Aunty To Wife – Love, Lust And Sex

Few things about me. I am 24 years old. Hailing from Andaman island. Got an average body with an average tool.

Coming to the story. It happened when I was pursuing my engineering from Bangalore. My youngest uncle got married and settled in Bangalore. I was in my final year and 20 years old. My uncle was 33 and his wife. My aunt ( heroine of the story) was 25 years old. As they got settled in Bangalore I used to visit them over the weekend to get some home cooked meal… As you know hostel food sucks.. I used to have casual talks with them. About college life studies and other stuff. One day my uncle asked me ..whether I have a girlfriend or not. I said no. And my aunt smiled and said. He is shy and hence lying to you.

I used to stalk aunt whenever I used to get a chance. She was a sex bomb with an awesome figure.

Her dressing sense was amazing.

She used to wear deep cut salwar showing her cleavage and with perfect fitting. Any guy would want her in bed. I was so damn jealous of my uncle. I became very frank with her and we used to text a lot at night .. Nothing personal. Just casual stuff.

Things went on I started to go for movies with uncle and aunty. I could easily see uncle cuddling aunt in the movie hall. I used to get excited and used to masturbate after going hostel.

One fine day uncle called me and me to come to their house. I went and he told that he will have to go on a business tour for 2 weeks and wanted me to visit and take care of an aunt. I agreed with a naughty intention in my mind.

Uncle left. One night I was chatting with an aunt in WhatsApp.

I asked her if she is OK. Had dinner. And all stuff. Suddenly she : You really don’t have a girlfriend.

Me: no

She: don’t lie.

Me: I am not aunty.

She: I look like aunty?

Me: no you look amazing I could have made you my Gf 😉

She: naughty.

Me: my bad luck.

She: why. Can’t have fun

Me: I like you.

She: what do you like

Me: you

She: what do you like to me

Me: your face

She: and?

Me: eyes and lips.

She: and?

Me: that’s all I have noticed in you.

She come home over the weekend. you can notice few more things. Good night

Me: what things.?

She: comes home will show you.

I was confused as well as happy. I knew it was the right time. The weekend came I went to her home. She opens the door. And I was stunned. Is was in a tight top and a mini skirt. I was amazed to see her beauty. She asked me to get in. We sat on the sofa and she offered me cold drinks. She said so what did you notice now. I said you look hot. I asked her about her boob’s size. She said so you have noticed something apart from the face. you find it on your own. I was happy and started pressing her boob’s over the top. She- do it slowly it hurts. I then cuddled her boob’s. Started to smooch her. She hugged me tight and started kissing me. She removed my t-shirt and started to kiss my chest. I removed her top. She was in a bra. I saw the size it was 32B .. I removed it and started sucking those beautiful nipples. She then opened my pants and started stroking my tool. And was playing with my balls. After sometime I made her naked and brought ice cubes from the fridge. And starting running it over her nipples and then to naval and then to the pussy..she was shivering with pleasure. We then moved to 69 positions and started to lick and suck each other’s private parts.

After 15 mins of licking and sucking, we both came. Both of us full of sweat and breathing heavily. We then moved to missionary position and I started to penetrate her pussy with my tool. OMG, what a feeling it was. I could she her expression. And got excited and started fuckin her with a good pace… 10 mins of fuck and I cum inside her.. She was satisfied. I could see that in her face.

We took rest for sometime. Woke up .. Cleaned ourselves and had dinner.

After dinner I asked her.. Mita( her name) I love u. She said I love you too Rahul. I have got my husband today. you are way better than your uncle in sex. I said let’s have it one more time. She agreed. We went to the bedroom

This time I went on top of her and placed my cock near her mouth and started stroking it. She was enjoying it. Her teeth were hurting my cock. But it was worth it. I cum in her mouth and she drank it all. Then I started to finger fuck her pussy. She reached her orgasm. I then fucked her in doggy style and spelled my cum all over her ass.

Since then we meet and have sex whenever we get a chance.