Confession of an Uncle

My niece in-law (my sister in-law’s daughter) as a beautiful vibrant blonde young girl who learned from an early age that she could get what she wanted using sex and offering up her pussy to get what she wanted.

It all started when I first met my wife, soon after she introduced me to her sister, and that’s when I met little Amy, who took to me right away might I add.  Amy was a very small framed girl with a huge personality and always tried to act tough which come off as slutty to me. But I thought no way, she’s too young, and pretty.

After about a year, my wife (girlfriend at the time) bought a house just down the block from her sister’s house, and Amy started coming over a lot with her best friend from school. They always hanging out at our place watching cartoons and just hanging out as preteens do. I was in the kitchen when I overheard them talking about boys, so my ears perked up, my niece was saying how she was sucking this boy, and she was saying how this boy completely filled her mouth full of sperm.

I walked in asking them what they was talking about, they tried to change the subject, and after I told them what I heard, my niece says; “so a lot of girls do it”.  As I started questioning what she meant and what boys was she giving oral sex to, her friend made a quick exit saying she had to go home. I continued to talk to my niece, where I started saying she was lying, and didn’t know how to give a blowjob. This went back and forth for a little bit then she said; “I’ll show you that I know how to give a blowjob”.

Then the back and forth started about how we can’t because she’ll tell someone which she assured me that she wouldn’t tell. After she’d say that she wouldn’t tell, she’d follow up with “please”, against my better judgement I stood up, and took my cock out which was already hard from just talking about her sucking my dick.  She went right for it, grabbing the shaft of my cock, and I watched as my dick slid into her little warm mouth.

She shocked me when she forced my cock into her throat, then using the spit she started stroking the shaft of my cock, and standing there watching this little girl suck my cock it didn’t take long before I was filling her mouth with my seed.  I watched her gulp down my cum like a damn porn star, and after I started getting soft, she pulls her mouth off my cock, and then laughingly says; “damn that was the most sperm I’ve ever drank”.

The very next day after school her and her best friend comes over. They’re watching television and her friend keeps looking back at me smiling. I keep asking her what which she just giggles and turns around. After a little bit of her doing this, I said; “so I guess Amy told you”, and they both start giggling, I then say; “what you want to suck my cock too”? Her little friend’s head spun around and with a shit eating grin she replied; “yeah”.

I stood up, took my jeans off, stroked my stiff cock a few times, then sat back down, and they both come sliding over on their knees. My niece says to her friend; “I told you it was big”, I watched as her little friend got between my legs, took ahold of my cock, and her soft mouth was soon sucking the head of my dick.

Then my niece slid in closer to me getting between my legs, her friend pulled her mouth off my dick, pointed it at my niece, and my niece started sucking my cock. I couldn’t believe I had these two beautiful girls between my legs sucking my dick and it all seemed so surreal to me at the time.

A few days later Amy came over after school alone wanting to “borrow” 50 dollars so her friends and her can go to the mall.  After a little bit of me saying no she tells me that she will suck my dick for the money and I tell her that I can get sucked off for 20 dollars from a whore down the block, and then she said; “I’ll let you screw me”.

That day started it all, I took her by the hand, and led her into my bedroom.  I turned to lock the door, when I turned around she was on my bed, on her knees, and completely naked.  I couldn’t get undressed fast enough, I laid her down, and started licking her bald pussy.  I could clearly tell she was enjoying me licking her little hairless mound because she kept thrusting her hips forward, and grinding her little clit on my mouth as she moaned.

As I was licking her little pussy, I could tell she was no virgin, and her little pink labia had opened up like a flower.  I got between her legs, then I started rubbing my cock up, and down her pussy.  She reached down with a cupped hand pressing my cock into her little clit, the pre-cum was pouring from my cock, and she then raised her hips, lined my cock up to her pussy hole, and then pushed her hairless little pussy down on my cock.

As my cock entered her body, I would have cum if she didn’t gasp, and stop pushing down. Then I felt her push down further onto my cock and it was now almost half in her. She raised just a little and when she pushed down I pushed up. Now my cock was almost all the way inside her, I looked down to see her little bald pussy stretching around my cock, and I started slow fucking her pussy.  Before I knew it I was fucking her balls deep, she’s rubbing her clit hard, and I swear we both cum at the same time.

After we both kind of caught our breath, she jokingly said; “that was the best screw I’ve ever had, I’ve never had a boy lick me”, and I replied; “that was the hardest I’ve ever cum in my life, and I’ll lick that little pussy any time sweetie”.

That started a relationship which lasts to date, even though she is now married with children, when she visits we always end up having sex, and still to this day we’ve both said it’s still the best sex we’ve ever had to date.