lolilover meets lallololi and littleloli

I shall not disclose the sites where these two chicks are chatting. Lallololi has been active on a dating site for five years; now 25-years old. She posted several blog posts. The posts relate to little girls ranging from 7-years to 13-years. The blog spot started with a narration ” gram jalebi ” (गरम जलेबी), … Continue reading lolilover meets lallololi and littleloli


Hello Guys This Is Mr. Random and this is another fiction story from one of my friend Pragya Jaiswal. Read The Story From Her Point Of View. Hi, I am Pragya, Pragya Jaiswal. I have just completed my 10+2 and I have started my career in modelling. First Let Me Tell You About Myself. I … Continue reading Revenge