Night Nursing

So far the morning rounds had been depressingly uneventful as the doctor led me through several geriatric patients with no good prognosis. Strokes or terminal cancer, they would have been better off home with their loved ones. But there was a new admission in 317, an 18-year-old male named Tim who had been in a … Continue reading Night Nursing

Gay trial

My name is Brian I’m 52 5ft 10 tall but fat this is what happened with my mate Rab. Rab was similar height but fiscally more muscular than me. We been friends for years, at least 30 years. I forgot to say he was 4 years older than me. We both married but were having … Continue reading Gay trial

Men Only

Greetings I am Richard Stedman and I love having sex with men or, occasionally young boys. My cock is short ( 41/2” circumcised ) – I will do anything for sexual enjoyment and live in Manchester, England, where I have an apartment on the 9th floor of a large block – I can travel up … Continue reading Men Only