Your Next

Martin was a sixteen year old thug who was very violent and well feared in the town where he lived, he was a member of a well known violent street gang that like Steve was feared, The small Bengali owned corner shop in town was left alone by the street gang because the owner laundered … Continue reading Your Next

Straight Boy

Ali was a young Bengali boy who was gay, he had tried to keep it quiet for fear of what would happen if it was found out that he was gay, but despite all of his best efforts it became known that he was gay and the Bengali community disowned him and would have nothing … Continue reading Straight Boy


The big main doors to the youth custody centre slammed shut making Steve jump as they did, he looked behind him at the doors then started walking away from them, and as he did he was thinking good riddance, Steve had just served a twelve month sentence for assault the day before his release had … Continue reading Out

On Bail

Sixteen year old Steve was a well known thug who had a violent streak in him and had a long criminal record mainly for stealing motor vehicles which he sold to organised crime organisations. Steve was now sat in court after being caught driving a stolen car, Steve was listening to his solicitor as she … Continue reading On Bail