I found instructions on the internet on how to hypnotize someone. I had lusted after my mom for like forever so I wanted to try to hypnotize her. It said you couldn’t make someone do something that they wouldn’t normally do, but you could fool them while hypnotized. For example, in my case, I could … Continue reading Hypnotize

Caught mom

A water main broke at the high school so students were sent home early. Nick walked the 2 blocks to his house and when he walked in, he didn’t find his mom in her usual chair or in the kitchen. He went to see if she was in her bedroom. The door was half open … Continue reading Caught mom

Boys convince mom

Brothers Alan and David were typical teenage boys, which means they were always looking for pussy. And also like most young teen boys, they didn’t have any luck getting any. One day they were playing video games when Alan, the eldest, said, “You know, David, we have a pussy right here in the house.” “Well, … Continue reading Boys convince mom