Making love with daddy

My back is against the wall, one of his hands keeping me there, the other hand fingering my pussy hard and fast. He’s kissing me passionately, while I stroke his hard manhood with my hand, the other hand resting against the back of his neck. He picks me up and throws me onto the bed, climbing above me, his cock in front of my face. I open my mouth, and he slides his dick in until he hits the back of my throat. He begins fucking my mouth, at first slowly, but then he is relentless, going fast and hard, making me deepthroat it. I gag, which makes him moan slightly. Finally, he relieves my throat. He kisses down my neck, shoulders, over my collarbone, my stomach. He kisses my hip bones gently, moving to kiss my inner thighs making me shiver with pleasure. He kisses up towards my pussy, but doesn’t touch the swollen clit or my cunt and I push towards him. He kisses up and down my thighs, teasing my now dripping pussy. Finally, I feel his tongue flick across my clit. I moan out, begging for more. He slowly licks from my cunt up to my clit and back down and my body trembles. After a few more licks, I feel him push his tongue into me, licking the inside walls. His right hand comes up and fondles my breast. He uses the thumb of his left hand to rub slow, small circles on my swollen bud. I lift my hips up, pushing his tongue deeper. I moan over and over as an orgasm builds from deep within me. My body shakes and trembles with the unleashed pleasure that he ignited at the beginning. As my orgasm explodes in every nerve in my body, he comes above me and kisses me, pushing his hard member into my now dripping cunt. As he lets my body adjust to his girth, he kisses my lips and neck, whispering seductively that I’m a good girl and that he loves me. When he begins making love to me, it’s the kind of love making that lasts for awhile, slow but deep and passionate. Our bodies move together, finding a rhythm that we both like. He swallows my moans, taking them in his mouth as if they will feed him. And it’s as if they do, for with every moan he thrusts harder. My moans are now echoing through the room, and I’m turning my head so as to avoid yelling in his ear. My moans and screams of pleasure are enough to push him over the edge, which pushes me over. We cum together, my back arching so my now erect nipples and swollen areola are against his chest. Afterwards, we lay in bed and kiss, love and passion burning deep within us.

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