My fiancee sucumbs to an old school 'friend.'

Lynn and I have been together for around 3 years. We recently got engaged and both still live with our parents.

At the start of my story, Lynn’s parents were on vacation, I was going to stay the night and Lynn only had a single bed. We didn’t feel right sleeping in her parent’s bed so I used an inflatable double bed from the attic, we set it up in the living room and went out for the evening. While we were out, we met a black guy I used to go school with, his name was Carl and he was the sort that always got the girl and used them up pretty often. You know the type, lean and muscular would make you feel pretty inadequate in the shower due to his large cock. All the girls loved him and he knew it, I didn’t really get on with him as he was quite arrogant.

Anyway we met him in a bar, he came over and after introducing himself, started speaking to me about ’the old days.’ I was surprised that he remembered me.

On this particular evening, Lynn had really made an effort for me. She was wearing a skirt, just above the knee and a peach top which was quite low cut. underneath she wore fishnet stockings, a tight black thong and a quarter cup black bra which keeps her nipples exposed, I’d be sucking on those later when we got back to her house.

The guy was obviously interested in Lynn and ended up talking to her quite a bit, he was standing quite close to her and when he thought I wasn’t looking he’d have a good look down her top. At first she was a little uncomfortable but this soon wore off with a mixture of drink and his skilful charm.

She could see that I was quite enjoying the attention she was getting from him which made her a bit shy, this of course made her even more sexy.

Carl asked if I minded if he and Lynn had a dance, I said  "of course not. " and without asking her, took her by the arm and lead her to the dance floor. He was a good dancer, taking control straight away and I soon lost sight of them. I had a few more drinks and turned my attention to the video screen above the bar.  

The tempo of the music slowed and I turned to see Carl and Lynn dancing close, really close. He was having a really good look down her top then I saw her hand suddenly dart toward her ass. As they turned I could see he was squeezing her buttocks and she was trying to pull his hand away. I thought this was a good time to cut in when some drunk guy stepped right in front of me and began taking about something or other. I had drank quite a bit so was easily distracted. I ended up chatting to him. when I next looked up Carl was still squeezing Lynn’s buttock and she had given up trying to stop him. He was holding her really tightly, obviously pressing that big cock of his against her.

As Lynn and Carl made their way back I could see her face was quite flushed and she seemed a little flustered, We’d been separated by a few people trying to get served and the drunk bloke was still distracting me. Lynn knocked back the rest of her  drink then looked to me to order another. I shrugged my shoulders and pointed to my ears, I couldn’t hear her above the noise she tried to make her way to me but Carl stopped her. He took her by the waist and turned her to face the bar, waving to me as if to say they’d sort it out. Lynn was bending slightly over the bar to get the bartender’s attention.

The guy kept looking over to me as I was craning to see Lynn through the increasing amount of people between us. Lynn suddenly jumped in suprise, a gap appeared in front of me and I could see that Carl had put his hand up the back of Lynn’s skirt. Just then she got served so her attention was now on the bartender. The gap closed and again I lost sight of them. Drunk bloke was still there and it must have been a further 5 minutes before I got rid of him.

I made my way back to Lynn and Carl. She was now facing him and he still had his hand up the back of her skirt. Her face was very flushed and when I got to them she said she had to go to the loo and rushed off. The guy blew hard and said she was one hell of a woman, which I of course agreed.  "Hope you don’t mind me spending so much time with her, hope you don’t think I’m trying to steal her away from you " I laughed and said I didn’t mind as I saw the attention she was getting was a compliment to me. He smiled and said,  "You’re not worried then? " I replied that there was no way he’d be able to steal her away, he smiled and said that sounded like a challenge, I shrugged my shoulders and we both laughed.

He ordered me another drink and asked if he could have another dance with Lynn. I told him that he didn’t have to ask me but before I could finish my sentence and say he would have to ask Lynn, he winked and said, “In that case I wont.” Just then Lynn came back. She started to make her way to me, she was just about to say something but he didn’t give her chance, taking her by the arm he lead her to the dance floor all Lynn could say was, ”But, but….” as they disappeared into the crowd.

I have to say we had a really good evening, he danced with Lynn a lot and they really seemed to have hit it off. She came over and dragged me to the dance floor. She told me she was really horny and wanted me to take care of her tonight in bed, I smiled. I wondered where The guy had gone then I saw him talking to the DJ. Carl came over to me and asked if I would get more drinks, he handed me the money and said I seemed to have a gift for getting served quickly. The tempo of the music changed again and Lynn took a step towards me. He was in there like a shot. He took Lynn by the waist and pulled her towards him, “What a shame,he said jokingly, “he’s just going to get the drinks.” He lead a confused Lynn away, waving his hand to me as if to say “Off you go.”

I ordered the drinks, me cider, Lynn Baccardi and a Bud for Carl and turned to look at the dance floor. The music was slow R&B, music to have sex to and I knew that this is what he’d asked the DJ to play. It was quite a turn on that this guy was openly trying to seduce Lynn although I think I may have been a little too relaxed about it, but that was due to the drink. Once again drunk bloke returned, stopping me from returning to the dance floor, I tried to look but couldn’t see them. When the song stopped I was expecting them both to return but another slow song started straight after.

Two songs later and they returned. Lynn looked very hot, her face flushed and wet, her top pulled to one side and her nipples were clearly poking out from the material. “Where were you? she demanded. Not giving me chance to answer. She threw her arms around me, kissing me passionately on the mouth. “I want to slow dance with you babes,” she whispered, “I’m really horny.” “What have you been drinking?” I said. She gave me a confused look, “The same drink that I’ve been drinking all night she replied, “Baccardi.” to prove it she downed her glass. I looked at Carl who gave me a cocky wink, when Lynn kissed me I could taste Budweiser.

I needed to pee. “Anyone know where the toilet is?” I said. Drunk bloke was about to reply but Carl took my arm. “I need to go too, I’ll show you.”

“What do you think?” The guy said as we stood next to each other having a pee. He looked down and I automatically followed his eyes to see him holding his huge penis, thick and full of veins. “Do you think your Lynn will be able to take all of this? “Cheeky baastard.” I thought, (even my thoughts were slurred.) “you’ll never know matey.” I replied and we left the toilet.

When we got back to Lynn she was finishing another Baccardi, I don’t think I’d ever seen her drink this much. Another slow RNB song started and Lynn immediately grabbed hold of me, she gave Carl a look that said “Not this time” and lead me to the dance floor.

We danced close, I could tell she was mega horny. She was about to say something and I felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned round to tell Carl to beat it but it was drunk bloke, falling about. I turned to my left to steady him and felt something brush by me to the right. I turned my head to see Carl cutting in, before I had time to correct myself he was moving away, with Lynn, even she was taken by surprise. As I helped drunk bloke off the dance floor I looked behind me to see that Lynn was being forced to walk backwards as Carl lead her deeper into the crowd.

I’m not sure how long it was but I didn’t see them for a for 30 minutes. When they did return Lynn looked shattered. She slumped into the chair and said she was ready to go The guy insisted on calling us a taxi, he said he knew a good firm. As we left Carl followed us out and I turned to see him speaking to drunk bloke who suddenly didn’t look so drunk. The guy was handing something to him. Was that money?

The taxi arrived and the first thing I noticed was that the driver looked about 15. He was black and about an inch shorter than Lynn who’s around 5’1”.Lynn got into the back of the taxi and I turned to say goodbye to Carl but there was no sign of him. I smiled, half in relief and got into the front passenger side of the taxi which moved off immediately. I turned to check on Lynn and saw that Carl was sitting next to her. He grinned and said that Lynn had said he could stay the night as he lived some distance away. I looked at Lynn who gave a trapped sort of smile. Where was he going to sleep? The guy replied that Lynn said he could sleep in her bed as we were sleeping down stairs. “Unless you want to swap and I sleep with Lynn.” He laughed.

The motion of the taxi was making me feel sleepy and I began to nod off. I’m not sure how long I was asleep for but I was woken by the sound of a squeal. It sounded like Lynn’s voice. I half turned my head and saw that the taxi driver was looking into his rear view mirror with a big grin on his face. I heard Lynn squeal again and heard the rustle of clothing. I don’t know why but I kept my head down as if still asleep. The wing mirror of the taxi was the sort that can be adjusted from inside the car. I angled the mirror so I could see was was going on behind me.

Carl had his arm around Lynn, there seemed to be a bit of a struggle going on. I could see Carl’s hand was on Lynn’s left leg, Carl raised his hand and slapped the inside of Lynn’s right leg, he did this twice and she parted her legs, the driver would have a great view up her skirt now. The guy’s hand darted straight up her skirt and into her panties. Immediately he began to finger her, Lynn let out a grunt and her legs opened wider, allowing him to finger her more deeply. I couldn’t see Lynn’s face, it was obscured by the back of Carl’s head but I knew he was kissing her deeply.

The driver looked over to me, I was still in a daze, half way between being asleep and awake, he pulled over to the side of the road and twisted around to get a better look. He got out a mobile phone and began to record what was happening. “Get her tits out.” the driver said and I saw Carl move his hand to the top of Lynn’s dress, he gave a sharp tug and both her breasts popped out, her nipples rock hard. The guy was still kissing Lynn deeply and I could hear her muffled moans as the driver looked at me then said, “Now her pussy, show me the slut’s pussy.” Carl was tugging at Lynn’s nipples, making them stick out even further his hand the moved between her legs.

I turned my head around to see Carl slide the flat of his hand, under her crotch. He gave a sharp tug and Lynn suddenly slid further down the chair. The front seats were in the way so she had no choice but to spread her legs even wider. Carl was still kissing her, his head bobbing around, I heard her gasping for air then I heard a tearing sound as he started to pull her thong off. He didn’t have much success though due to her legs being apart. The taxi driver moaned, reached forwards and with rough, impatient tugs,began to pull off what was left of her thong. On purpose he pulled upwards so that the thin part of the thong which goes between the ass cheeks was stretched between her pussy lips, causing her to squeal. He looked at me and smiled putting the torn material into his pocket after giving it a long sniff.

With her pussy now fully exposed Carl really went to work on her, she was grunting and I knew that she was in the trance like state she gets into when she’s really aroused. This coupled with the amount of drink and she probably wouldn’t be aware of where she was, who was watching and that it wasn’t me fingering her pussy. The drink also caught up with me and I passed out.

When I came around the taxi was pulling over outside Lynn’s house. Nothing seemed wrong, the taxi driver wasn’t acting strangely and Carl was helping Lynn out of the taxi. Lynn was very quiet but other than that nothing seemed out of place, Had I been dreaming? I paid the driver and as I got out he said he had a cold, he took out a hankie and blew his nose. I noticed the hankie was the same colour as Lynn’s panties.

By the time we entered Lynn’s house I’d put my dream to the back of my mind. We went into the living room and Carl pointed to the inflatable bed and asked where I would be sleeping… Lynn said she would make some coffee and before I could say anything Carl said he’s help and followed her into the kitchen. I could hear them laughing and joking so left them to it. After about 15 minutes they came back into the living room and Lynn handed me a coffee. I was just about to take a swig when it was suddenly  taken out of my hand. The guy said that what I needed was a “little something extra.” he took a hip flask from his pocket and poured a yellowish liquid into the coffee. As I drank it he tipped the bottom of the mug so I drank it in one go.

We sat talking for a while, well, it was mainly Carl and Lynn talking. I suddenly felt really dizzy, Lynn said I should go to bed and helped me to my feet and onto the bad The guy said he’d take care of the music, taking a CD from his pocket. Lynn was bending over me and I could hear some R&B coming from the Hi-Fi unit. The guy came up to Lynn as she was bent over me, he stood there for a while, looking at her backside then I heard a slap and Lynn stood bolt upright. She turned to face him and he said she owed him a dance. He pulled her close to him and began to dance, Lynn had no choice but to follow him. I was phasing in and out, things looking blurry then clear. As I turned to look at Lynn Carl manoeuvred her so that she had her back to me. He gave me a wink and without her knowing, lifted the back of her skirt up, exposing her naked buttocks, her panties were missing, a feeling of extreme fatigue overcame me and I drifted off.

I half woke and Lynn was laying next to me in her night dress. The guy was standing on her side of the bed, looking down at her. They were having some sort of conversation. Although I couldn’t make out all of the words, They were joking about something then Carl suddenly jumped onto the bed and there seemed to be a playful struggle. He rolled off and pulled Lynn to her feet. He opened the door to the stairs and pulled her through, slamming the door shut behind him, again fatigue suddenly overcame me and I passed out.

I’m not sure how long I was asleep for or what time it was but when I woke it was still dark. I threw my legs off the bed, in a seated position. I felt both really thirsty and bursting to go for a pee. Lynn must have put a small table next to the bed. On it was a glass full of a yellowish liquid I took to be juice. Without thinking I drained the glass and made my way to the stairs. The toilet was situated at the top of the stairs, next to Lynn’s room. As I got nearer I could hear Lynn’s voice, speaking in low tones, her bedroom door was wide open. In Lynn’s bed, beneath the covers was Carl, the only part of him visible was the back of his head. Under him was Lynn, he was fucking her. The only part of her that I could see was her arms which were outstretched and her face.

I could see from the shape she was making in the duvet that her legs were spread very wide. The guy was grunting loudly, his ass moving up and down rhythmically as that big cock of his enjoyed my fiancée’s pussy. Her face was bright red, her mouth gaping and her eyes wide, fixed on his face which was watching her large breasts bounce under the control of his cock. His rhythm was slow and steady, Lynn placed her hands on his muscular chest and gasped, “Amazing cock.” He made her repeat it twice more, the bastard knew I was there. “Does that cunt of a boyfriend fuck you as good as this slut?” Lynn winced at the word “Cunt.” “No” she moaned.

“You said earlier that he can’t make you cum when he fucks you. Is that right slut?” “Yes” she gasped, “He, he cant make me cum.” he made her repeat this as he began to increase the speed of his thrusts. He threw off the covers revealing that they were both naked. As the covers came off Lynn automatically lifted her legs off the bed to give him better access to her pussy, she pointed her toes.

It was true. In all our time together I was never able to make Lynn cum while making love to her. She suddenly began to pant loudly and gripped onto his forearms as he thrust his full length into her, holding his cock steady as she came hard. Involuntarily she began to grind her pussy against the base of his shaft.

Suddenly Carl turned and looked straight at me, making me jump. A half-smile crept across his face and he gave me a wink. “Hope you appreciate the favour I’m doing for you.” he said, “Making sure your woman gets laid by a real man.” He slowly began to withdraw his cock from Lynn’s pussy, I couldn’t help but look down. His cock was huge, rigid and shiny with Lynn’s juices. He rested the swollen head, on her pussy lips then, when he knew I was looking pushed forward hard, impaling her, making her cry out. She was so far gone that she didn’t even know I was there.

He waved his hand in a dismissive gesture. “Think you’d better make yourself scarce “ he said, “Now that I’ve stretched her cunt and broken her in, I want to see what the slut can do.” He turned his attention back to Lynn. He leaned forwards and began to kiss her, hard and deep. Immediately she began to return his kiss, she was moaning loudly and I could see her cheeks bulging as his tongue probed her. He was completely ignoring me as he began to deep-fuck her, pulling his cock out about an inch then slamming it hard. He did this over and over, making Lynn grunt each time and I knew the head of his cock would be punching against her cervix.

Lynn came again, her whole body shaking, he withdrew and I could see her pussy pulsing with the power of the orgasm, her mouth was gaping, an expression of disbelief on her face. She was still squirming from the effects of her orgasm when he re-entered her and began to thrust in and out giving her his full length. Every other stroke he’d slam his cock in to the hilt causing Lynn to wince, within 20 seconds she came again, he didn’t give her chance to recover this time in fact he increased the speed, her 36b tits were bouncing wildly as she struggled to keep up with his thrusts.

I went back downstairs, leaving him to fuck my fiancée. I felt as though I was intruding, that I was the outsider. I got into bed, feeling sick and defeated, I fell asleep to the sound of the floorboards creaking and Lynn’s muffled moaning ringing in my ears.