle Pao dressed Cindy and left the room, ten minutes after the manager came in the room just as Cindy was getting her strength back, he said ” take it easy you passed out the boys got us they are safe” a doctor examined Cindy and said she will be ok just over tired let her rest, Cindy was left to sleep in the room, in the morning the manager told Cindy to take her time and to leave when she was ready and he was getting one of the girls to bring her breakfast, ten minutes later Pao walked in with her breakfast, Cindy sat up letting the duvet fall, Pao saw she was topless and smiled she then saw Cindy’s nipples become erect, Cindy got out of bed , Pao saw that she was naked, Cindy grabbed Pao said ” I am going to teach you a lesson you wont forget bitch” and pushed Pao onto the bed, Pao saw that Cindy’s nipples were very erect, Cindy stripped Pao naked the started to lick her nipples and rub her love tube before lowering herself and start to lick Pao’s love tube and carried on doing so till Pao gushed, Cindy stood looked at Pao and said ” you ever touch me again and you will get the same again” Pao used the phone and said into it I am looking after Cindy for awhile and then put the phone down turned pushed Cindy flat and started to gently squeeze her very erect nipples before sucking them and rubbing her love tube, she then smiled at Cindy and said ” there will be no mercy for you white girl” placed her head between Cindy’s legs and started to lick her love tube before pushing her tongue inside as far as she could get it and after five minutes felt Cindy gush. A hour later Cindy was in the reception getting her wages the manager said he would still pay her and after being taken home by the hotel car Cindy lay on her bed thinking that Pao needed to be taught more lessons till she knew how to behave herself.

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