A Girlfriend with Benefits

Hello My name is John and this is my story about my life with my girlfriend. I met Red at work and we knew each other for a long time working together. Everybody calls her red because of her beautiful semi-dark long red hair. We got along so well at work decided to start dating. We went out for dinner and a movie coming back to her place in the country. It was late so I thought her daughter would be fast asleep. We came quietly in the house and her daughter was sitting at the kitchen table on line on her computer. We said our hello’s and sat down on the couch facing the TV. The kitchen was on my right side with Jenny facing both of us on the far side of the table. Setting in the chair facing us she could talk to us and play on her computer too. It was late and the movie we were watching put Red to sleep leaning against me and laying her head on my shoulder sound asleep. Jenny talked softly to me as she did her thing on her laptop. She got up and said she was going to get her night clothes on and she would be back. Red loved her soft sweats as she was wearing a black pair that night with a matching tight red silk top I think she had to be poured in them they were so tight. Red has a pair of 38DD and she loves to go braless. With my arm around her shoulder so she could snuggle up to me and nap beside me, my hand was lying right on top of her left tit.

I could feel her nipple get hard and poke into the palm of my hand. I haven’t seen her naked yet so my mind begins to wander about how big her nipples could get. I thought about that area between her legs and if she was shaved or had a red patch of fur down there. Red had a body that other women would kill for. Jenny came back in the living room waring a short cotton pink nighty just barley covering her thighs and barefooted. She was a strawberry blond and had just turned 17. Looking at her walk back into the room I could tell she had a body like her mothers. With the living room lights still on, she crossed in front of me and turned off the one of the end table lamps. I turned off the other to darken the room a little so Red could nap. Jenny crossed back in front of me again and stopped to face me telling me she approved her mom dating me. The screen light from the TV was enough light to light the room but still dark enough for Red to sleep and shine right through Jenny’s gown. I couldn’t see through it but I could see her camel toe in a silhouette making my imagination run wild. She was blessed with a pair of 38DD as well. She turned around to turn the volume down on the TV and showed me another shadow through her gown of her ass flipping through the channels.

My cock started to get rock hard fast. Something I could not hide wearing tight sweats as well to match what Red was wearing on our date tonight. I didn’t care as I placed one foot on the coffee table and slightly opened my legs staring at her ass and wondering if she had panties on. My cock was getting hard staring at her ass as she turned around to look right at my cock. Her nipples were hard and sticking through the cloth of her gown. She looked right at my cock and then at me and went over to the kitchen table and sat down in front of her computer. I pretended to watch TV while she was on line and my mind was racing a thousand miles a minute. My cock was hard as steel now pressing against my sweats trying to stand up. I had a glass of tea setting on the end table beside me and I turned slightly to get it and looked at Jenny setting at the table to see if she was looking at me. She was staring at her screen not daring to look at me. My eyes quickly moved down and seen she had parted her legs a little to show me she wasn’t wearing any panties.

She was shaved bald and her clit was sticking through her pussy lips poking out. I quickly looked away back at the TV. I pretended to have an itch and reached forward to rub my hard-throbbing cock to straighten it in my paints. I reached again for my tea and looked right between her legs and she had spread her legs wider and was typing away like she had forgot she was wearing a gown. Her pussy looked wet with her lips swollen and red with her clit bigger now poking out and pointing at me. She reached down and rubbed her slit and put one finger between the lips and ribbed the itch away too and took her hand back away to type. Red stirred a little pushing her tit into my hand letting me feel her hard nipple poke into my palm. I squeezed her tit making her softly moan. In her sleep, she reached over and started to rub my cock with her hand and fingers. I looked back over at Jenny to see her legs spread wide leaning back in her chair and her slowly rubbing her clit working her way down to her wet hole sliding in two fingers to the second knuckles.

She looked dead at me and slowly ran her tongue across her lips. Putting her legs up on the table she spread her legs wider now and took the handle of her hair brush she had on the table and slowly pushed it in and started fucking herself nice and slow. Red without opening her eyes asked me, “Do want fuck I’m so fucking horny for your cock. “Let’s go before you make me cum in my paints”, I replied. “You better not, you’re going to shoot that load deep in my wet pussy or mouth whichever comes first”, and she set up and looked at Jenny still working on her pussy with her hair brush and her head lying back and her mouth open in sheer pleasure. “You think you can stop long enough to come over here to mom and suck his cock”? “I thought you would never ask”, said Jenny getting up and taking her gown off and coming over to the couch naked.

Red stood up and pulled off her top and slid her paints down to revile her pussy with a butterfly trimmed into her red bush. Her pussy was very wet and red. I took off my shirt and Jenny got down on her knees and pulled off my paints with my cock springing out in to the air. “Oh god mom look at his cock”! “Yes, you must wait”, said Red staring at my hard dick standing up. She got on her knees too and took it in her hand and started licking up and down the shaft running her tongue around the head and then taking it in her mouth and slowly sliding her soft lips down over my cock all the way to the base of my cum filled balls. I threw my head back in pure heated pleasure. “Oh god suck my cock”, I moaned. “Jenny honey get up here on the couch and put your pussy in my face please”. Jenny stood up on the couch and lowered her wet dripping pussy onto my mouth and started rocking back and forth on my tongue and lips. I took ahold of her tight ass in my hands and pulled her tighter against my mouth.

I licked the tip of her clit and took ahold of it with my lips and sucked it in my mouth real hard as she threw her head back in wanton pleasure. I slowly fucked her with two fingers as I ate her clit and her wet cream started to flow down onto my hand. I took my fingers out and shoved my tongue in her wet hole very deep, trying to suck her load out into my mouth. Jenny started screaming, “I’m cumin, I’m cummmming now”! Ahaaaaaaaaaaaa she screamed and she started bucking against my mouth as she started squirting cum into my mouth. “God she is a squirter”, I thought to myself. I grabbed both handfuls of her soft ass and sucked her harder. Being the first time I tasted teenage cum, as she squirted hard into my mouth, it tasted good. Jenny fell over onto the couch and layed there on her back with her legs spread wide exposing her drenched cunt. I was fucking Red’s mouth feeling my cock swell when she stopped and stood up. “Fuck me now” and she got between Jenny’s legs and started licking her wet crack as she put her ass up in the air and buried her mouth in Jenny’s wet pussy.

I stood up and took the head of my cock and slowly slid the head into her wet hole. I pushed it in a little more and slid it to the hilt deep in her dripping pussy with one thrust. She didn’t want a slow fuck and started to fuck me hard slamming against my balls and sliding back and forth on my hard shaft burying my cock deep and slamming against me again and again. Jenny wrapped her long legs around her mother’s head and humped her mouth hard. “Oh god mom eat my pussy”, said Jenny as she arched her back and threw her head back in pleasure. I grabbed ahold of Red’s hips and slammed into her with each thrust. My cock was so hard and her pussy was so wet I closed my eyes and felt the pleasure of hard core fucking. With my eyes closed I could feel the walls of her tight cunt gripping my cock as I slid in and out of her wetness.

It was like her cunt was sucking my cock trying to suck my hot load out and suck me dry of hot cum. As I fucked her hard I watched Red lick Jenny’s crack and dip her tongue deep into her wet pussy as Jenny grabbed the back of her mother’s head and thrust forward feeling her tongue enter her deeper and lick her out. I slammed into her one last time and felt my cock throb and swell up. The head of my cock swelled to the point I thought it was going to hurt and I then felt it rushing up and out of my cock like a jet stream. “I’m cummmming”, I’m cummmming now”, I said as I felt the flow of hot cum rushing out, blowing deep into her hot wet cunt. My cock throbbed with each squirt shooting in her. She must have felt me swell up before I came because she slammed her ass against me as I blew it deep into her. I held on to her hips and buried my hot throbbing dick deep in her and held her there tight as I throbbed and throbbed inside her wet cunt.

She moaned over and over real loud as she sucked and licked Jenny’s hot wet pussy and feeling her pussy being fucked like it hasn’t been fucked like that in a long time. I could feel her shake as she felt me shoot my load making me shake lost in pleasure as well. She must have cum too as the juices flowed out running down my tight balls and onto the floor. “Let’s take this party into the bedroom, I’m not finished yet”, said Red lifting her face out of Jenny’s very wet pussy. “It feels so good I don’t want to take my cock out yet”. “You’re in trouble tonight so you better be ready for some more hot pussy fucking”, said Red and we all laughed. We went into her bedroom with Red grabbing ahold of my still hard cock pulling me along to a large king size bed. All the lights were out and candles were lite around the room. This was a setup by Red and her daughter to bring me here and fuck me silly. Mirrors lined every wall so you could see every angel of fucking and sucking on the big bed.

“Who am I to complain”? Jenny got in the bed and layed down on her back in the middle spreading her legs wide. “Mom set on my face so I suck his loads out of your pussy”. “I knew you would want to do that”, said Red and smiled at the thought. “John I want you to fuck Jenny’s pussy like you did mine and slam it into her good”. “Make her scream”. I got between her legs and took my cock in hand. If I do say so myself, I have a nice 9 inches, very thick and very hard looking at her wet pussy waiting for my cock. I started rubbing my swollen cockhead up and down between her red pussy lips and rubbing it around in circles on her hard clit. Jenny started moaning and rubbing her pussy back across the tip of my cock. I moved down to poke the head at the opening of her wet hole, pushing it in and out. Each time I slid the head in her hole, her pussy muscles grabbed at the head trying to suck it in deeper.

Red was on her knees sucking and licking her hard nipples moving down to her swollen clit. I pushed in another inch and felt her pussy squeeze it tight. Pulling it back out, it made a popping sound as I put it back in again over and over. Red was licking her clit and sucking it faster and faster. Jenny started moaning real loud and grabbed my ass to pull me deep in her. “Your mean, shove that cock in her and fuck her hard”, said Red. I spread her legs wide and shoved my cock in her hard all the way to the hilt slapping my balls against her ass. Red got up and squatted over Jenny’s face and lowered her wet pussy to her mouth. The race was on. Red started riding her tongue feeling it go up and inside of her wet cunt. I passed Jenny’s legs to Red and she held her legs up in the air as I slammed into her hot wet pussy. We all got real loud as I heard and felt my hot balls slap against her ass making a loud slapping sound as I plunged in and out of her. She screamed through her mother’s cunt sucking and licking even harder and faster.

Jenny had her ass in her hands; pulling her tight against her mouth and tongue. Red screamed madly humping her daughter’s mouth and tongue. “Oh god her pussy is so tight and wet”, I shouted as I kept slamming into her hard and fast. “Mom your pussy taste so good with his load in it”, shouted Jenny. “Lick and suck my pussy harder”, screamed Red as she leaned over to kiss me fully on the mouth. Our tongues did their own little dance as she started sucking my tongue into her mouth. I could taste pussy juice on her tongue and in her mouth making my cock want to explode. The bed was soaked with the juices of Jenny as she fucks me back hard and fast. We all fucked it seemed like for the next hour as I felt it coming hard and fast. “Jenny I’m getting ready to cum”, I shouted. “Blow it in me like you did mom”, “Shoot that fucking load now I’m cummmming toooo”, screamed Jenny bucking against my swollen dick. “I felt it coming again like a bullet swelling my cock all the way to the head.

“I need your dick buried in my ass later”, screamed Jenny as he started to cum. Squirting wet sounds came out of her pussy as she came over and over lasting five minutes. “I’m cummmming, I’m cummmming hard”, screamed Jenny over and over as her cum poured out of her wet cunt and down her ass soaking the bed even more. My cock exploded shooting thick gobs of cum deep into her pussy. “I feel you shooting, I feel you shooting”. “Oh, god it’s warming my pussy it’s so hot. “I love cum”, shouted Red as she started cummmming in Jenny’s mouth screaming and humping her mouth and tongue. Red fell onto the bed and I kept fucking Jenny lying down on top of her. I could feel her hard nipples poke into my chest as she wrapped her long legs around my ass and pulled me deeper. We started to fuck hard and fast again starting over as Red layed beside us resting. I wish I could have seen behind me.

I could imagine watching my cock sliding in and out of her pussy deep and fast. I could see my shaft hard and thick stretching her wet hole open and with her cum coating my shaft with white dripping cum as she fucked me hard using her cunt as a weapon fucking my cock. She wrapped her legs around me tight and started talking dirty to me. “That’s it, fuck my hot cunt”. “Work that dick in and out of my wet cunt baby”. “That’s it, fuck me harder, screamed Jenny. “Fuck that hot cunt”, she screamed. “I can’t get enough of your hot thick dick”. “Fuck me”. “Fuck me hard”. Our bodies were wet with sweat fucking hard and fast. I had my hands locked on to her shoulders pulling her against my body as I drove my dick in deep. “You like that”? “I’m driving my cock in deep you little hot cunt”. “Yes fuck my hot cunt”. “Show me what your cock is for”. “My cock is for fucking hot pussy like your”. “Hot teen pussy needs fucked like this with a hard dick like mine”.

I buried it to the hilt and stopped when I felt Red spread open my ass cheeks and started tonguing and reaming my ass. “Oh, god Jenny your cunt is so hot and wet the deeper I go”. “I can feel your dick buried deep in me”. “Lick his ass mom”. Red licked the whole crack of my ass stabbing my asshole with her tongue. “Oh, god Red lick me”. She took the flat of her tongue and licked my asshole and licked down to my balls and sucked them in her mouth one at a time. “I can feel your cock throb inside of me as she sucks your balls”, said Jenny mashing her clit against the top of my mound and cock. She moved on down to lick the rim of Jenny’s cunt and around my shaft. I took Jenny’s legs and locked them with my arms holding her ass higher as Red licked my shaft slowly sliding out of her pussy and licking Jenny’s cum off my shaft. I pulled it out stopping at the head just inside her hole and stopped. Red licked and sucked the underside of my cockhead and I thought I was going to cum right then.

She pulled my cock out of her hole and sucked the head in her mouth and licked the tip. “Oh, god I’m cummmming”, I said with Jenny’s legs still locked open by my arms lying on top of her. Jenny started French kissing me driving her tongue deep into my mouth. I started moaning into her mouth as I felt myself shoot from Red suck and lick job she was preforming. Jenny’s hole was still wide open from my fucking as Red held my cock and aimed the head at the opening. I shot four good squirts into her open hole as my cock throbbed in her hand. Red then licked the tip of my cock licking up the last drop of cum off the tip. I came so hard I was shaking. I rolled off jenny to lay beside her. “You milked him good mom”. “I felt his cum shoot inside of me”. “I know and you know what’s next”, said red coming up to Jenny and lying down beside her. “I sure do”, said Jenny taking her mom into her arms and their lips locking onto each other’s soft lips.

Their tongues did a dance as they moaned in each other’s kissing. I layed there and rested watching a fuck session right in front of me. Jenny threw her leg up and over reds leg and smashed her clit against her mom’s clit rubbing hard clit to clit. Red got on top setting up and took one of Jenny’s legs up and over her shoulder pressing her hot wet cunt into her and grinded hard. “Oh, god that feels so good, grind into my wet pussy mom”, said Jenny grinding back hard. You could hear their pussy’s wetness as they pick up the pace. They were slapping their hard clits together and the wetness pouring out making gushing sounds of cum pussy to pussy. Mom your cunt feels so good”. “You like that baby”? “Yes fuck me hard with your hot cunt”. “I love sucking your hot pussy”, said Jenny. I love sucking your hot pussy too”. I’m going to cum already”, screamed Jenny and thrust into her mom’s hot cunt. Me toooo, fuck my hot cunt”, said Red. I’m cummmming now as Jenny squirted in her mom’s hot cunt.

“Oh god Jenny I’m cummmming too”, as Red squirted in Jenny’s pussy as well. Red layed back on the bed and Jenny got on top and lowered her wet pussy on Red’s face. She buried her own face in her mom’s hot pussy and started to lick and suck each other furiously. “Oh god suck my cunt”, cried out Jenny. The bed was moving as they humped each other’s mouths. Moaning and screaming they licked and sucked and moaned and screamed into each other’s cunt cummmming over and over. I got on top between Jenny’s legs and spread her ass cheeks and started to lick and ream her asshole with my tongue getting her ass nice and wet. I was ready and put the head of my cock against the opening of her ass and pushed in a little. Jenny raised her head and said, “push it in slowly”. I slowly pushed the head in and her ass was just as tight as her pussy. I pushed in a little more until I buried my cock in her ass. I rolled over pulling Jenny on top of me fucking her spreading her legs wide.

Red went and put on a strap-on cock and got between her open legs and shoved the cock deep into her wet pussy. I could feel the cock rub against mine through the fleshy wall of her pussy and ass. We fucked Jenny as her eyes rolled up into her head screaming with pleasure. “Oh, god don’t stop fucking me please” screamed Jenny. We turned her over on her side and fucked her holes on her side until we fell asleep. The next day Red and Jenny insisted on me moving in with them to service their needs as well as mine. I’ve been here a month now and every day is paradise. Then my daughter came to stay with us but that’s a story for another day. If you like this story please request more and I will tell you the rest of, my life with Red, Jenny, and my daughter Kim.