The Centre

The centre was a place for immigrants who were waiting for a decision from the government as to if they could stay in the country or be sent back to their home country, at the centre the immigrants could have a relaxing time enjoying a film show meeting other people as well as getting advice, … Continue reading The Centre

No School

The fire in the paint factory had started at just after ten in the morning in an office, by ten thirty the whole office block was on fire, by eleven the whole factory was one big fire ball, property near to the factory was evacuated, the school was closed and the students sent home, Karen … Continue reading No School

The Builders Mate

The residents of the small town were in shock, there had been a protest march through the town two days ago the march had began peacefully but half way through had turned quite hostile then into a full scale riot taking residents and police by surprise, extra police officers were drafted in from neighbouring areas … Continue reading The Builders Mate

School Fight

The heat wave was entering it’s twenty first day, it was so hot that the tar on the roads was melting, there were no buses running, all roads were closed, the fire brigade were kept busy trying to deal with grass fires often having to go them by foot, tempers were short and fights were … Continue reading School Fight