Hippie Beach

San Diego… 1988 Moonlight beach I was 8 a boy with long blond hair living a block from the beach I had no mom and my father didn’t care what I was doing so I would adventure the beach there’s several places river mouths with 2 bridges that stand side by side in front of … Continue reading Hippie Beach

Broken in

John was a small skinny guy, he was only 23. He got married to the girl off his dreams who was 26. But his life fell apart when she left him for another guy. It was 6 months since she left and he drinking too much and very depressed. Why he kept asking himself, they … Continue reading Broken in

Thug Surprise

Martin was a gay boy who had just been sent to a young offenders custody centre for twelve months, he had been caught by the police trying to break into a house. Martin was sat in the centre’s custody wing waiting to be allocated a cell after waiting a hour and a half one of … Continue reading Thug Surprise

Your Next

Martin was a sixteen year old thug who was very violent and well feared in the town where he lived, he was a member of a well known violent street gang that like Steve was feared, The small Bengali owned corner shop in town was left alone by the street gang because the owner laundered … Continue reading Your Next