Andrew’s Mom

Andrew was a 14 year old teen who loved sex. He has always had felling for his mom. His mom, Elizabeth, was a 42 year old women who had big boobs. They were huge when she didn’t have anything on her boobs would hang down to her belly. He was big too which made her boobs even bigger and sexier. Here nipples were wide and long and when ever Andrew thinks of her, he gets hard.

Andrew thinks she’s so hot he snuck nudes of her. When ever she takes a shower he would slowly open the door put his phone in and take a picture of the mirror, which shows the glass shower he is cleaning in. You can see her sexy boobs from that and he loves it.

He didn’t know how to show his feelings so one day, Andrew was in his room, felling horny and hard, as Elizabeth came in and asked if everything was ok. Andrew replied by saying, “My cock hurts. Can you check it.” Elizabeth replied by saying, “Ok, what part of it.” He took of his blanket in his bed and pulled down his pants reviling his cock.

Andrew’s cock was pretty big for a 14 year old. It was 8 inches and thick. Elizabeth reacted by saying, “What part of it hurts.” Andrew said back,”All of it, I think because it’s dry.” Elizabeth replied by saying, “I can fix that”

So at the time Andrew had his pants down, as Elizabeth had a shirt on with no bra, so you can see her nipples, and she had on her pants with some panties.

She went up to Andrew and layed on his bed, she spit on his cock and stoked it nice and softly. He was moaning and told her to suck it. So Elizabeth got on her knees opened her mouth and put the cock all the way into her mouth. She sucked it for about a minute as he told her, “Take off that shirt.”

Elizabeth took off her shirt to show her big boobs with her big hard nipples. Her boobs were so squeezable and very big. He sweated the left boobs and licked on the nipple of the right boob. Elizabeth liked it. She screamed at him and said, “Suck them, suck them so hard I’m so horny.” He sucked on them and had a even harder cock which grew to 10 inches.

He sucked on her nipples for about 5 minutes until her nipples were red and it left a big mark. She told him, “How did you cock get so big. Put it in my pussy.” So Andrew layed down on the bed as his cock was facing up. Elizabeth put his cock into her pussy and bounced up and down.

As Elizabeth was bouncing, her big tits were bouncing and he was about to cum. So he told her, “I’m about to do it.” So she said back, “Do it on my boobs.” So he cummed all over her boobs and she licked it all of her own boobs.

Amdrew said to Elizabeth, “Bend over I want to fuck that big fat ass.” She bent over and opened up her ass to reveal her big ass hole. He put it in as she moaned and moaned. She told him, “Wen you cum next time I want to taste it. He agreed and continued to aggressively fuck her.

He was about to cum so she stood up and put her mouth on his cock as he cummed all inside of her. She swallowed half of it and with the other half she spit onto her hand and rubbed her pussy with it. She told Andrew, “Lick it off my pussy.” So Andrew did, he licked it off her pussy and then spit it back into her mouth then she swallowed it. He wanted to keep licking it so he did.

He was licking and fingering her pussy so hard until she said to him let me suck your cock one last time. So Elizabeth sucked Andrew’s cock until he cummed for the 3rd time and swallowed it. From that point on they fuck a lot.