My Sister Took My Virginity

My sister and me were close growing up, sharing almost everything. That was until we reached puberty. Being a few years older than me she developed sooner stopping us from seeing each other without clothes under the direct orders from our mother. My sister wasn’t eye candy for sure; actually she was kind of a dog. She had one problem that she was never able to overcome. She was on the hefty side. Just a little chubby our mother would say. Not obese but none the less chubby.

Well this story is about how I got my first piece of pussy and it was from my sister. It didn’t happen all at once nor was it a long lead up process. In my mind I knew I shouldn’t have done the deed with my sister. Fortunately or unfortunately not sure which my body took over and thinking took place in my little head.

Ok enough background here goes.

It wasn’t unusual for us when younger to fool around lot. The tickle fights, wrestling matches and just plain horseplay seemed to dwindle away after her body developed. But one night we were in the basement playroom while the folks were upstairs. Can’t remember how it started but can remember how it ended. While watching TV some sort of argument surfaced. Both of us in our night clothes I started tickling her ribs pushing her backwards onto the sofa.

In an attempt to evade she rolled onto the floor with me following. Twisting around she ended up sitting on top of me holding my arms over my head with one hand the other entertaining herself in my armpit. Being more powerful than me, squirming around on top of me, her legs surrounding my hip area, I realized I was getting hard from her movements.

I really wanted her to stop, I was becoming embarrassed and tried to get out from under her but she wasn’t having any of it. My pajamas were thin cotton, hers a long flannel nightgown had ridden up on her legs so my dick was riding her crotch each time she moved. Then she took aware of what was happening and she relaxed her tormenting slightly.

My body became stagnant while hers began to make a transformation into a rocking motion. Her hands released their grip and went to my chest. I didn’t know what to do but lay motionless as her pussy slid across the length of my dick while her hands supported her weight on my torso.

It was quick although I wished it could have lasted longer her movement was sluggish. I looked up for something, approval or disgust but her eyes were closed. I would never know for sure but I would like to think she had no underwear on. All I know it felt wrong but all so right at the same time. Damn she was enjoying this as much as I was. But like I said it was quick, any boy my age couldn’t have possibly lasted any longer and a few minutes later I was cumming.

She must have sensed or perhaps felt it as I shot off a warm load of sperm and started grinding harder on my dick. I wanted to believe she had no underwear on but how could I tell? I finished blowing my wad and she continued slithering her pussy against me. I was looking up at her face and the expression on it when she stopped.

Her eyes opened, gazed downward at me, shook her head and said “you’re sick and perverted!’ and abruptly got up and left leaving me with pajamas filled with boy seed.

Believe me I tried over and over to let the same predicament happen again but it didn’t until a few months later. We were home alone for the evening. We both had taken baths and were just settling down for the evening. I wouldn’t give her any of the potatoes chips I was munching on. Hell she didn’t need any more fattening food but she was getting pissed at me.

Then it started, never mind the bag of chips she was out for blood and we were rolling around on the floor. I wasn’t even thinking about the last time or sex, I was more afraid of getting the shit kicked out of me when she took domination of the situation. But as soon as it began the mood shifted.

Once again I found myself under her chubby body. This time she had on a mid-thigh nightie and I could see her thick thighs surrounding my hips when she began the rocking motion. I decided to go for broke, what the hell did I have to lose. I pushed my ass up to meet hers as my dick swiftly rose to the occasion. Then my hands wandered upwards and with no objection raised her nightie over her head.

There in front of me was a pair of tits. Not quite what I expected, they were actually smallish but had these red rose bud nipples that were puffy, sticking out from the tit itself. My hands roamed over them while she kept her eyes shut.

Taking further control she pulled my pajamas down over my hips. Mom hadn’t finished the wash that day which was advantageous to me because I had no underwear on. We were both fully naked. She outright told me that we were both wrong that we should never be doing this but at the same time I could feel my dick riding the crease of her cunt. Someone was getting wet or maybe both of us either way it became very comfortable sliding around in the wetness.

I wanted so badly to get it inside her and told her so but was met with a “No way!” While she was explaining that I couldn’t fuck her I felt her body rising upwards away from me a few times. I caught on quickly and would flex my prick so it would hit her pussy lips head on only to be rejected. I would have to swear she did it on purpose, the last time she went up a little further and lingered in that position just a wee bit too long so when I flexed the tip went right into her cunt lips.

She held that stance, her face expressionless until she lowered her body downward ever so slightly and I was wedged directly inside the opening to her hole. But when she deliberately let herself go down her eyes flew open and let out several warnings about not going inside but it was her controlling the state of affairs. There was an awkward grimace on her face as her fat body went fully down on my shaft and her plump pussy surrounded my dick. OMG I thought I had died and went to heaven. The sensitivity of my dick being engulfed and the warmth of her insides were too unbelievable.

In that still stance barely moving for a minute or two then she rose up and lowered herself again. For a handful minutes that was all that happened before I started to move my ass up meeting her motions. Peering down between our bodies as she rose up I could watch dick impaling her. I was quite surprised to see my dick shining in the light with a translucent film of pink. Nothing was said then she seemed to understand the consequences of fucking and repeated many times to not cum inside her.

My mind was racing from the phenomenon of my dick being surrounded by a fat hairy cunt that was going very slowly up and down it. So slippery and wet there was now no resistance just a particular tightness as she rode my dick. Again she demanded that I do not cum inside her. There was a mood swing taking place as she let out a series of moans and her tempo increased. In a matter of only four or five minutes we went from fighting to fucking.

I raised my ass each time she lowered for maximum pleasure. I knew it couldn’t last much longer and it didn’t. Deep in my gut it started, that funny feeling you get as you start to approach orgasm. It was the same time she affirmed her demand that I not blow inside her which I had no intention of doing totally understanding the consequences if any sperm was planted inside her cunt. I warned her that my time was up that she needed to get off me. It went on deaf ears she actually would linger when our bodies touched grinding her pelvis harder against mine; I was confused and told her in plain English I was about to cum inside her.

I could feel all my lower muscles tensing up, my dick was swelling and then the first gusher was about to be expelled out I was crying out “get off, get off I’m going to do it!” but it went on deaf ears she was lost in her own lust. She came down hard trying to get move of me inside her grinding stiffly against me. My dick was touching all the flab inside her cunt when I lost it. I knew it was of no use so I just lay back relaxing my body shooting off a massive fountain of warm cum spraying her internal tube of sex. Damn that was something I will never forget until the day they put me six feet under.

I felt every nerve ending in my dick tingling until my orgasm ceased. It was after I was still enjoying the afterglow she came back to her senses. Her eyes flew open her breathing stopped the short gasps of a minute earlier and a strange look appeared on her face. She slowing stood up releasing my diminishing hard-on from the confines of her plump pussy straddling my body.

I looked up at her cunt and the hairs surrounding it covered with my thick white cum. My eyes glued as a gelatinous accumulation finally dropped from it landing on my stomach. She accused me of taking advantage of her. But when she mentioned pregnancy I freaked out.

My sister and her fat ass picked up her nightie and waddled up the stairs continuing her barrage of accusations. I never had sex with her again and that was the last time I saw her naked.