Benny was sucking me off behind a tree

His willy was funny. Mine was just dead straight and about the same size as my little finger but Benny’s looked like a toadstool with a bent cock head and he was circumcised. I wasn’t, but his was fatter than mine even though you could only just get hold of his under his cock head. He told me proudly that he had a micro penis. He said the doctor has said so.

We were out on a camping trip with about ten other lads but we were the older ones apart from Leader Shuttlecock who was also our local Methodist lay preacher where we lived. I don’t need to tell you what his nickname was. This was the first time me and Benny had been on a camp. We hadn’t wanted to join before and then we discovered that we’d be sharing a tent together which didn’t quite turn out right.

Benny was sucking me off behind a tree when he suddenly appeared, a tall skinny man with his knobbly knees sticking out. That’s what I remember staring at first when he appeared.

You can imagine that we were quite nervous at first but not for long. Not after I noticed something else sticking out.

“It’s alright boys,” he said smiling, “it’s all natural. We’ll just keep this between ourselves shall we?”

“Yes Leader,” I said and Benny just coughed.

“And you can call me Brother when it’s just us on our own,” he continued and that’s when he started to unbutton his shorts and began to pull his willy out, “after all we’re really all just brothers aren’t we?”

“Yes,” I quickly replied.

“Yes Brother,” he corrected and at the same time as he pulled his foreskin right back making sure we could both see it’s display.

“Yes Brother,” I said and Benny kind of copied a little behind me.

We both stared at each other and then at his willy as he started to very slowly masturbate himself.

“I’ve been thinking,” he said, “since you two are the senior boys and since my tent is quite roomy, I think it would be a good idea if you senior boys shared with me. It might give the other boys an incentive to work towards. What do you senior boys have to say about that?”

“Oh yes, um, yes Brother, I think it’s, don’t you Benny,” I said?

“Yes,” said Benny nervously and he was still holding my willy which was still a stiffy.

“Good,” he said, “that’s settled then I think. Would you like to hold my penis….” he reached over and took my hand and placed it onto his Willy. It was thin like mine, a bit longer than mine but not that much longer. And then looking directly at Benny, “and would you like to shuffle closer and….?”

As I held his willy or penis as he asked us to call it, Benny got up close and took it into his mouth and started to suck it. Every time Benny bobbed forwards I could feel his lips and nose bang into my hand. It was quite good really and I felt myself getting even stiffer. And then he reached over with his right hand and taking hold of my penis, he began to slowly masturbate me. He was a good wanker too.

He came in Benny’s mouth quite quickly but Benny was good at willy sucking or penis sucking. I still hadn’t spunked though.

He smiled all the time even when he started to lower himself down onto his knees and without saying a word he took my penis into his mouth and sucked me off, he even swallowed my boy cum. Then immediately after that he sucked Benny’s mushroom and brought him off.

After that and after standing up and zipping himself back up he told us not to be late back and not to forget to move our bedrolls into his tent.

He did both of us that night. He did Benny first and after he spunked up Benny he watched as Benny did me and when he was ready with a stiffy he did me.

We never had to do much in the day time. The younger boys had to gather firewood and do all the other jobs. Me and Benny just got to go adventuring about in the day most of the time except when we had to do some field craft. Our job was really just to provide our bums at night and to listen to him reading from the Bible about sodomy and how it was alright for brothers to it with each other. I don’t think he was very good at Bible studies but he taught us a lot and he taught us about a man called Lot who did sex with his daughters and he said that was alright too and that he used to do it with his when they were younger until they grew older and left him.

The next year we had to join the scouts because we got older. It was alright in the scouts, we did loads of bumming there especially bob-a-job week. We use to call it, bob-a-knob week and there were loads of old blokes who gave a lot more than a bob to have their homo cocks sucked or sheathed up a scout’s tight bum hole.