Confession of an Uncle – Part 4

After the sexual encounter with my nephew (Confession of an Uncle – Part 3) I didn’t tell Amy (his mother) about the encounter or the offer the guy made to us.  Every thing was normal for the next month or so, we kind of fell into a pattern, I’d have sex with Heather (Amy’s youngest daughter) in the morning, some time during the day I’d have sex with Amber (Amy’s oldest daughter), then I’d take a shower in the evening with Ricky (Amy’s son), and butt fuck him in the shower, and then I’d fuck Amy at night on the back deck at night.

The guy Ricky and I had a sexual encounter during a boat ride called me one day and asked if I had thought about his proposition.  I told him that I had not spoke to his mother about it yet and thus I have not thought about it.  I then told him that I would speak to his mother and get back with him.

That night when Amy and I was out back talking I brought up what happened that day, and then what the guy offered she said; “it’s your call, I trust you and will do any thing you say”.

So the next day I talked to Ricky about it and he actually got excited about it all.  After I spoke to him, I called the guy back to ask who was these men that would pay a grand each to fuck Ricky because it’s a small town and I know just about everyone.

He told me who they were, I did know them, and all three names he gave me were rich beyond belief.  One guy was a real estate developer, another one was a rich brat who I went to school with, and the last one owned a large construction company.

I agreed to meet them, I told this guy that it’s a grand every time they cum or an hour passes, they have to use a condom, and I will be in the room at all times.  He agreed saying he’ll talk with them and get back with me.

He called me back within an hour!  He said every thing is fine with them and I told him that it’ll happen this Friday, I’d text him where, and what time.  The rest of the week Ricky kept saying he couldn’t wait until Friday and then ask why I made it so far away. LOL


Friday comes, around 4pm I went to a hotel in a town over, I text that guy the place, room number, and told them around 9pm (dark).  Ricky and I played in the pool for a few hours, then we had a nice dinner, and hung out in the room watching tv.

Right at 9pm, the guy from the boat encounter shows up with the rich brat I went to school with (white, late 30s, tall, skinny 8″ cut cock), then a minute later the construction guy shows up (white, late 50s, around my height/weight, 7″ cut cock), and as we’re being introduced, the real estate developer shows up (white, mid 50s, tall and very muscular build, 8″ uncut cock).

As we’re all talking, I tell them it’s a grand per hour or each time they cum, and they must use a condom.  The construction worker asked why they have to use a condom, because they’re all married, and have no STD’s, then said he’d rather fuck Ricky bareback.

They all were saying they’d rather bareback Ricky’s little butt and breed his boy pussy.  I told them fine, but if they want to bareback him it was now 2,000 per hour or each time they cum in him.  I knew they all were rich as fuck so I figured they’d try and negotiate, but they all agreed to the 2,000 per hour.

They all started pulling out their cash, I had 6,000 dollars in my hand, and the rich brat said; “I want to go first”, then they all started saying; “NO I’m going first”.  I jumped in and said; “Ricky is the boss here boys and he will pick who goes first”.

Then it was funny as hell, I almost started laughing, they all started saying to Ricky; “pick me, come one pick me”, and the construction guy said; “I’ll give you a 100 dollars to pick me” then the rich brat said; “I’ll give you 500 dollars to pick me”, and then the real estate developer guy says; “I’ll give you an extra 1,000 to pick me first”.

Ricky picked the real estate developer who was a big muscular guy that had an 8″ uncut cock, and both got on the bed.  The real estate guy started sucking on Ricky’s little dick and licking his hairless little butt hole.  Ricky was on his back, the guy was holding up his legs in the air as he sucked, and licked on Ricky.  Then he got up on his knees between Ricky’s legs, spit on his asshole and started rubbing his big cock around Ricky’s rosebud.

As the guy pushed his cock into Ricky’s little butt hole, I seen Ricky push back to accept more, the guy paused, and shoved his whole cock inside Ricky’s little butt. Ricky gasped and said; “wow you’re big mister”.  I watched as this guy slow fucked Ricky’s little ass, my cock was rock hard seeing Ricky take an 8″ cock like a porn star, and the guy didn’t last long before I could see the his cum leaking out of Ricky’s stretched butt hole.

The next guy was the rich brat, he pulled Ricky to the corner of the bed, Ricky is still on his back, legs up in the air, and the brat was already hard so he went right to fucking Ricky’s little ass.  As the rich brat was fucking Ricky, the construction worker got up on the bed kneeling over Ricky’s face, and Ricky started sucking his cock.

The guy Ricky and I had the encounter on the boat seen I was hard as a rock, I was stroking my cock as I was watching my nephew take cock in both ends, the guy bend over, and started sucking my cock.  The rich brat lasted maybe 5 minutes before he too was filling Ricky’s little butt hole with cum, and the construction guy got off the bed, and then started fucking Ricky.

While I was getting sucked, the real estate guy comes up to me, hands me another 2,000 and said; “that boy has a beautiful little asshole and I want to go again”, then the rich brat guy says; “I want some more of that boy pussy too, let me get my wallet”.

After the construction guy fucked and cum in Ricky’s ass, he too paid for another round with my nephew, and all three of them got one the bed.  Ricky was on his hands and knees on the bed, one was fucking him as he was sucking the other two, and then they’d all switch.

I watched Ricky take on these three guys on like a porn star, Ricky was even talking to them as they were fucking him, and Ricky was saying shit like; “oh yeah, do me”, “you like doing my butt”, and then when they were about to cum Ricky would say shit like; “oh yes, fill my butt with your sperm”.


Ricky picks up the talking from me when I’d fuck him, because I’d say shit like; “you like my cock doing your little butt”, and Ricky would answer with something like; “yes you dick feels so good doing my butt”.  He’s not allowed to swear yet and I try not to swear in front of him.

Ricky walked away with 19,000 dollars that night, them guys fucked him one at a time, and gangbanged him for 2 hours which was 18,000, and then the extra grand from the guy who Ricky picked to go first.

As the guys were all getting dressed, I mentioned that Ricky has two sisters who are sexually active as well, after telling them about the girls they begged me to set something up, and they’d pay just about anything I want to fuck them.

I told them I’d have to think about it and talk to their mother (my niece Amy).


Stay tuned………..