Confession of an Uncle – Part 2

My niece (in-law) and I have had sex since she was a young girl (Part 1). Later she moved to another state and got together with my blood nephew (my blood brother’s son).

So my niece from my wife’s side of the family got together with my nephew on my side of the family and they ended up having 3 kids, but Amy’s youngest daughter is from another guy (she had an affair).

After Amy and my nephew broke up, she was with three kids, a son and two daughters. Having three kids and falling on hard times with the separation from my nephew I suggested she, and the kids stay with me. I didn’t have a big house, it was a standard 3bed 2bath, and one of the bedrooms was made into my office.  So she was staying in a bedroom with all three kids, she had a bed, and her youngest slept with her, then we had bunk beds for her other two kids.

It was not long before her and I started fooling around. My wife (Amy’s blood aunt) would go to bed while we would stay up on the back deck. The first night we started fooling around, as I was licking her shaved pussy, she said; “please fuck me daddy”, and I replied; “yes baby, you want daddy’s cock?”, and then she replied; “yes daddy, I loved when you fucked me”.

As I was fucking her, she kept talking saying shit like; “that’s it daddy, use my little pussy”, and I’d reply with some thing like; “oh baby your little pussy feels so good on daddy’s cock”.  She cum several times and I didn’t last long the first time, and then her talking the shit she was saying pushed me over the edge.

My wife (Amy’s aunt) went to work in the day and I worked from home, but after I fucked Amy that night I didn’t get a lot of work done. We did have a hard time because it was summertime so we had to hide from her three kids and her youngest (Heather) was always stuck to her.

The more we fucked, the nastier we’d talk, she’d say shit like; “that’s it daddy, fuck my little baby pussy”, and I’d reply; “you want to watch my big cock stretch your little girl pussy”, and then she’d squirt hard.

Later when we’re setting on the back deck and talking I asked her if that turns her on, she said; “every thing about you turns me on and the kids are absolutely in love with you”, she paused for a second and said; “Heather asked the other day why can’t you be her daddy”, and then I laughingly said; “but you call me daddy”, she replies (also laughingly); “YES I KNOW, that’s what’s so hot, she wants you to be her daddy”.

I’m thinking; “did Amy just tell me Heather wanted me to have sex with her??”

As I’m processing what she just said and seeing my blank stare Amy says; “yeah I just said that”. I looked down at Heather playing just off the deck, looked at Amy and said; “it won’t fit”.

She says; “well first off you’d be surprised” and (laughingly said) “second you have a very skilled mouth”, (and then she paused then said) thirdly I know you’ll never hurt her, that is what’s so hot to me, because I know you’ll always take care of her wants and needs no matter what”.

She was right and I replied; “I’d do anything and everything I can for your kids!”

I had to get some work done, so I worked for the rest of the day in my office, the evening went normal, my wife was setting out on the back deck with us, she says; “I love seeing you two spending time with each other”, she then stands up, and walks over to me kissing me goodnight she says; “I love you baby” and then as opposed to saying goodnight she says; “have a good time my love”.

Then she kissed Amy saying goodnight and whispered something in her ear before she walked up the deck, and then into the house.  I asked Amy what she said, Amy said; “that’s for me to know”, we went back and forth with tell me, no I’m not telling you for a while.  She then stands up and asks if I wanted another drink because she has to pee.

I got up to stir the fire pit to lessen the light it was putting off, when I turned around Heather was standing by my chair with my drink, I took the glass from her thanking her then asked; “what are you doing up baby”, and looking down at the ground she replies; “I can’t sleep, I’m not tired”, and after pausing a second she looks up at me with a shit eating grin she giggly says; “DADDY!”.

About this time Amy walked up, thanking her giving me my drink, then she walks over sets down, and said to Heather; “come here baby” while tapping on her lap.  Heather got up in Amy’s lap with her legs on the outside of Amy’s legs and her legs were spread open a little.  After making small talk for a few minutes, Amy says to me; “watch this”, she then whisper’s something in Heather’s hear, and Heather got that shit eating grin again as she shook her head yes.

Amy again whispers something to her and I see her hand slid down between Heather’s legs, my eyes were glued to Amy’s hand touching her daughter’s crotch, and still whispering to her I see her hand start rubbing Heather’s crotch.  I’m setting there watching Amy whispering into Heather’s ear as she’s rubbing her pussy and I notice Heather’s panties now has a small wet spot.

I’m setting there dumbfounded as I feel my cock growing inside while watching my niece whispering into her daughter’s ear as she’s rubbing her pussy, the wet spot in her panties was getting bigger, and bigger, Heather then shook her head yes again, and then jumped off her mother’s lap.  She looked at me with that shit eating grin again, she grabs the waistband of her panties, and pulled them straight down, then climbs back up in her mother’s lap getting into the same position.

Now my jaw has dropped so much it’s on the ground, Amy’s legs were together so Heather’s legs on the outside was spread, then Amy spread her legs open more, opening Heather’s legs more, and Amy’s hand goes right back to rubbing Heather’s bald pussy.  Amy whispered something in Heather’s ear and Heather grinned from ear to ear, she looked up at me saying; (which I’ll never forget as long as I live) “daddy will you make my pussy feel good”?

At this time my mind is so blown I’m running on autopilot, I’m not even sure I said anything, all I remember is being on my knees between her legs looking at her little hairless pussy, and I start licking her pussy.  I really was focusing on her little clit, she was clearly enjoying it because I could feel her pushing up harder against my tongue and mouth.  Now Amy spreads her legs even more, opening Heather’s legs more, and causing her ass to hang down a little which opened her up giving me access to her asshole.

Then Heather shocked me by putting her hands on my head and pushing my head down a little as to tell me she wanted her ass licked.  I lowered my head a little so my tongue was licking her little asshole causing my nose to rub up, and down the opening of her little pussy.  Then I heard her moan rather loudly and she pushed down on the back of my head as her body shook.

If I had not seen it myself, I would have never believed that a girl Heather’s age just had an orgasm, and realizing that I could make her feel good made me want too.  I took my mouth off her little pussy and started licking her softly. As I was doing this, I could clearly see she was no virgin because her little pussy was opened up with her labia flowered out, clit swollen, and her hairless little pussy was pulsing from opened to closed because clearly she was still coming down from a hard orgasm.

I started sucking on her little but clearly swollen clitoris as I was looking up into her eyes, Amy again whispered something in Heather’s ear, and Heather said out loud; “okay mommy” then she started squirming, and she got up off her mother’s lap. Now Heather is stand off to my side because I was still facing Amy between her legs and I say; “what’s up baby? what you need sweetie? Are you okay?”.  She looks down at me and says; “yes daddy”, then reaches out taking my hand that was on Amy’s leg, and then starts to pull me over toward the chair which I was setting.

I stand up, she looks down at my cock, then looks at Amy, and says; “wow it’s really big mommy” then starts pulling me toward the chair again.  I get set down in the chair, Heather squatted down between my legs, cook ahold of my cock jacking it a second, and she leaned over, I remember that I closed my eyes as I felt her warm mouth slid onto the head of my cock.

As she got into it (meaning the act of her sucking on my cock), I noticed a couple things, first thing I noticed is she clearly looked like she was having fun, and second thing I noticed is she was sucking my cock like a fucking porn star. What she could not get into her mouth, she made up for that by also jacking my cock off, and she was even lightly moaning as she took the head of my cock into her mouth.

I seen Amy stand up, she took her pants and panties off, and then sat back down, but this time she legs were spread wide open.  I said to Amy; “you teach her how to do this”, she replies; “I gave her a few pointers, she would practice on her dad”, and Heather looking back at her mother just about yelled; “he’s not my dad”, she then looks at me saying; “you’re my daddy, I want you to be my daddy”, and then she stands up.  As she takes her hands pushing my legs closed I say; “baby I’ll always take care of you and be your daddy no matter what, it’s about what you want, not about what I want”

She looks up at me while holding my legs closed with her hands and starts crawling up in my lap.  As she was getting up in my lap I seen Amy got up walking over to us, and Heather is now setting on my lap, my legs were closed so my cock is pointing straight up.  I only noticed Amy had a tube of lube in her hand when she squirted a gob on my cock and Heather with both hands started stroking my cock.  Then I seen Amy squirt lube in her hand, she reached down, and started lubing up Heather’s pussy.

I looked at Heather saying; “sweetie I don’t want to hurt you” and she looked up at me replying; “but I want to, you don’t want too”?  I replied back to her; “as long as you want to and you can stop anytime you want, this is about you sweetie not me”.  With that she lifted up, scooted forward, still holding my cock with one hand, she lined the head of my cock up to her little pussy hole, and I felt the head of my cock enter her pussy. She gasped a little, we made eye contact, and she smiled at me as she lowered herself even more on my dick!

She gasped again, we’re looking into each other’s eyes, she smiles again, and says; “you have a real big one daddy”, I almost came right then. Heather raised her tight little pussy up just in time and I felt her again slide down on my cock. She once again grunted, I spread my legs a little so she could take more of my cock, and that’s when I noticed my 7 inch cock was almost half way inside her little pussy.

I forgot Amy even being there (now squatting beside us) until she said; “that’s it baby, please your daddy’s cock”, and still making eye contact with Heather, she pushed herself down on my cock again until she grunted. I looked back down at her little hairless pussy stretched around my cock and with about half my cock inside her, I looked back up at Heather announcing; “I’m going to cum baby”.

I couldn’t believe it, when I said that, Heather started actually riding my cock fast, and I heard Amy say; “that’s it daddy, cum deep in your little girl’s pussy”.  That was the hardest I’ve ever cum in my life, after I was done blowing my load inside Heather’s hairless pussy, I noticed Amy was laying between my legs on the ground, and trying to catch my cum that poured out of her daughter’s pussy.

Amy kind of slid back from us a little and almost like on queue Heather got off my lap, walked over to her mother, and then squatted over Amy’s face.  I sat there stroking my cock as I watched my niece lick my cum out of her daughter.

After we were all happy, Heather reached down rubbing her pussy saying; “dang daddy you have a big one”, and Amy replies to her saying; “he has a man’s dick baby, your dad has a small one”, and then Heather again about yelled; “he’s not my dad, (grabs my legs hugging them), he’s my daddy”

Amy took Heather to bed because she was clearly tired, now Amy and I are setting talking about what just happened. I asked if Amber (her oldest daughter) and Ricky (her son) know that Heather (clearly) liked having sex?.?

She told me; “yes they know, yes Amber wants to as well, but Heather got mad and cried she was not going to be first”. All I could say was; “really”?

Amy then says; “don’t be surprised if Amber wants too in the morning as soon as aunty leaves for work”. I reply; “does Ricky play with the girls”? She tells me; “no not yet, but he actually likes to be butt fucked so I’m not sure about him yet”.  I about fell out of my chair!!