Saleena cleans up part 01

My daughter Saleena was writhing below me, pinned to the bed by my rock hard cock. Her legs were wrapped around my waist, her hips tilted up, so that I could ram every last bit of my 7 inches to the hilt. She tossed her head from side to side in ecstacy, her red hair spread out like a fan, making loud growls of passion as I power fucked the tight, clutching heat, oh god, the teen tightness of her fuck hole was out of this world, milking eagerly at my cock, it seemed like we’d been going at it for hours, fucking and sucking our way through the house, from the kitchen table, to the living room sofa, to the backyard pool, and finally in the master bedroom.

“Yes, oh god yes, fuck it feels so good, keep ramming your daughter Daddy, keep stuffing my tight little cunt, I want you to explode, I want a gusher to fill up my hungry womb!” Saleena growled.

Eager to do exactly as told, I kept pumping, the sensation of her 15 year old cunt wrapped around my cock was making my senses sizzle, and orgasm was quickly rising. I felt her legs around my waist tightening up, the spasms started running up and down her tight tunnel, clutching at me even tighter, and her shrieks of pleasure filled the bedroom as she tumbled into climax, I could feel my cock jerk, getting set to flood her, oh god, I was gonna explode….


My eyes jerked open, the dream fell apart, and I glared balefully at the alarm clock. I had been right on the verge, and it just had to choose that exact moment to go off! Mumbling a few choice words, I slapped at the off button, silencing that racket. My cock was still rock hard, I slid the covers back, and sighed. Well, I’d just have to hop into the shower, and finish the job myself.

My daughter Saleena had been the focus of my night time fantasies, and why not? She had developed a growth spurt at 13, and she filled out in all the right places. The flat, angular body of childhood was replaced by the soft, sleek curves of impending adulthood, her hips filled out nicely, wide but not fat, to the glorious moons of her backside becoming fuller and rounder, to her chest which went from little nubs to a 36D, her chest stood out, high and proud. When we were out by the pool, her sexy bikini highlighting all her charms and assets, I’d drink in the vision, and use that as mastubatory fodder. From seeing her eybrows, I could tell she was a natural red-head, and my cock would grow rock hard, thinking about what her cute red bush looked like, hoping that one day, I’d get to see that sexy red muff.

I opened the bedroom door, went down the hallway and tapped at her door. After getting no response, I pushed the door open just a bit. She was still asleep, and she needed to get up for school.

I called from the door, “Saleena, sweetheart, wake up, baby.”

Her eyes started to flutter, and those sea green eyes fixed on me. Her face broke out in a smile, and she swept the covers back, and hopped out of bed. I stared, open mouthed, oh holy god, she was totally nude. I was rooted to the spot, I couldn’t look away, as she slowly, deliberately stretched, I saw everything, her long legs, the sexy curve of her hips, the neatly trimmed bush of red pubic hair, her breasts capped with big, round coral pink nipples, stretching up with her arms, my cock was begging for relief. She relaxed, and looked at me, still with that smile, in no rush to cover up. I was almost in a daze, and I came to.

“It’s a school day, I’m going to take a shower”, I mumbled.

“Okay Daddy” she said, still smiling at me.

Back in the master bedroom, I went into the attached bathroom, and cranked on the shower tap. I let it run until it was hot, then I stepped in, and let the water rain down on me. I grabbed the soap, and started to soap up my hands. I turned away from the water, and gripped my cock, ready to start pumping. My eyes were closed, but they flew open when I heard the shower stall door open. Saleena, still totally nude, still with that eager smile, stepped in, closing the door behind her. She looked at me, and then at my hands, ready to pump my cock.

“Oooh, Daddy, you are so hard, you must have had a very sexy dream! Ummm, let’s not waste your morning load, let your daughter suck it out of you. Let the feel of my hot mouth milk that hard, stiff, wonderful cock!”

She dropped to her knees, pushed my hands away from my cock, and swallowed me in one go. I gasped, oh god, her mouth was so warm and wet, I’d never felt anything like it. But I couldn’t let it happen, I was her Dad, and the idea of sex with my daughter, oh god, my mind yelled no, while my cock yelled yes, yes!

“Baby, we can’t do this, oh god, no, we can’t”, I pleaded.

She pulled back, and released my cock, gazing up at me, her sea green eyes stormy with lust, she purred, “Why not Daddy? Mom isn’t in the picture, since she ran out on us 5 years ago. You’re not forcing me, I want to suck your hard cock.”

My resolve rapidly crumbling, I said, “But baby, it’s just…”

She interrupted, “But what Daddy?”

She started to lick at the head of my cock, long lingering passes of her sexy pink tongue over me.

“Do you really, really want me to stop Daddy? Be honest, if you say stop I will. But wouldn’t you really rather say yes?”

I looked down at her, my daughter on her knees, so eager to suck my cock. All my fantasies about her jumped in, and I felt the heat of my desire slicing through my resistance like a red hot knife through butter.

“Do it baby, suck Daddy’s cock, and let Daddy’s load fill your cute mouth,” I whispered.

Saleena let out a squeal of joy, and once again, my cock was swallowed right to the balls. She pulled back, then plunged down the entire length again, I felt her lips molding tightly around my shaft, the hot, wet warmth of her mouth surrounding me, her mouth was a sucking, milking vortex of pleasure, eager to take my load. I reached down, and started to stroke at her head.

“Oh baby, god, so good, ummm, so good baby” I growled.

Her mouth continued to bob back and forth, she was making little noises of passion as she sucked me, and I felt my cum ready to explode. When she cupped my balls, squeezing gently at them, that did it, I felt the sudden explosion of cum, letting out a loud grunt as I shot my load. I could feel the thick streams spewing a massive load into Seleena’s sweet mouth, her cum slick tongue swiping at my throbbing cock, sucking my cock until every last drop was drained. She pulled back slowly, keeping her lips clasping tightly at me, until she let me go, with a look and a smile up at me, I could see her throat muscles working as she swallowed every drop.

“Ohhh Daddy, your cum is the best I’ve ever tasted. I’ve sucked off 4 boys, but they didn’t taste anywhere as good as your cum does!” Seleena giggled.

She stood up, and turned to reach for the shower door. She was about to open it, and leave, when I grasped her arm gently, holding her in place. She looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“Not quite yet, baby,” I said softly.

I quickly knelt, and slid my fingers over her tight lips. She moaned, then gasped as I thrust my face against her, my tongue sliding out to rim all over the pink lips.

“Oh my god, feels so incredible, never had this done before,” she gasped.

That answered the question of her puzzled expression, the idea that I was taking her pussy licking virginity was heady, and it spurred me on. I used my fingers to gently spread her lips open, my tongue painting designs of pleasure all over the spread flesh. Her pussy was starting to gush juices, washing over my mouth, down my chin, she was letting out moans and gasps of pleasure. Her clit rose up, stiff, virtually throbbing with need. I slid a finger in, and got to the second knuckle before I felt it come up against her hymen. Oh god, she’s still a virgin, my mind said, so I gently finger fucked her, making sure to not break her open.

Just before my mouth took her clit, I growled, “Now baby, I’m gonna make you cum, cum for Daddy sweetheart, cum all over Daddy’s face!”

I slid my mouth over, sucking gently on her clit, letting my tongue lash at her twitching orgasm button. She started to squeal with pleasure, she pushed her dripping pussy tighter against my face, and her squeals changed to a long, drawn out shriek, I felt the spasms clenching at my finger, and her juices gushed, giving me lots of her nectar, as her pussy convulsed, cumming hard all over my eager face.