Making Mom My Slave – Part 1

Hi friends I’m Mr Reddy. After reading lots of incest stories in this site I’m going to share my fantasy which I had with my mom. We are a family of three members me, dad and mom. I’m 29 years old now and my dad is 56 years old and he died recently in an accident. And finally my lovely mom who is 52 years old her name is Vasantha Laxmi. My dad was a farmer and my mom was housewife. Both are not educated. But as we are upper middle class family we are doing fine. I was working as a software employee in Bangalore. This incident happens six months ago. As I was in Bangalore I received a call from home stating that my dad was killed in a road accident. So I have to come my village immediately. So I went to my village for a week on leave. Until now I didn’t had any bad thoughts on my hot mom. Even I study lot of incest stories on mom and son I just use it to masturbate only. I reached my remote village in Andhra Pradesh. I entered my home where my dad was laid in center and some ladies crying. I saw my mom in a so terrible situation. When she saw me she cried loudly and started to flow eye drops. I cried for him too. Later we completed all the formalities and everyone went to their home except one old lady who is a worker in our fields. Later she served me food and said that mom didn’t had anything since yesterday. So I took plate to my mom and she sat near dad photo. I offered her food and she was speechless. I convinced her and made her eat the food. Later I asked her to sleep, she didn’t move and I made her sleep and I went to my room. Morning I saw my mom in same position near dad’s photo. So our neighbors advised to take mom with me to Bangalore. I agreed to this idea as there is no one here for us.

In the night I woke up for pee and accidentally saw my mom. Wowww what a sight it is her saree pallu was not in position it came off and her cleavage was so tempting. Sorry I forgot to describe her, she is 5.5 ft in height, her measurements are 36 32 38, she has wide ass. Then that night I couldn’t sleep. Then I decided to have her in my bed. Next day I said that I will leave for office and will come next week to take her off and asked our relatives to settle all the things. Now I came to Bangalore and rented a 2 bed room flat and purchased things needed. I was planning hot to grab her. Then I read many stories and watched movies. I decided to make her my slave for entire life. So I decided to disconnect all the connections with our village to mom and me. I also placed spy cams in all rooms of flat to enjoy her. Time came and I went to village for mom and she packed her things. Our neighbors bought our fields and home. I also prepared for LIC of my dad. I started driving and she was calm. She never went to any city so she was feeling scared and that feeling exited me more. She was in saree. I was observing her all the way. We reached home and she was surprised by the flat and the freshness there. She asked me why do we need such a big house. I said this is my room and that is for you. Shall I keep any servant for cooking and household works. She said no need. Then she was feeling new things there. The only time passing thing for her is the TV SERIALS. I kept watching her all day work through my cameras. I showed her her bedroom and she liked it. In fact she never thought about such luxurious. I also said that you need to change little bit to get used to this city. But she was not ready to change. Now I said her to get fresh. She went into her room and I went to my room and start viewing what my darling mom was doing. She is inspecting the room and she took her towel and went to bathroom by imagining what’s going on I was in cloud 9. Now she came into bathroom and she don’t know how to use shower etc. So she opened tap and starts to undress. I kept camera on the top so that only top view is visible. She removed her pallu and left whole saree down and next she removed her blouse, wowww she didn’t use bra her boobs were very cute and her nipples were brown in color. Her boobs were little saggy but I loved it, later she removed her gown and she was full nude. But from top angle I can’t get nice view of her bottom. But I started stroking my cock already. After bath she came to room in towel and she went to dressing table and watching her beauty in mirror. Now I got full view of her sexy body. Her pussy is so hairy so I can’t see pussy at all. Later she dressed and came to hall. Now I finished my session and came out. I said for today I will bring lunch and said to her to not open main door as we cannot trust anyone in cities. I brought food and we ate.

This continued for 1 week and suddenly one day she started fingering her pussy and pressing her boobs at last she came and she satisfied herself. Later I bought some new nighties for mom. Now she is getting settle here and slowly forgetting dad. One day I got sleeping pill and I mixed this pills in juice and made her in deep sleep. Then I checked whether she slept fully or not and I confirmed that she is in deep sleep. Now I opened her nighty and I did something strange to her. It is I got my trimmer and cleaned her armpits neatly and again I dressed her. I want to fuck her while she is conscious next morning, she got shocked that her armpits were vanished. I was watching in my cam her expressions. I think she will ask me about this but she didn’t so I continued same next day. This night I trimmed her sweet pussy. Wow what a scene it is she has nice sexy lips, I controlled and waited for the next day reaction. Now she was upset with my progress and she yelled my name in anger so I went to her. She asked me what’s happening in this house. I said what happened. She got angry and said look only we two are in this house and I know you have done the things so come on what are you up to. I said mom I want to make you happy and modern and take all responsibility of you as a woman. She was upset and said that she will be leaving to village and ordered me to drop her. I got angry and said what happened to you now, is there anyone to fuck you there in village or what? She was shocked by my question and said what are you saying. Now I took her to my room and showed her masturbating video and asked her what is it. She shocked and began to weep and starts to request me to delete the video. I said mom you have no partner now and no one will communicate with you from village so you will enjoy my company. If u agree we will have new life as husband and wife. If not you will have tough situations ahead. She starts to weep, I went out saying that I will be back by 9 pm, if you are agreeing wear green nighty if not wear red nighty and went out. My heart is pumping so hard I hope same with my sexy mom too. I came back at 9 pm and she was in red nighty. I got angry and went straight to her and said so you are not agreeing. She said I’m your mother how can you ask me to be your wife. I will get you married and you can be happy with her. I then slapped her and said I only want you as my wife not others and dragged her to bedroom and through her on bed. She tried to shout loud and again I hit hard and said to stop. She kept low and started crying without sound saying I’m your mother you cannot have sex. I then said from today you are my slave not mom and ordered her to do whatever I say otherwise I will sell you to prostitution home. Decide yourself will you be my slave or slave for many men. She was shocked and nodded her head in acceptance. I again hit her on cheek and said you have to do whatever I order. She said ok.

Good. Now I will ask you some questions you have to give correct answers. She said ok. I asked how many men fucked you up to now? She said only your dad. Who is more active in bed you or your husband? She said your dad is more active. How many times you have sex in week. She said in first we had daily but later it is just once in a week. Because your dad lost interest in sex. Which angle u like? She said what’s that. I said how did dad fuck you in home. She said him on top only one. Ok come-on I have some rules to you from now on. You have to do everything I say without a question. She said ok. Next you should not wear any cloth in house always be naked. Every morning you have to wake me up by giving blowjob. She said ok. From now on I will call you by name, by the way how did dad call you? She said VASU. from now I will call you as Vasu darling and you have to call me sir.

She said ok sir. Now I said her I will go to my room and wait for you. You should come to my room as a newly Wed bride and handed her some flowers which I got. She nodded her head and said ok sir. I said good and make it fast, and I went to my room and start watching her through my cam. She went to mirror and saw her cheeks as I slapped hard it became red. I said sorry to myself and eagerly waiting. She was now getting ready as bride and wearing a nice white saree with flowers and she came to my room with a glass of milk. She knocked the door. I said come in Vasu baby she entered keeping her head down, I looked her sexy body top to bottom and felt proud that this motherly beauty is mine for whole life. I went to her and she said sir I have just one request. I got angry and said what’s that. She said that you are going to fuck me now I know. My only request is to marry me and then you can do whatever you want, I don’t want to be fucked by my son. I said oh my darling Vasu. I will definitely marry you. Mom said thanks then I said, but today I will fuck my mother only. She then raised her head then I hold her waist with both hands and dragged her to me and mom tried to get away so caught her saree end and pulled it aah she was sexy in white blouse. I went near her and started to kiss her lips, she kept idle and not responding, so slowly I moved my right hand to her boob and gave a hard squeeze. She moaned and opened her lips and I started tongue fight with my Vasu mom. Slowly I removed the knot of her gown and now she is in blouse and panty. I then removed her blouse and released her, she covered her breasts with hands and feeling shy. I said Vasu no shy come on have fun your son is ready for you. She said don’t call me mom anymore. I made her nude and I too removed my dress, she saw my dick and turned her face. I went near her and pinched her belly to which she jumped. Wow what a beauty her boobs shake like balloons. So I got an idea and played some music and ordered her to dance. She said I don’t know dance. Then I hit hard on her butt and she again jumped and cried. I said this jumping is also dance. So do dance and please your son. She started to dance and then I had a good view of her ass. I love my mom’s ass most. Then after some time she got tired and I asked her to get on bed and I started to kiss from her toe to head. She is now feeling pleasure and making some movement. I liked it and then I inserted my finger in her pussy. She said ooh aah …. Then I squeezed her boobs and I inserted my dick in her mouth and she gave good job. I started to do 69 and licked her clit she kept moaning and finally I held her thighs and kept my dick on her pussy entry and she aroused and became wet. I slowly started to fuck her and gave hard kick she cried in pain and pleasure. I love her expressions and her boobs jumping with every stroke. She held me tight and she came in and I too discharged. Mom was going to sleep.

This is my first encounter with mom Vasu. Hope you guys liked it. Can give comments and contact me at [email protected]