Young slut

I had just turned 16. It was the summer after my sophomore year in high school. I’m a rather plain looking girl with just a bit of extra fat here and there. Actually to be honest, I’m what you would call chubby. So I haven’t dated or even kissed a boy. I had finished my … Continue reading Young slut

Farm Girl

Sara was a sixteen year old girl who lived on a farm in the English Country side, the farm was nearly five miles away from the next nearest building, Sara had been been born and brought up on the farm which her mum and dad owned and she loved living on the farm she had … Continue reading Farm Girl

New Sauna

Tina was not very happy, it was a Saturday evening one of her friends was holding a party which she had been looking forward to going to ever since she got the invite to the party three weeks ago, her mum had told Tina that she could go to the party but then a few … Continue reading New Sauna

Loving groups

As the cooler November weather rolled into their mid-sized town, Lisa and Tom Swanson settled into an easy routine of nightly dinners, occasional nights out, and regular, great sex fueled by revisiting their mutual sexual extramarital adventures and sharing new fantasies. While Lisa felt bad that she had more to share than Tom’s brief encounter … Continue reading Loving groups

1 + 3 + 1

Sharon was walking home from school knowing that her parents were away from home visiting her gran for the weekend so she would be on her own which suited her fine, she planned to get some cans of drink from the corner shop then invite some friends round to her house to celebrate her birthday, … Continue reading 1 + 3 + 1

Loving Dirty Talk

It was a hot day, many residents of the small English country town were finding the weather to hot to cope with and were sat in the shade keeping cool and relaxing, other residents were going about their normal daily routines with out any bother, sixteen year old Kelly was bunking off school and hanging … Continue reading Loving Dirty Talk