Mum’s love

Zoe was only 16 not slim but attractive red head. She lived with her mum and sister who was 18. Life wasn’t the kindest as her dad had left when she was 12 for another woman. Soon her sister left for university. Zoe new her mum was lonely and sad. And could hear her cry … Continue reading Mum’s love

My Sexy Sister

I am a normal male, 22 years old and without a girlfriend at the moment. Although, to be honest I have never actually had a girlfriend as I am sports mad and spend a lot of time actively taking part in physical activity. I live at home still with my parents and sister, (Maria) who … Continue reading My Sexy Sister


Jane was cleaning in the living room and reached into the sofa in the space between the seat and the back. She was looking for her ring that had fallen back there. She shoved her hand in the crack and felt a wooden slat. It was between the base and the back. She was able … Continue reading Stuck

A weekend alone

There had been a spattering of rain all the way back from the airport, but as she was parking in the driveway, the skies opened. Almost immediately there was so much water running over the windscreen that she could barely make out her own front door. Sharon sighed, staring out through the world of running … Continue reading A weekend alone