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Laura woke up on this early morning from a soft knock on her open window. She looked up and saw her boyfriend smiling at her. He came in via the tree next to her house like he regularly did. They both liked to get naughty in the morning but didn’t want anyone to know. It was hot because there was always a chance of family coming in. She usually slept naked which made these morning visits just more convenient.

He always used a condom but wanted to try something new this time. Convincing her that It felt better and was even more thrilling without one. Even though she was ovulating, these days she wanted to try It out but made him promise to pull out at the end. The thought of this new naughty step made her kinda wet already. Now there wasn’t just the chance of getting caught but also a chance of getting pregnant. some secret part of her desired to be breed by him. 

He quickly undressed crawling into the bed. Placing the bare tip near her entrance made her shiver already.  While slowly pushing inside he felt her hole tightly wrap around his dick. It was already dangerous with the pre-cum inside her but she knew the chance was still low of getting knocked up.

“Just remember to pull out right?”

‘Yeah of course’

It was thrilling so early in the morning. The potential risk of someone hearing them or walking in made It extra hot. The penetration felt wonderful for them both and they kinda got lost in the moment. He loved the sight of her fit teen body and feeling of her tight clamping pussy pulling and milking him with every thrust. She loved the warm deep border-less penetration inside her. They were both trying to stay quiet just letting out little moans of joy. Right then their unprotected morning fun got interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Hey Sweety are you getting up soon. You need to get to school in a bit.”

It was Laura’s mother, they were so in the moment that It shocked them both for a moment. He stopped trusting and froze, still having his dick inside her teen cunt.

‘Uhm, yeah I’m dressing up now mom’

“perfect, Oh did you hear there is a new neighbor moving today, I’m going to help him”

‘Eeeh…. okay right mom’

At that point he knew her mother wasn’t getting in and slowly started to thrust further inside Laura’s tight wet unprotected hole again. She looked up annoyed at her boyfriend at first but then allowed It. For both It felt extra naughty continuing to fuck while the conversation was still going hoping the door wouldn’t swing open randomly. Her mother seemingly didn’t bother about the short uninterested responses and kept talking.

“I heard he also got a dog and..”

Laura frowned at him rolling her eyes back. Her mother was known for rambling on about anything. With that sign and understanding the situation he saw a golden opportunity. During the conversation with the slow and steady thrusting  he got closer and closer to unloading his cum right inside her tight teen pussy. Having used a condom every time before since she wasn’t on the pill made It all the more longingly. It just felt too good to pull out now.

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She was still distracted with her mother and the pointless conversation at the door that she didn’t notice the slower movement of him thrusting deep inside her.

He always did that when he was close but she was lost in thought. At that very moment he was shooting multiple potent shots of sperm right inside her fertile young womb. 

Making sure to prevent any moans or grunts that could warn her about It while still continuing to slowly thrust inside pushing the cum deeper. He pulled out just near the end of his blistering free orgasm shooting two more weak shots of semen on her belly.

By then the conversation finally ended where she promised her mother to get ready for school soon.

With a relief she signed: “mothers, that was so close. We almost got caught

“Thank god you pulled out, the distraction could have easily ended up in me getting a pussy full of cum” she had not realized that he already shot most of his load inside her. She now had billions of his sperm inside her womb, all racing to be first to fertilize her waiting egg

‘Yeah that was very close indeed, I pulled out right in time’ he lied. 

“You have to go now, I don’t have time for a shower and need to get to school.”

She shooed him off and wiped away the few drops of cum on her tummy. He made his way back through the window, still twitching with the thought of having shot almost his entire load inside her young cunt. There was no doubt this fresh sperm was actively searching for an egg to fertilize at that moment.

Since there was no time for a shower because of the longer fucking session she just dressed quickly with some cloths lying around.

Laura went to school with a well filled pussy. While chatting with her girlfriends and following class at school she unknowingly got impregnated with the semen from that naughty morning.

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