Impregnated on the train by a man

You asked me what was the wildest thing I had done? It was when I was 18. For a few years before and quite a lot of years after I was sexually insatiable, letting any boy fuck me but I had never had a full grown mans cock in me. Then one afternoon I was on the train back up to N Wales after seeing my Nan. It was in the days when there was no corridor so each compartment was separate from the other. I was already really horny having been kissed and well fingered at the station by a local lad. I was sat there as the train pulled out of the station then noticed a small hole in the wall through to the next compartment. I got up and peeped through and got this intense tingling sensation in my pussy as in the next compartment was a man somewhere in his late 50’s or early 60’s sat there with a very large and very hard cock out and he was wanking it slowly as he looked at a magazine. God it made me so horny. Then the train started pulling into the station and I had a wild idea. As the train stopped I quickly got out of my compartment and got into his one, sitting down opposite him. He had his coat covering himself with the magazine by his side.As the train pulled away from the station my heart was thumping in my chest so hard I thought he would hear it but I wanted sex and his cock was the biggest I had ever seen. With my croaky voice I said “Nice magazine” and he smiled. I knew the next station was over half an hour away so there was time. With my heart in my hand again I said. “Do you know there’s a hole in the wall up above me and I was watching what you were doing before we got to the last station”. He replied “did you like what you saw” and with my heart thumping again “yes can I see it now”. He said nothing for a minute then said “OK if I can see yours” The boy at Nan’s station had taken my knickers off so was naked under my skirt and as he pulled his coat back and I saw his incredible full grown mans cock I lifted my skirt and opened my legs. I just didn’t care, I was really randy and wanted a cock in me especially a mans cock for the first time. I said “Can I feel it” and he nodded so I stood up took a step towards him and finally took hold of the biggest cock I had seen or felt in my life. It was so hot and really heavy and I nearly passed out with excitement when I pushed back on his foreskin and exposed a huge red helmet. His hand slid up between my legs and a finger went straight up inside my already soaking wet pussy. “Your pussy is so wet” he said and I told him I had been kissing a couple of lads at the station and letting them finger me but they hadn’t done it to me. He asked if I wanted him to do it and I just stared and nodded. He got me to stand up then bend and forwards against the wall and then I felt him lift my skirt right up over my bum. I felt him move right up and felt his bare skin against my bum and his cock between my bumcheeks. He began rubbing his fat cock up and down my slit and by now I was trembling with the anticipation of being filled by a big cock. I wasn’t disappointed. His cock found my hole and he began pushing but my pussy had never had a cock that size in it before. He held it with one hand and held my hip with his other and as he pushed his cock he pulled me back and with a loud yelp from me his helmet surged up inside me. once his helmet was in me he held my his with both hand and just pulled his cock all the way up inside me and I had never ever been stretched like that or had a cock so far up inside me but it was fantastic. Then he began fucking me and it got even better as he began sliding his cock all the way in and out of me. It wasn’t long before I started to cum as I was already pretty sexed up and when he hear me making little noises his finger found my bumhole and he pushed his finger all the way up inside me as he fucked me and I nearly screamed as I had a long leg weakening orgasm. He fucked me so hard my legs began going weak until the point that I was actually being supported by his cock inside me. After I had cum he really began hammering his cock into me and it was right then that I realized I had only finished my period around a week back so was probably ovulating right then. He was making incredible full length strokes all the way in and out of my body making me gasp at every stroke, then his strokes change to quicker shorter strokes and I cried out “Don’t cum in me” but he just replied “Too late” and as he said that I felt his cock flex and jerk then as he pulled me back onto him so the full length of his cock was inside me it began pulsing regularly and I got an amazing sensation of warm inside me as his sperm began shooting into me. He pulled me back hard onto his cock several more times as more and more of his adult sperm shot hard into me and I think he shot around 10 times in me before he stopped.I tried to pull away but he pulled me back hard onto his cock and as his helmet squashed hard against my cervix it started me off again and I orgasmed again knowing I was full of an old mans warm living sperm and that I could very well get pregnant. He kept his cock in me for ages until the train began slowing for the station and to be honest I didn’t mind and didn’t care as it felt so damned good with a cock that size inside my body and as he had already filled me with sperm it was too late to do anything. I worried for the next few weeks that I might be pregnant but fortunately my period came. I’ll never forget that cock though.