Jays new bitch

My name is Niall and I’m 23, if you’d asked me 3 or 4 years ago if I was straight I would have said yes but then a few years ago I met a guy named Jay, now straight isn’t even close. Jay was 16 when I met him (I was 20), the brother of my then girlfriend (just to make things more complicated). I’ve always been fairly in shape and slim but Jay was nearly 6 foot (I’m 5’7) and very fit; exactly what most women look for in a guy.

I quickly learnt a lot about Jay, on his 16th birthday I found out that he was a ‘slut’ (as his family joked), that had slept with many girls already. I also found out that he is a very rough guy, generally and sexually, his previous encounters would be left shaking on their legs after his ‘big dick’ had finished with them. I’d hear stories of how he liked to spank them, slap their faces and dominate them in general; my small 5″ cock got so hard so quickly when I heard, I knew something was happening to me. That night I dreamt of Jay dominating his latest bitch only this time, I was the bitch.

I kept having similar dreams and would often think about what it would be like to be with Jay, looking up at his handsome face, muscular arms, sexy abs and long shaft from my rightful place; on my knees (I’ve always been naturally submissive). I tried to brush it off for a few weeks, after all he was only 16 but when I was having sex with my girlfriend I said his name. I managed to talk my way out of that but I knew I wasn’t going to forget about him but I also knew I had to try. For a few weeks I managed to do just that, I forgot about him while I was busy with work but then came the first time I was alone at his house.

I had stayed at their house many times before with my girlfriend, this time I was off work so while my girlfriend went off to her work I stayed home alone; or so I thought.  I was watching TV when Jay walked in, he was wearing tight boxers and black ankle socks (as he often does) and sat down opposite me without saying a word. I was just wearing joggers, my mistake was not wearing underwear, although my cock is only small the fact I was rock hard was obvious. Trying to hide it I asked how he was, ‘fine’ he said before looking at me funny and asking ‘Are you hard?’. I shifted to hide my erection, chuckled and said ‘Uh what do you mean?’ He looked at his phone and typed for a few seconds before replying, ‘well it looks small but like you’ve got an erection. Bet it’s tiny.’ I felt embarrassed at the comment yet got even harder. ‘Erm I guess it’s not big but not tiny. I hear you’re big tho.’ Jay looked up, ‘Wanna see do you?’

He stood up, his bulge big but not hard, if he was turned on he wasn’t showing it. ‘I just mean I’ve heard. I’ve heard how you like to treat girls and stuff; I’m the opposite so I’m just interested.’ I couldn’t shut myself up. ‘Who said just girls? Opposite, what’s that mean?’ He stood just a foot away from me, his cock level with my face. ‘Uh, erm, just that I don’t normally give. I should stop, I’m sorry sir. I mean Jay!’ I’d done it, my brain was gone and my cock was in charge. ‘Did you just call me sir? Oh fuck you really are a bitch.’ I didn’t know what to do, my cock was still hard and all I wanted to do was drop to my knees, what was happening? ‘I’m just going to go back upstairs.’ That was the last time I would speak to Jay as my equal, from now on it was Master Jay or sir.

He grabbed my hair as I tried to move, pulling me toward his cock. ‘What are you doing?’ I tried to push away. ‘What are you doing sir?!’ He replied so viciously I was genuinely fearful of what was about to happen. ‘Please Jay, sir.’ He pulled me to me knees and forced my face against his cock. ‘From now on I own you. You are one of my whores, my bitch, my cock serving, ass eating, cum drinking slut. Do you understand me fag?’ I was so shocked I paused, he tugged on my hair hard, ‘yes sir.’ What else could I do. ‘If you really understand that you are my sexual property then tell me you submit.’ No time seemed to pass before I replied urgently, ‘I submit sir.’  ‘This isn’t just a one time thing, this isn’t a joke, after today you will be mine. To use and abuse sexually as I see fit. I’ll allow do’s and don’ts to be discussed but then you will sign your body to me.’ Jay showed me his phone, he had a list of names with mine now at the bottom, he explained it was his list of ‘sex slaves’. ‘This is where my whores sign themselves to me, today will be a test to see if you’re worthy, if you are then we will work out the details. Now, suck my huge fucking cock you dirty little cunt.’

I pulled his boxers down to finally unveil his monster cock, even soft it was huge. ‘Oh fuck sir.’ I took it in one hand and started to lick and suck his balls. His cock started to get hard in my hand so I slowly jerked it as I serviced his balls. After several seconds he was rock hard and I saw it was true, at least 8.5″, probably more than 9″! I spat on it and licked up his shaft to his head then started to suck. I could only take an inch or two at first but Jay soon changed that. ‘Take it deep bitch, you’ve got a lot to prove.’ I grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands and pulled him deep, I couldn’t believe it, suddenly I had around 6″ of cock in my mouth but still 3 to go. Could I do it? All i knew is that I didn’t want to displease him so I took a breath and got back to work. My girlfriend had always said I could take it deep but this was crazy, 9″ of real cock in my throat! 9″ of my new 16 year old master. I knew I was doing good when I heard Jay moan. He grabbed me by the hair and his cock came out, I gasped, he spat in my mouth as soon as I gasped then forced his cock back in. He was fully in control, everything I did was to please him and everything he did was to humiliate me, I didn’t want it to end but suddenly he pulled out. ‘I think you’ll do.’ he said and threw me to the sofa. ‘But sir.’ He grabbed my throat, ‘You want more whore? You’re gonna get way more than you can imagine but not until you sign your body to me. Follow me, crawl.’

I followed Jay to his room where we briefly discussed the ‘terms’ of the arrangement. The do’s included far too many to mention, the do not’s simply listed 2 things; no toilet play and no hard pain. I signed it immediately.

This was 3 years ago, you can imagine the stories that are about to follow.