Mama Mia – 2

Part 6 On a Thursday two weeks after Abby’s birthday, Roy hired the white, 36-y/o Doyle as a salesman for his real estate company. ‘Are you married?’ Roy asked him during the job interview. ‘Divorced. How about you?’ Doyle replied. ‘Abby’s my wife’s name and we have 2 sons, Stefan and Noah. Stefan’s 18 and … Continue reading Mama Mia – 2

Mama Mia

Part 1 Abby was inordinately submissive and masochistic long before she developed into a young woman harboring a taste for any coital activity that didn’t involve minors or physical damage. She had dark hair, large, firm tits, round haunches and fine legs. Nevertheless, few guys were kinky enough and her sex-life was frustrating until, at … Continue reading Mama Mia

So Hot

Sara was a sixteen year old girl who was well feared, she had a violent temper and was often involved in fights which she never lost, her boyfriend Steve had a reputation that was a lot worse that what Sara’s was, both were not trusted nobody would have anything to do with them and stayed … Continue reading So Hot

The Sinner

by Wrulf Intercourse didn’t satisfy Rose – a submissive 24-year-old – unless it involved severe humiliation, while the more brutally words assaulted her dignity, the better. Nonetheless, many people thought she was a sweet girl since she had a cute face, black hair, firm, slightly-less-than-medium-sized tits, fine legs and a saucy rump, although they didn’t … Continue reading The Sinner