Ask mom

This starts as an animal sex story but moat of it is an incest story. Ken was 14 when he started to really get into masturbation and wanted to see what fucking felt like. I didn’t know how I would do that. I was painfully shy around girls at that age and anyway, most of … Continue reading Ask mom

My Maiden Aunt

Some years ago I went to live with my “maiden” Aunt in the great city of Chicago. I had just graduated from small town high school and was starting college in the big city. I soon found out that my unmarried Aunt was a big Bears fan, she would drag me to Soldiers Field even … Continue reading My Maiden Aunt

My birth mom

I was adopted as a baby. My birth mom was just 14 and not in any position to raise a child. I really didn’t know this until I was 15. My adoptive parents, Mary and Frank, told me the story but said they did not ever meet her or know her name. I was determined … Continue reading My birth mom

Aunt Carol – Part 12

Alicia disappeared into a rehearsal set almost immediately after arriving. She had to do a scene in her school uniform to set up the locker room shot yesterday. It was all lame dialogue and such, not exactly Merchant and Ivory, but honest. The scene was shot with Rachel, the AD, actually directing this time. Juliette … Continue reading Aunt Carol – Part 12