Wife Gives Details of A One Night Stand

My beloved wife of so many years told me a story after we had finished about 3 bottles of wine. Having been married for more than 10 years our sex life was a bit tired but we had remained faithful to each other so I thought.

Coming from a Nordic background she was tall, blonde, athletic and gorgeous. In her mid 40s she often got the attention of men 10-15 years her junior. Three bottles in we were teasing each other about sex, a topic we both struggled to discuss (probably due to our up bringing). I finally asked her if she had ever, and understandably gone astray. “No…” well I could let if I egged her on a bit maybe she would at least tell me about the times guys hit on her and she liked it.

Soon after I asked her again and “come on, you are awesome if you did go I would have no problem with it…” then she told me. “well a couple of years ago when I went on that girls trip, you remember I told you… that the girls were crazy and hooking up with guys that well I don´t like… well that was not the entire truth… I also played a little..” My heart dropped to the floor but my erotic side was super excited. “it is ok” I told her and asked her to tell me all the details…

She admittedly was embarrassed but I supported her, probably to feed my need to an erotic story that matched my dreams.

“We were skiing and then at after ski in the bar this nice guy came up to me and we were all dancing, you know on tables etc. The shots were flowing and he tried to kiss me. I resisted but as the alcohol took over I only remember him kissing me”. I asked her..”so were you not turned on?” and she smiled.

“We then went back to his place all of us, all the girls including Mandy, who is married were fooling around a little in the hot tub. We did not have the right clothes to wear but we borrowed some shorts an shirts. I the hot tub the drinks kept coming and he sat next to me. A perfect gentleman especially while all the others were making out. As I tried to re-position myself my hand slipped and I could feel his cock in his shorts. It was huge. I was thinking damn… this is big, his poor wife. He then put his hand on my leg and tried to kiss me. I did kiss him back a little but that was it. All the girls were getting cold and went inside we stayed outside. I was so turned on and I knew it was wrong.”

“We sat next to each other and he offered to give me a shoulder rub which I liked.  I could feel his cock pressing against me and I could not stop”… as a tear came to her eyes.

“He started kissing me, I was drunk and powerless, and he grabbed my breasts from behind and kissed my back and his hands moved up my wet shirt cupping my breasts. I tried to tell him “no” it was not right but he kept going. I turned around and he positioned himself in front me and between my legs and began kissing my chest, I was almost passed out and powerless”.

“He began removing my top and his hands moved toward my shorts and he started pulling them down. I resisted and he then took my hand and put it on his now exposed cock. ”

Mesmerized I am listen to this and supporting her, quite the odd feeling.

“He then put his fingers on my pussy and began rubbing, I was powerless. He kissed my breasts and then removed my shorts completely. He began pressing into me. I could feel his cock between my legs and he pushed… asking me if I wanted it.. I told him it was wrong but he continued to push, his cock entered me and it felt…”

“How good?” I asked…

“It was wrong I know but it pushed into me as he kissed my breasts and he then started fucking me harder and harder. I told him to pull out and he kept pushing… I had a huge orgasm and then he said he was going to cum and I told him…”pull out…” and then he held me down and fucked me really hard and then came inside me.”

“He fell off me… and grabbed his shorts and went inside. I felt horrible…”

With that the story ends… to this day I am still mesmerized.