Jays bitch – Part 3

Things moved pretty quickly between me and Jay. My work hours were flexible and he was only 17 so he was pretty free. The previous story tells of our first time, our next several were pretty similar, it was after a few weeks that things picked up. In the first week of our Master/Slave relationship I was at his house everyday, on two occasions it was just us and he had me naked and worshiping him all day, the other days his family were home; including my girlfriend. He would text me sometimes and I would have to find a way to get to him without the others knowing; how he throat fucked me with them all there I’ll never know!

After just 3 weeks of being his bitch my girlfriend had to go out of town for 4 days with work, the first thing I could think of was Jay. I lived with a friend but he spent half of the time with his own girlfriend so I knew I could get the place to myself. I told Jay, the first thing he said was ‘What a good bitch. Have the place tidy before we get there.’ I smiled and when he took his cock out of my mouth I said, ‘yes sir.’ The night before I made sure the place was tidy, I told my girlfriend I just wanted to keep it clean while I was the only one there. She left early the next morning, I received a text from Jay saying ‘Socks and leash only. Open the door at 10 and get on your knees, do not move no matter what.’ I showered, put on socks and my leash and went downstairs to open the door at exactly 10. I was on my knees, people walking by would look strangle at me, after about 15 mins I thought about getting up to text Jay but despite the humiliation I just wanted to please him. 1030 (as I later found out) and someone came up to the house. I was terrified, he looked about Jays age, I hoped he was his friend and thankfully he introduced himself as such. ‘Follow me bitch. I’m Brandon, you’ll call me sir’ as he walked past me. I followed him in, he looked around and said, ‘Jay will be here shortly, he asked me to get you ready, apparently you’re going to have a rough few days tiny cock. Lets get set up shall we?’ He put his bag down and started to rearrange the big living room; even in my own home I was nothing.

Brandon had a bag full of ropes, cuffs, butt plugs and other devices and toys, he laid them all out on the table that he had moved infront of the window; a window that was big and gave a clear view of the whole room. He sat down on the big couch and pointed at his feet, I crawled to him and took his shoes and socks off.  He stood up and took his top and jeans off, all that was left was his boxers. He grabbed my hair back so I was looking into his eyes, ‘Lets get you prepared shall we? Two cocks are a lot to take, even for a whore like you, think you can handle it?’ ‘Yes sir’ I instantly replied. ‘Take it out, you have until Jay gets here to make me cum, if you don’t, well lets just say it won’t be your best day.’ I pulled down his boxers and grabbed his cock, 8″ that would go perfectly with Jays. I knew I may only have a few moments to do my job so I didn’t start by teasing but instead took all of his semi hard cock in my mouth; he moaned as I gagged. He was hard in only seconds, so was I, I sucked him deep then when it was dripping with my spit I sucked his tip while I stroked him. I could see he was loving it but not enough, he’s a real man so wouldn’t cum anywhere near as quickly as I would; I had to up my game. I stood up, still jerking his cock with one hand, I went close to his ear and whispered ‘abuse me sir, treat me like the cock hungry cum dump I am sir.; I know what my masters like to hear. ‘I’ll treat you anyway I want, fag.’ He grabbed my throat and shoved my against the wall, spat on my face, slapped it and pushed me down. I was ready for his cock as he pushed it deep down my throat. He had my hands pinned up above my head and he fucked my face, spit everywhere, I could hear him moaning and knew he was close. He let my arms go and took his cock out my mouth, I opened wide and put out my tongue, he exploded all over my face and in my mouth.

I did it, I made Brandon cum before Jay arrived, I knew I was a great cock sucker!   Brandon then used some of the things he brought with him to tie me up, ropes mainly and a ball gag that had some of the cum that stayed on my face on it. I was bound and gagged in the centre of the room when Jay arrived, he looked so sexy and like he was ready to dominate me so hard. The first thing he did was set up his camera and laptop, I had no idea what he was doing but he happily explained. ‘This computer will show everyone how much of a bitch you are. Recorded and live on a few porn sites.’ Jay and Brandon then disappeared for about 15 minutes, when they returned they were naked, my god was it an amazing sight to see. Still tied up doggy style I had no control over what would happen, Jay walked to my face and Brandon to my ass, I had dreamed of this for so long. What happened for the next 4 days was a bit of a blur, it was something that would break most people mentally, the abuse I faced, the humiliation and degradation was far more than I had imagined when I signed my body to Jay. That first morning was just 2 people, it didn’t drop below 10 for the next 3 days; but more to come on that.