John’s Restraunt Story

John is a 23 year old man who lives all by himself in his apartment, one day he woke up from a crazy wet dream, John is straight but he had a dream of fucking a man.

In his dream he entered his room to find a nice white 20 year old man on his bed. As he grabbed John’s head and forced it toward his face until they started to kiss.

It was nice wet and smooth and went on for about a minute, until John decided to slid his hand into his shorts to feel a hard nice long cock.

when ever he grabbed it, the man moaned and told John to take of his shorts. John took them off and started to stoke it softly until he cummed all over his face.

Right at that moment is when John woke up from his dream with a hard cock. He felt weird because he has never had this feeling of being gay before. But he liked it in his dream and when ever he thinks about it he gets hard and horny, his nice small round nipples get hard and he rubs on his own cock.

He wanted to fuck a man to see if he liked it in real life. He went on to his phone and found a 22 year old man who will have sex with him.

They wanted to meet up at a bathroom in a restraunt to have sex in. They both didn’t know how each other looked, so when they went to the restraunt and John saw him, he was shocked.

The 22 year old man was a big black muscular man. They sat and ate with each other as they got to know each other. The mans name is Devin. He has had a bunch of sexual experience with both men and women.

They were down eating and it was time, they went into the bathroom, which was pretty clean, and got started. Devin started by grabbing John by his hips and bringing him towards him, they kissed and kissed again. Then they started to kiss as Devin went from his hips into his pants and grabbed his ass. John started to get hard and felt good and horny. As he did that John pulled down his and Devin’s pants as they both had a hard cock.

John’s cock is skinny and a regular size at 7 inches. While Devin had a thick long cock at 10 inches. John grabbed the big black cock as Devin grabbed John’s balls. John wanted to suck his dick so he went on his knees.

Devin put his big black cock in his mouth as John moved his head back and forth. Devin wasn’t pleased by John’s sucking so he told John, “Turn around and bend over I got a big surprise for you.” John was scared and exited at the same time because he never has done this before.

John turned his tight little white ass aground and bent over and Devin put on a condom. Devin was as hard as a rock and shoved his cock into his ass as John moaned and grunted loudly. He pulled it out and put it in again. This went on until Devin told John, “I’m about to blow the biggest load I’ve ever blown.” So John replied by saying, “Get it on my face I want to taste your black cum.”

John turned around and open his lips up as Devin blew his big load all over John’s face. John licked it all into his mouth and swallowed it. Devin felt done and tired but John didn’t. So Devin sucked John’s skinny cock. After about 2 minutes John cummed all in his mouth as Devin spit it out on his con and licked it off to swallow it.

They were finished and went home. That day John knew he was Gay and will fuck a guy again.