Summer Lovin'

She could hear the rain as it hit the oak wood of her front porch where she used to sit and watch him. Watch him chop thousands of slabs of pine. Watch him, shirtless, as he raked his yard and the sweat, and the sweet taste of love poured over his face and the glow of the sun beamed over his dark, muscular body and back. In a million years, Julie never thought the same man she had been watching through her cabin windows would be standing over her; heavily breathing, heavily petting and moaning from the pleasure of her woman cave…
 The warmth of his breath down her neck was intoxicating as she dug her nails into the ridge of his arched back. As the heat and passion of Julie and Charles increased to the next height of ecstasy, she could feel him slide his coarse hands up the inner most part of her thigh, feeling her smooth baby-like skin and urgency for the need to make love.  Julie wrapped her legs around Charles’ strong waist and pulled him closer as their tongues played games in each other’s mouths.
All of a sudden the noise of his belt buckle clanked across the quiet, candle lit air. She removed her lace panties and slid her hand into her warm mysterious beyond as the size and resistance of his pants became too much and had to be released into the cave. Like a fish to a river, a bird to the sky, and a horse to its pasture, it had to come home…He entered without hesitation.
Julie felt Charles enter her, gentle at first but then with the speed and stamina of a racing horse. Grunting, moaning, and making noises that only a well experienced lover would make.  She couldn’t resist a hand through his gorgeous silky brown hair and the other down his salty chiseled chest. Pleasure erupted through her body as he bit down her neck and captured her small hands in his. She didn’t feel the pain as her head slammed into the headboard, only the dripping sweat from his biceps running down her knees.
As she merged the final lap of the race and she felt him going faster and harder, she clenched, as if to hold on for the spray of relief. And then it came and poured and milked into her like two percent to a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. As Charles removed himself from the cave of ecstasy, Julie quivered and began to froth and drain her cave onto the soft towel next to her.
Charles lay down on the bed and began the recovery of the long race he finished. Julie lay next to him with the warm knowledge that the sweet taste of passion she once quenched to drink had been acquired. As they lay there satisfied, the sound of rain in the distance allowed them to sleep. Sleep like they haven’t in years, and sleep without knowing that life had been created on that rainy August night. Life that would change Julie and Charles’ life…forever.