Planted seed

I lay there as he finished off. It was still hard inside me.

His seed emptying into my womb. I had tried to push him off. I couldn’t. He was much stronger than me.

I lay naked looking to the side. I didn’t want to look at him. I knew it had broken. I told him to put a new one on. He wouldn’t.

I’m a third year law student. I am only doing this for a bit of extra money. Studying by day three nights a week selling my body. The moneys good.

I lay thinking number 87. Gosh 87 men have used my pussy. Young, old, married.

I’m 24 young short dark hair, body guys go crazy over, DD breasts slim athletic figure green eyes. Tanned body.

I’m 24 and 87 guys later. Youngest 17 oldest 75. Gosh you little slut.

He finally pulls out. I look at the shreaded condom hanging off his big cock. The stringy cum hanging off the end of his cock. Cum dripping out of my pussy. He doesn’t look at me he picks up the phone and listens to the message. I rang as he was fucking me.

I gave him extras. Blow job no condom, I let him finger fuck me. Two things I don’t usually let guys do when I’m working.

Showers that way he says dialing a number pointing not even looking at me. His cock limp he pulls off the condom tossing it to the bit as if disgusted with it.

I pick up my clothes and walk to the bathroom turning on the shower, I lock the door. I get under washing my fanny. Putting my fingers in trying to pull out as much cum as possible.

Although I just want to get out of here. I turn off the shower and dry. Wiping my pussy. I try to get as much cum off me as possible.

I grab my underwear pulling them up my legs. A pink lacy see through g string. I put on my matching bra. My lingerie he so lovingly and carefully took off my body. Kissing over them as I wore them. I slid my red sleeveless short dress over my head pulling the tight dress over my hips. It just covers my arse. I sit putting on my heels. I straighten everything looking in the mirror. My hair, my dress adjust my breasts in my bra and dress. I hold my head up high as I walk out of the bathroom. He is still naked on the phone in a heated discussion.

I try to say good bye. He throws me my purse and waves me off not talking to me, actually barely looking at me. He was so kind and sweet when we met, now a complete arsehole. I walk out the door muttering as I close it ‘Arsehole’

I walk down the corridor. I pass a older couple. There judgmental looks. I do look like a hooker.

I get in the taxi we leave the hotel. I open my purse. Its gone. The $200. The bastard took it. Shit I forgot to take my purse to the bathroom. I always do. Why not this time ” Shit. ” I say out loud.

” You ok miss. ” The driver asked

” No I have no money for the taxi. ” I say.

” Oh ” he says.

” I will walk. ” I say.

” Its dark and about to rain. ” He says. ” You have a hour walk at least in those heels. ”

Hes right. ” Will you do it for free. ” I say.

He pulls over and looks behind.

” I will for favours. ” He says.

” What. ” I say ” Sex. ”

” Yes. ” He replies.

” Ok. ” I say. I know I’m screwed anyway. He drives to a secluded carpark and gets in the back seat. I pull off my underwear. His cock out I lean in sucking it fondling his balls. He groans.

A minute later I am reaching into my purse pulling out a condom sliding it down his hard shaft. I straddle him pushing his cock into my and ride him. He fondles my bust pulling my dress down revealing a boob. His mouth now sucking my nipple as I ride him.

I realise the previous mans cum is probably leaking from my pussy. Oh well ‘ Fuck it ‘ I think.

He thrusts into me as I slid down his cock. His mouth over my nipple sucking my breast. My skirt dress up around my hips. His other hand gripping my arse cheek. He groans and his breathing changes.

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He stops pushing deep into my pussy. His cock erupting in his condom. Thankfully this one didn’t break.

” Free ride for a free ride ” he says looking up at me.

” Something like that I say. ” Quickly thinking I will be getting off him soon. Cum inside and outside the condom. My second man it twenty minutes.

” I loved that. ” He said. ” Don’t usually get to fuck my passengers. ”

I reach into my bag pulling out tissues. I get off holding tissues around the intact latex over his cock. I pull it off. He zips his trousers up.

He is a older man, slightly chubby. Receding grey hair. Grey moustache about 55.

” Thanks. ” I said as I still have my tit out. No knickers on dress around my waist.

” My pleasure, better wash my cock before I get home tonight, don’t want my wife to find out. ” He says as I put the wrapped condom in my purse. I don’t know what to cover first. My exposed pussy, my breast.

I push my breast in the bra pulling it up. He hands me my knickers. I slid them up my legs as he gets out of the car door to the back seat
walking to the drivers door opening it getting in as I pull my underwear up and push my skirt down. Now I just want to get home.

He starts the car. Cum stains on the inside of my thighs over my underwear. A real mess inside my skirt.

Ten minutes later I arrive home. Lock myself in . My cat rubs against my leg. I pick him up kissing him. His purrs calm me.

” Hows your night been ? ” I ask. ” Mines been shit. ” I say putting him down.

I kick my heels off, unzip my dress and take my dress off, unclip my bra, pull down my underwear and look at the cum in them. I feel wetness on my thighs. I get to the shower and shower thoroughly washing my pussy and legs, and body with my coconut body wash, not that shit hotel soap that dries your skin out.

After ten minutes washing and poking inside my pussy its clean.

I dry and dress into my nightwear and get into bed with my cat curling up into the fetal position and cry myself to sleep.

I was enjoying doing this until tonight. Started the night on 86 men. Finished on 88. The last two been unwanted free ones.

8 Months later.

I drove for two hours. I knew where he lived. Finding his house. I sat outside in the car. It was 4.30 pm. He arrived home parking in the driveway.

I sat my hand on my baby bump feeling her move.

” Bastard ” I say. I want to confront him. I’ve worked out what I want to say. The front door opens. His wife greets him. Shes beautiful. Why does he need a hooker.

Then his three young children run out hugging there dad. A happy family. ” You arsehole ” I say. Who am I to break up a family. I start the car and watch him pick up his youngest kissing him.

” Move on ” I say to myself as I drive home.

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