Ricky’s Campground Weekend

Amy (Ricky’s mother) suggested we go camping which Ricky of course got all excited.  I asked Ricky which would he like more, go camping all weekend or have sex all weekend, he thought a second, and answered; “why can’t we do both”?

I could not help but to laugh saying; “so you want a weekend of camping and dick huh”? and he said; “yeah, why can’t you cum in my butt while we’re camping”?  I laughed again saying; “well it’s set then, we’ll have a weekend of camping and sex”.

That night we packed up and the next morning we headed out in our camper.  I was heading two states away to a Clothing Optional Campground that I know of which I think Ricky will like and give him a camping weekend filled with sex.  As we’re driving I was drinking a lot of water, soon I had to take a piss, and said to Ricky; “damn I have to piss and don’t want to stop”.

Ricky says; “we do have a bathroom in the back just pull over”, I told him that I wanted to make it to the campground so I didn’t want to stop.  Then Ricky says out of the blue; “you can pee in my butt, I’ll go back to the bathroom, and squirt it in the toilet”.   I thought to myself; “fuck this is going to be a fun weekend”, and told Ricky; “sure okay let’s try that”.

I put the motor home’s cruise control on, turned the seat to the side, stood up, and pulled my shorts down, while Ricky was taking his shorts off.  I told Ricky that he needs to get me hard first, so as the captain’s chair is turned sideways, I sat back down, and Ricky started sucking my cock.

After I got hard, I watched Ricky stand up, spit in his hand, and reached around lubing his butt hole up.  He then turns around, bends over, reaches between his legs grabbing my cock, and sits down on my cock taking it all inside his tight little butt hole, and then looks back at me saying; “okay, fill me up”.

I told his to clamp his butt hole tight and I start filling his little asshole with my piss.  After a little bit he said; “okay I’m full stop”, I stop pissing in his ass, and told him; “keep your butt clamped tight and slide off my cock”

It worked rather well, I was shocked that just a dribble of piss came out of his little asshole as he slid off my cock, and he walked back to the bathroom where I could hear him squirting my piss in the toilet.  He came back, bend over, and sat back on my cock.  I filled his little ass up again, just as Ricky was sliding off my cock, I happened to look over, and there was a semi truck right next to us, as the trucker’s eyes met mine he lifted up in his seat showing me he was stroking his rather larger cock.

As Ricky came back for another filling, I told him that I didn’t have to piss anymore, but we may have to stop because I need to fuck him, and I said as O pointed over at the trucker driving next to us watching; “we have an admirer”.  Ricky looks over at the trucker and again the guy raises up in his seat showing Ricky his cock.  Ricky looks back at me and says; “wow he had a big one, he’s bigger than yours”.

Then we passed a sign that read; “Rest Area 1 Mile” and I told Ricky; “yeah we’re going to stop at this next rest area”.  It’s a little out of the way rest area off a back woods highway, we pull in, and I parked on the truck side at the end.

Needless to say, the trucker pulls in as well, and pulls up right next to us.  Ricky looks at me saying; “look he stopped too” and I say; “yeah he wants some of that hot little butt” as I lightly slapped his little ass.  As we both were looking over at him, he again raises up showing his big hard cock, Ricky looks at me saying; “that would be the biggest dick I’ve ever had”, and I say; “do you want to”?

Ricky said; “yeah if you want to” then he looks back at the guy who is still raised up showing his cock, and Ricky says; “watch this”, then he bends over sucking up my dick in his mouth, and then reaches back with both hands spreading his ass cheeks wide open showing the guy his little asshole.

I told Ricky to unlock the side door,open it, and wave that guy in.  Ricky opens the door, and steps out only wearing a tight t-shirt to wave the guy in.  Ricky comes back in, I’m standing between the two seats, in front of the engine cover, and the guy walks in only wearing a button up shirt.

Ricky say’s; “hi I’m Ricky and he’s my uncle”, the guy says; “hi uncle, hi Ricky, I’m Jack and you have the most beautiful boy pussy I’ve ever seen”, Ricky says thanks, looks back at me smiling/giggling, and I sit down so I’m resting my back against the engine cover with my legs spread wide open, and then I say; “come over here and suck me”.

Ricky comes over to me, gets all the way down on his elbows and knees to suck my cock, so his ass is up in the air and spread wide.  The trucker gets down on his knees behind Ricky, bends over, and really starts licking Ricky’s asshole, then I heard Ricky start making “mmmmmm” sounds.

After almost 20 minutes of the trucker licking Ricky’s asshole he looks up at me and says; “man I don’t have a condom, but I swear that I’m clean, and please can I fuck him”?  Ricky looks up at me right away saying; “please, he’ll be the biggest that’s done my butt”, I’m setting there thinking,and the guy says; “I swear man, I’ve never done that, please”, and I say; “against better judgement, go ahead since he really wants wants you to fuck him”.

The guy smiles at me, spits on his cock stroking it, and lines his cock up to Ricky’s little asshole.  I watch this push the head of his cock into Ricky and Ricky responded with a “mmmmmmm” as he’s back sucking my cock.

The guy pushes about half of his 9 inch cock into Ricky and Ricky responded with first a grunt, then a “mmmm”.  Then the guy pulls his cock back a little, then shoves about three quarters of his cock into Ricky, and Ricky again grunted, then looked back saying; “do it, do me slow, and hard”, and right then I knew Ricky was going to be gay because he clearly loved to be fucked.

Well that’s exactly what the guy started to do, he started to fuck Ricky’s little ass slow, and hard.  When the guy shoved his whole rock hard cock inside Ricky, I had to laugh because Ricky burst out with; “OH FUCK”, and then grabbed his mouth looking up at me like “oops”.  I whisper to Ricky; “it’s okay, but only during sex”.

As soon as I said that, the guy again shoved his whole cock into Ricky’s butt, and Ricky again said; “OH FUCK”, the guy slide his cock back, and then slow drives his cock deep into Ricky’s little hole.  Then the guy says; “I’m going to cum”, I respond to him; “go ahead, pump your cum deep in his ass, the guy shoves his cock in Ricky all the way, and starts cumming.  He didn’t fuck Ricky as he was cumming, he just held his cock buried all the way inside Ricky’s ass, and Ricky said; “crap he’s big (pausing), I can feel him squirting of cum in me”.

After the guy’s done pumping cum deep into Ricky’s asshole, he started fucking him, and when he was soft, he pulled out, and then started licking Ricky’s asshole again.  Ricky was just about making love to my cock, licking my balls, and it’s like Ricky had natural porn star qualities in him because he just loved sex.

The guy just keeps licking Ricky’s asshole, Ricky just keeps making love to my cock, and I’m laid back against the engine cover so I’m liking laying back letting Ricky suck my cock.

Then the guy stops licking Ricky’s asshole, he gets back behind Ricky, and I watch him start rubbing his mostly hard cock around Ricky’s boy pussy, I then watch him slowly push his cock into Ricky’s butt again.  I will say that it was hot watching Ricky’s small ass just open up and accept the guy’s large cock.  The guy would fuck Ricky’s hole for a while, he’d stop with his cock buried in Ricky’s asshole, and quickly pull his cock completely out of Ricky’s butt getting his asshole to gape open for a few seconds before closing up again.

I was shocked when the guy lasted about a half hour before he was again pumping cum deep into Ricky’s body again.  The guy again started fucking him after he pumped his cum inside Ricky, and when he got soft, he went back to eating Ricky’s ass.

I said; “okay Jack, you had fun, Ricky had fun, and it’s starting to be work now, so if you want to keep playing it’s 2,000 per hour.  The guy thanked me for letting Ricky and him have a little fun but the 2K per hour was too rich for his blood.  He said his goodbye’s and he soon was back in his truck which shortly after he pulled out to get back on the road.


After the guy pulled out we both was going to go checkout the vending machines near the restrooms, so Ricky puts his shorts on, and we walked across the parking lot. As we’re checking out the vending machines Ricky says that he had to pee, so we walked into the men’s room.

When we walked in there was a guy standing at the urinals, then it had 3 stalls, the first two someone was using, and we walked to the last stall that the door was open which is the handicap stall.  Now Ricky and I were standing at the vending machines a while and I’m thinking the guy “pissing” at the urinal either has a pissing problem or these three guys are gay cruising.

As we walk into the stall I noticed a small gloryhole in the divider, so I lock the door, I quicky drop my shorts to the floor, and whisper to Ricky just loud enough for them to hear it; “here let me pull your pants down”, then I unbutton Ricky’s shorts dropping them to the floor.

Ricky started pissing in the toilet, I leaned back looking at the gloryhole, and could see the guy in the next stall peaking through the hole, as I looked under the stall divider I could clearly see the guy is jacking off.  So I bend down to Ricky’s ear and whisper in his ear; “the guy in the next stall is jacking off” as I pointed to under the stall divider.

Ricky stopped pissing, he steps out of his shorts picking them up off the floor, then my freaky ass nephew whispered; “watch this”, and he squatted down in front of the toilet where the guy in the next stall could clearly see him under the divider, Ricky started pissing on his stomach which ran down around his little hairless cock, and then was dripping off his ass.

Now I could see the guy looking under the stall watching Ricky, I stepped up to Ricky’s face and whispered loud enough for them to hear me; “suck my cock”, then as Ricky started sucking my cock I’d pull it out of his mouth making a popping/slurping sound.

Then I remembered that I never heard the guy at the urinals leave, I turned to look at the door, and I can see him standing in front of the door jacking his cock.  So I reach over unlocking the door.

Ricky hears this, stops sucking my cock to look around me seeing the guy standing there, and I opened the door.  The guy just stood there jacking his cock, so I said to Ricky; “want to service his cock too son, and Ricky could have not played it any better by saying; “yes daddy, I love servicing cock”, then I replied; “remember son you only swallow daddy’s load” which Ricky replies; “yes daddy I know”.

By this time the two that was in the stalls were now out standing behind the guy from the urinal with their cocks out jacking them.  Ricky is still squatting down so he turns around, drops to his knees, and slid forward more toward the door.  The guy steps in, Ricky takes the guy’s hard cock, and starts sucking him.

So I say; “you love sucking cock don’t you son” and Ricky responds; “mmmmmm, hhmmmmmm” still sucking this guy’s cock like a fucking porn star.  Then I hear the guy behind the guy getting his cock sucked grunt and he started spraying cum all over the door.

Then not even a second later the guy getting his cock sucked says;”I’m going to cum”, Ricky pulls off his cock, starts jacking him, and says to the guy; “oh yes daddy I love drinking your cum”, as soon as he said that the guy’s cum came blasting out of his cock fucking hitting me in the leg.

As soon as he finished cumming he stepped to the side, letting the other guy step up, as the first guy who came jacking off was walking out, and Ricky says to the guy stepping up to him; “please daddy can I suck your cock, I love your cum”.

It’s like Ricky was a natural and knew how to make guys cum quickly because the last guy didn’t even last a minute before he was blasting over Ricky’s shoulder, and then I made sure to watch the crossfire this time.

The second guy who came was now walking out of the restroom and the last guy walked out as Ricky was rinsing his mouth out in the sink.

On the way back to the motor home I asked Ricky; “how come you never talk that daddy stuff to me”? Ricky responds; “because I don’t want you to cum quick” he pauses then says; “that’s why I didn’t say anything with that truck guy”, and I ask him; “you didn’t want him to cum quick”?  Ricky replied; “nope, that felt good, and you, well you make love to me that REALLY feels good”.


It was right then when I realized; Ricky’s not letting me fuck him because I like it, Ricky’s letting me fuck him because he likes it.