Right out of high school I found a job in small but international airline in Greece. It was a dream job, some days all I had to do was to show up for work and full around in the internet.  I had an office at the terminal and I worked alone. My tasks were feeling up paperwork and having brief encounters with curriers and stewardesses that came to give me papers for themselves or for their cargo.

Two thinks always got me wonder about the airline I was working for. The first was that quite often we used very big airplanes for the size of the cargo and the number people we were currying.

The second had to do with the stewardesses. They were handpicked, they were stunningly beautiful and quite a few of them. In my terminal only, I met at least 40 different girls. The most frequent visitors were 6, Eva, Milena, Wing, Wendy, Korina and Hiroko. I only went in first name bases with Milena and Eva and the more time I spent with them the more in awe I was of their beauty and sex appeal.

I soon found out firsthand what our core business was and I had to take one for the company.


Filling in for an absent stewardess.

It was a rainy Monday when Milena came in my office in a hurry.

-Georgia we have a problem!

What? I asked in fear that I had screwed up.

-Hiroko was supposed to fly Athens-Istanbul-Brussels today. She just called and told me that she broke her leg on her way here. She is in the hospital for x-rays right now.

-This is bad, Mister Dan is one of our most important flyers and had requested for Hiroko specifically.

Can’t you get someone else to go?

-Oh Georgia, the flight takes off in an hour, we don’t have time to bring another girl and I have just landed from a 12 hour flight and I cannot fly again until Thursday.

She paused and took a really good look at me.

-Say, Georgia, how old are you? 17?

No, 18 and a half .

-And you have clearance to flight in our airplanes, right?

I see were you going with this, but I am not a stewardess! I wouldn’t know what to do. I want to help but….

-It’s going to work great, don’t worry about it! First I will write up you as a passenger. It’s a 5 hours flight. You will take off 8am, When you reach Brussels you are home free. In 5 hours you will back here and in the mean time you will have the airplane all for yourself.

-You will be back for dinner and 3000Euro richer!

-Let’s get you dressed!

She made it look so easy. I didn’t want to look ungrateful and say no to something that wouldn’t amount to more than 4 hours overtime.


Getting Ready

-Take those pants off! Better yet, take the bra off as well.


-Well, The shirt and skirt look great on you but that underwear is awful.

I did what Milena told me and removed my underware. She gave me Hirokos uniform and it was a fit. Unwillingly I compared myself with Hiroko and laughed at the idea that Mister Dan was in for a surprise. Hiroko was a Japanese work of art. Busty but petite with perfect ivory skin and big beautiful green eyes. I on the other hand although similar in proportions I was tanned with black hair and brown eyes, not to mention the obvious tan lines.

I was tiding my uniform on the mirror when Milena told me to hurry up.

-Mr. Dan has arrived! I will let him know that Hiroko couldn’t come and you just filling for her. After you will sit very comfortably in the stewardess compartment and wait. If he calls you will go, you will address him Mister or Master Dan. He most likely will ask you for a drink or a blanket, “I will tell you where everything is”, you will give him what he wants and you will leave him.

What if he wants something more from me, can I call you for help? I saw Milena looking at me suspiciously.

-Help! Georgia, you are a big girl and one that doesn’t say no. If Mister Dan asks you something of you he will make it very clear how he wants it done and judging from your persona Georgia… you will probably end up liking it.

She was yelling because of the engine noise. I couldn’t help thinking that the subject she had in mind when I told about asking for her help was very different than mine.

– Mister Dan is on board. I told him what happened and I believe that you will have a quit trip. By the looks of him he will sleep all the way to Brussels, he was at an all night party at the Great Bretania Hotel and I guarantee to you that he hasn’t had any sleep. So, remember what I told you and don’t be afraid!

She had noticed I was shaking from the cold air and my excitement!


Meeting Mr. Dan

I got to my compartment and buckled my seat belt for takeoff. Mister Dan was in his chambers tacked away from Milena. The airplane door closed and in 10 minutes we were airborne and on our way to Istanbul. An hour later we landed just to take a box and leave for Brussels. When the pilot let us know that we could leave our seats Mr. Dan called for me.

I was really nervous; I opened the door of a very luxurious compartment. He was lying back on a chair with his hands behind his head, I saw that he had been drinking scotch.

-What is your name again?

Georgia Sir… I mean Mr. Dan…

-In my suitcase you will find a grey suit and a matching pair of shoes. Leave the suit on that chair and polish the shoes. I want them so polished that I can use them as mirrors, you understand?

Yes Mr. Dan.

-And something else.


-Be very quite!

Yes, Mr. Dan!

Yea I thought to myself. “He will be sleeping all the way and the difficult job he asked me to do was a piece of cake for me“. I used to shine my fathers and grandfathers shoes, so something I used to hate doing will actual come handy.

Moving in the tip off my toes I opened his suitcase and left the grey suit on the next to it. Then I sat on the airplane floor and start polishing the shoes. The tight skirt was getting on the way of me being comfortable so I pulled it up and I end up sitting butt naked on the floor. I was very concentrated on my job but I couldn’t help feeling my pussy twitching as it was rubbing against the high quality soft cover.

I was fighting well over an hour and I had finally finished. I placed the laces back on the shoes , I left them under the chair and got up. I was very happy with my performance and now I was going to exit very slowly and wait for the landing.


Mr.Dan was awake and Horny

-DON’T pull your skirt down! He said harshly and my blood froze in my veins.

I turned around only to see him awake, staring at me with a vicious look and his hand stoking the most massive cock I had ever seen.

“I am so sorry Mr. Dan I didn’t mean to wake you up!!”

-You didn’t, but what I saw stopped me from sleeping again.

-I was looking at you for quite some time and was wondering what kind of girl could replace Hiroko. I saw your exposed ass while shining my shoes on the floor with your ass and I want ask you what kind of girl would go on her job without wearing any panties.

You saw that Sir? I said full of embarrassment.


-Take the shoes and come stand here next to me!

As I moved next to him I realized that I was a bit afraid too. Embarrassed that I got caught with my rear exposed, and afraid of what this could mean about my job. On the other hand I couldn’t stop looking in awe his immense cock.

Master Dan took one shoe from my hand. He examined it and then I saw him bringing the toe of the shoe between my legs and rubbing it on my cunt. We both saw the wet patch I left on the shoe.

-Did cleaning my shoes made you horny, Georgia? Because your little cunt is dripping.

Yes Sir… I mean NO Mr. Dan… I got aroused because the soft floor cover was rubbing against my skin. That was not totally true. The situation, my embarrassment and his huge cock was making me horny but I didn’t want to tell him that.

-You got horny by sitting on the floor, is that what you are telling me?

Yes, Mr. Dan, I am sorry.

-You came onboard without any panties right?

Yes Sir.

-Do you at least wear a bra?

No, Sir I dont.

-Saw me.

I opened my shirt revealing my breasts to him. He was looking greedily at my private parts and my embarrassment and arousal grew. His huge cock was just inches away from me swinging and my mouth was feeling was spit just by looking at it. I wanted to tell him “Just Let me hold that for you hunk” but other thinks was on the line for me now. I had to wait for his decision.

As if he was reading my mind he spoke.


Doing it with Master Dan

-I see what has happened here;

He seated up on the chair and grubbed my pussy hard.

-They replaced a high-end & high-priced call girl like Hiroko with a cheap slut.

-It’s very early to say that the company is screwing me but this time I will take their offer and I will screw you. If you don’t do it very often, fucking a slut can be very rejuvenating.

Screwing? Fucking a slut? Was he talking about me? I asked in disbelief.

He got on his feet, his mouth was covered my left nipple and his fingers were deep inside my pussy. He pushed me away and told me to take off all of my clothes and drop on all fours.

He got naked. He went to the bar and opened a bottle of jack Daniels. He drunk from the bottle and came to me, he made me stand on my knees and put his cock inside my mouth and ordered me to suck.

I did suck him good. He kept drinking from the bottle, pouring down on my throat and face fucking me.

While I was looking at him a noticed I sense of ownership over me and vile indifference to me as a person. I was confused but I prepared myself to be fucked.

When he was satisfied fucking my mouth he dropped me belly down. I got in all fours waiting for him. I looked at him walking around on the cabin. His white masculine body was shining from sweat. He opened another bottle and turned around and looked at me. His massive cock swiveled around looking rock hard. He had a sip, put on a condom and came over me. He grabbed me by the shoulders and lowered himself  behind me. His cocks tip touched my pussy opening and with one thrust he buried it deep inside me.

AAAAhhhhhh, OH MY GOD, I yelled.

He kept thrusting like a machine for minutes that seemed like hours and I was yelling still.

My young pussy never had a cock so big inside me and so fast, I just couldn’t help myself.

-Are you gonna cum for me you little slut? He whispered in my ear and stopped moving with his cock deep inside me.

-Are you? He pulled out and nailed himself in me again.


He banged away and a few thrust later I was shivering and shaking from the most submissive and more liberating orgasm I ever had.

He pulled out off me and got me to stand on my knees again.

-I am gonna cum on your mouth and you gonna swallow it all like a good slut, OK Georgia?

Yes Master Dan!

I removed the condom and started giving him head.

-You like cum Georgia?

I didn’t know what to say because I never had it before.

-Well do you?

I nodded yes anyway.

-I’m Cumming, WHORE! Open your mouth I wanna see it all inside!

He pulled his cock out in front of my open mouth and he was fapping.

I could see the tension on his body and almost read it when he released the first stream of white goo on my tongue. He kept coming, filling my mouth and my chin.

When he was done he took a good look at his work and closed my mouth.

-Swallow it babe. But I couldn’t do it all at once.

I cleaned his cock and he told me it was ok to get up and get dressed. But he changed his mind immediately. Now he didn’t want me to wear any clothes or wipe his goo of my face. I stood by the bar looking at him getting dressed. When he was ready he laid back to the chair I first saw him and he looked at me standing like the first time.

The pilot announced that we would be landing in Brussels in 20 minutes. What could he do to me in 20 minutes?

Up to that point and despite my violent fucking I thought he was a pretty neat guy. 10 minutes before landing I saw a shine in his eye. He asked me to turn around, bend over and hold my butt chicks apart.

Quickly he came next to me and he looked me in the eyes but his cock was still in his clean trousers. He took a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and rubbed it on my cunt all the way up my spine to the back of my neck. He poured the content on my head, my back and my butt. For a moment I feared he might set me on fire but  he had other ideas. He slid the bottle down behind my asshole and pushed the mouth of it inside. Although it went neatly in I yelled and cried like never before and he couldn’t care less.

He turned and pushed it in and out a few times, he made me drink from the bottle after pulling out and send to sit naked to the stewardesses compartment. He was laughing all the way.

Minutes later we touched down.

Master Dan left and a beatifull employ from our company came in the airplane.

Georgia? She asked.

-Milena told me to check up on you.

-You can get dressed now, its over.

– I hope Mr Dan was not too hard on you. She said after seeing me holding my butt open.

She help me got comfortable and told me that in 3 hours I would be in Athens in Milenas care.

That was good knews.

I slept all the way to Athens. Milena picked me up took me home for a good bath and more sleep.

They never asked me what happened but I did learn that Master Dan never raised an issue about our services.