Caught in a tent

My names Michael, when I was in my early teen my friend Travis, he lived next door and few years younger then I was. One night he asked if I wanted to camp in their back yard, the tent was already setup by time I walked over. Went to knock on the door then seen Travis was walking to the tent, so I walked down. Hey, I said. Hey just got some sleeping bags. A few hours go by, he asked if I mind if he jerks off, sure go for it. Watching him made me start getting hard and started rubbing mine. Let me spit on your cock Michael, til its good and wet, and you can fuck me. Hold on Travis don’t you want me to use a rubber? No I want you to cum in me. He kneels down and I press my cock to his ass and spit on my cock and his ass. I push halfway in him. Fuck yeah fuck me harder, I go to town on him as my balls slap against him. I’m about to cum I tell him, as his older sister walks in. We had a few light so you could see, and she had a flashlight. She asked what the heck are you doing! I was so close to cumming so before I said anything I came.