My name is Josh and my mom, June, and I were headed for the cabin for our annual Christmas vacation in the mountains. Dad was going to join us later. We got to the cabin and mom began cleaning while I collected firewood. When I had enough to last the week, I hauled it back … Continue reading Snowbound

Parents Away

Steve was sitting in his bedroom feeling bored, his parents were away leaving him to look after the house and his sister Amy, At sixteen years of age Steve was two years older than what his sister Emma was, so his parents thought that he could be trusted to take care of his younger sister … Continue reading Parents Away

My big mom

First of all, this is not one of those ‘my mother is so hot I want to fuck her’ stories. It’s more like ‘I’m a teen boy so I’ll fuck anyone who has a pussy!’ Stories. Ever since I hit puberty I have lusted after my mother. Not because she is hot like Cory Chase, … Continue reading My big mom