Holly (Superfecundation) Extreme Edition – Part 6 – The Night of the party

Holly’s eyes welled up with tears as he painfully pushed his dick through the inside of her ass. She felt like she needed to poo as he fucked grabbing her by the throat and then switching to pulling her hair. He rippled off the tape and listened as she screamed in pain. “Please, stop! Fucking … Continue reading Holly (Superfecundation) Extreme Edition – Part 6 – The Night of the party

Sex Game – 2

I was on a business trip with my hubby, but was too bored seeing him too much into his business, sparing no time for me. I was loitering in the lounge, when I was approached by a nice looking gentleman, who introduced himself as marketing agent of adventure resort. Sounds interesting about a small country … Continue reading Sex Game – 2

Spa encounter

After much hesitations and research, he ended up calling a massage parlor about the pricing and duration details of body massage. They replied stating that it will be a thoroughly professional massage and that they have 4 therapists. He went there and made the payment that was required upfront to the receptionist. Later, she took … Continue reading Spa encounter