The stranger in my cunt

Well New Year has cum but not gone, The hangovers are almost gone and the bodies recovering. My Pussy is almost not sore, the Cocks are not swollen. The costumes are hung back up and the toys cleaned and put away, the house is almost clean. My memory is clear. Man what a New Year’s! We knew it would be a good party but we had no idea how good. A costume New Year’s party. We could all get naked but everyone had to keep their mask or makeup on. Me and my Husband even waited till the last second to get dressed. I came out to answer the door, my husband waited till there were quit a lot of people here till he came out, he came out into the crowd without my knowing, he never saw my costume either. We had all kinds of very sexual costumes walking through our door, even though it was cold women wore their breast hanging out or at least showing a lot, the Men were not quite as bold but one guy did walk in with his cock hanging out of leather shorts dressed like the biker from the YMCA guys, maybe my head is not clear, I can’t think of their name. Anyway, he had something to show, even semi soft he was hanging a fat 10 inches. I thought to myself, it looks like he wants me to shake hands with it, so I did, my hands were warm and soft as I stroked his very thick member. Hello I said, I hope to see you later. I was dressed like Harley Quinn out of the Comic books, except for one small change, my costume had no crotch and my breast covers could be pulled off showing my entire large tits. Everyone got drinks and were mingling, some were just too horny and started kissing and getting naked, soft touching and walking around with semi hard ons and naked pussies, erect Nipples and very taunt Areolas. After all it was a sex party. It was not long before people were fucking and sucking on every piece of furniture we had. We all ended up going down into the basement which was one large room, except for a bathroom and a large closet where we kept all the sex toys. I opened up the closet and told everyone to help themselves, they did too, it was not long until the closet was empty except for a game of strip Monopoly. As I was closing the doors this guy came up behind me, I could feel his cock pressing between the cheeks of my ass, he put his hand on my neck, told me to not turn around, his voice was low and gruff, his hand went straight between my legs while he kissed my neck and face, he said I am going to do whatever I want with you and there’s nothing you can do about it. He pulled my shoulders back pushing my breast out and bending me backwards slightly. His hand squeezed my pussy hard and then softly ran his fingers between my lips, my clit got hard instantly, his finger found the tip of my clit and ever so lightly flicked it back and fourth, my legs got weak as my knees bent just a little, his voice commanded me to reach behind me and stroke his cock, then I felt his fingers on my nipples, rolling them between his finger tips and pulling them gently, twisting them in between his slightly rough touch. Another guy came to the front of me and started to touch my hips and thighs, his lips found my erect nipples sucking them softly and gently biting them, then the voice behind me said go find that guy with the huge cock and bring him to the sofa. I was thinking to myself, huge cock? This guy was pretty fucking big, my hand was not fitting around his cock and he was pretty long, at least 8 or 9 inches, he led me over to the sofa where this other threesome was going on, he sat down and told me to get between his legs and not look up and suck his cock. I did exactly what he said, I was so excited being told what to do. His legs were naked, he only had a pair of shorts that were jagged cloth hanging down his legs, and his cock and balls hanging out of a hole cut out, his cock was lovely, he had greased it up with oil, every vein in it was popping out. When I grabbed it I knew in the back of my head it was my husband, I was not 100% sure, the slight curve to the left gave him away, but he seemed bigger. His cock was rock hard, or like a damn steel pipe. As soon as I put the head of his cock in my mouth and he groaned out with oh fuck baby that’s it. I knew it was him. I started to look up and he pushed my head back down, about that time the two guys walked up, one said you mean this huge cock? I looked to the side and saw the cock I shook at the door, the Voice said yeah that one. Forcefully he said you guys go find another place to fuck and smack one of the girls on the ass. They all got up and moved away with a look of question on their face. My husband is not that forceful, maybe I was wrong? Who the fuck was this! He said get up while I move, he got over in the corner of the sofa, spread his legs and told me to sit on his cock facing away from him. Then he told the guy with the huge cock to let me suck it. He moved over in front of me and rubbed his cock all over my face as my tongue chased it around, finally he put the head right in my mouth, it was hard to fit my mouth around his cock, the guy behind me pulled me down as he guided his cock into my dripping pussy, I felt my pussy stretch around this cock. Was it my husband? it felt bigger but still it was not that much different. I looked around the room to see if I could spot him or at least the way he moved. The guy fucking me now rammed his cock deep into my wet cunt, pushing up as he pulled me down onto his cock. I was still trying to suck this enormous cock in my mouth, all I could fit was the head, that was hard enough but it felt good in my mouth, the thick rim and the meaty head was nice, he tried pushing my head down further but all that did was gag me. My spit was thick and streamed from his cock as I pulled back, the voice behind me said you better treat her easy boy, his voice was deep and very forceful, I thought he only person that would say anything like that would be my husband. The guy with the huge cock left, he was replaced by a guy dressed in a costume that was just a white face with a hat on and a pair of leather shorts with the crotch out, his cock was very nice and hard, I love when the veins are thick and full, massaging the inside of my mouth or pussy, I reached up and grabbed his cock, he also had a curve to the left and was about the same size of my husband, then I noticed a scar that I knew too well right across his chest, it was my husband, then who was this guy fucking me? He did not want me treated bad and was watching out for me, I could see the blue eyes I loved so much as he took the back of my head and pushed it down on his cock. I loved taking his cock in my mouth, hard as steel and already greased up. His hand went right for my tits and massaged them just right and pushed them together. I said fuck my tits baby and cum in my mouth, then I sucked his cock as far down my throat as I could and he pushed my tits together around his cock and started fucking them. He had to pump upward into my mouth as I rode this big cock that was pushing deep inside me. The guy I was grinding my cunt on shoved his cock hard into my pussy, I felt him hit bottom, deep in my stomach, over and over. The sounds of everyone else fucking was driving me mad. I raised up off the cock and pulled the one out of my mouth and said I am laying down and you guys switch places, they did as I said, I took control and told the guy with the scar to fuck me hard and the other guy to give me his cock in my mouth. He did, I wrapped my hand around his big hard cock and gave his the blow job of his life, I shoved my cunt up at his cock and wrapped my legs around his waist. He pumped me hard and fast, we all came at the same time, moaning and groaning, yelling and getting very verbal. The guy that I was sucking fell down on the floor and then walked away to another couple, the white face mask stayed for round two, he got between my legs pushed his mask up on his head but kept his face down so I did not see who he was. He licked my pussy juices from my cunt, it was not long until I was cumming two more times. I knew it was my husband, he loved to make me cum over and over while he licked me, sucking my hard clit and massaging my swollen G-Spot. Then he raised up and motioned for this couple to come over, the woman was very cute and sexual, I could see cum on her body, tits and pussy, she was dark skinned, short black hair, blue eyes, large breast and nipples surrounded by big dark tight Areolas, her waist was just a bit chubby, a small stomach, her pussy was thin haired and shaved around the lips, she walked up with her finger between her pussy lips and licking her fingers. The guy was wearing a evil clown makeup, his nipples had clamps on them and no clothes at all, just his makeup, his cock was big and shiny, hanging down semi hard, wet with cum dripping off the head, really thick and pale, one huge vein running down the center of his cock. I sat rubbing my tits and pussy as I watched them walk over, the white mask just kept staring at me through little slits in his mask, it was actually kinda creepy the way he just stared without saying a word, slowly stroking his big hard cock. The woman went over and grabbed his cock and took over the stroking, she laid down beside me and started sucking my nipples and kissing me, her makeup was simple and starting to run just a bit, as if she was crying black tears, she had a type of scarf wrapped around her head with her black hair sticking out the sides. The guy that came with her stuck his enormous cock between our lips, we both started sucking, licking and biting on the sides of his cock, my white faced fuck doll laid down, pulled one leg up and started shoving his cock in me from behind. He reached around and rubbed my clit softly, with intermediate circles, slow, then fast, slow then fast, he would rub it from side to side, then in circles, his cock pumping in and out of me with long deep thrust. I reached over and started caressing the woman’s clit and pushing my fingers in her sweet creamy pussy, she started pumping her hips against my hand, she was moaning and trying to suck cock at the same time. We fucked for hours, switching places and positions, sometimes we would have another person come join us or one would leave. One woman that came over had Tattoos all over, the one side of her head was shaved underneath and the top long, her ass was round and firm, her tits were the same, she had Piercings in her nipples and clit, when I licked her pussy she loved it, she was yelling and shoving her cunt in my face hard. The white face fucked her hard and fast when she was eating my pussy, she seemed to really love licking pussy, oh man she was ever good at it. He was ramming his big cock deep in her pussy, shoving his cock, trying to get deeper and deeper. After we all went off again a few more times we just laid on each other covered in cum and juices and sweat, our bodies weak and totally satisfied, we fell asleep. When woke up I was laying with the woman but the white face was gone, most of the people had left, some were asleep on the floor, the sofa, the recliners and so on. When I got up and made my way to the kitchen, I saw someone standing at the fridge, wrapped in a small skirt type cloth around his waist, open in the front, a black do-rag around his head and his entire face blacked out on one side and wavy strips on the other, with both eyes totally red. He turned around with his cock hanging out and getting a drink, he said good morning babe, did you have a good time last night? He said I didn’t find you all night, how about we go into the bedroom? He leaned in and kissed me and started to finger my pussy, he said damn you’re still wet, he grabbed my cunt and squeezed then said lets go now. We walked into our bedroom, the bed had never been touched, we got in laid down in all of our big soft pillows and quilt and started touching each other. I said, I thought I was fucking you last night. Nope, not me he said. He told me that he was over by the fireplace, he had no idea how many people he had fucked, maybe 6 or 7. He said well I guess you will never know who fucked you, that what we planned, that’s why we had costumes, isn’t it? Then he told me to close my eyes for a minute, he said open. I did, all I saw was a white face looking down at me, I felt better knowing that it was my husband. He said now wasn’t that exciting? then he pushed his cock deep in my pussy, we fucked again for a long time.