Mom enjoyed in Bus by strangers

Hey guys…. This is Shivram back with the new story… Hope y’all read the previous story that my mom fucked by garbage cleaners…. If you haven’t read it then go and read…. And share as much as possible….

Coming to the story after my mom fucked by the garbage cleaners mom got more sexy with big boobs….

Mom had planned to go for our native on our vacations…. Our native was Mangalore and it was very hot place in summer… But Mangalorean Brahmin women were hot af….

It was in March 1st week we sat on a bus in night 10:00 pm which would reach Mangalore at 6:00am…. Me and mom reserved seat in a double sleeper in lower… Our sleeper seats were in middle of bus…. I wanted window side so I decided to sleep near window side and mom slept beside me and pulled the curtain…. Mom was in green cotton chudidar as no one wishes to wear saree when they are travelling…. Chudidar was tight and her boobs looked like big melons and ass was also looking good… Mom is also a cute woman and every man likes to fuck her…

When we entered bus I noticed joy in the eyes of the bus driver and cleaner…. They gave a deep look to my mom and even cleaner touched my mom’s waist by acting as he’s helping…

Mom told me to sleep and she slept… I was listening to songs and I was not sleeping but pretending as sleeping… The bus cleaner came near our seat and asked where to get down so that he can tell exact time the bus reaches at that place…. And he was continuously staring at my mom’s boobs and I said shall I close the curtain then he said ok, I was in some other mood, sorry… Then he left… I saw near my mom’s boobs and I was surprised to see the cleavage was exposed clearly…. Mom faced opposite to window side and she was also in side… If anyone opens the curtain they can clearly see her cleavage… I was aroused by this and wantedly opened our curtain so that her cleavage visible to all… My mom was in deep sleep and looked like a Greek god ready for sex…. There was old aged person in opposite seat and it was a single sleeper on other side… The old man was looking outside window and didn’t look at my mom…. His age was around 60 and he looked like a poor man wearing lungi and a shirt…. I wanted to draw his attention but mom shouldn’t know… So I acted as I keep my shoes in proper position so I got down of our sleeper seats and went near my shoes and bus was also in so speed and took a great drift… So I acted as falling on his seat so he could get my attention… I fell on his seat and he said be careful… Hold tight…. So I said “sorry, actually my seat was there and pointed towards mom”.. Then I saw excitement in his eyes and I also looked for my mom’s cleavage… With my mom’s cleavage her pink luxurious bra also visible…. Then I said what happened…. So he said nothing… Nothing… Who’s that he asked… I said she’s my mom Chaitra V Bhat.. Then I came to my place and pretended as sleeping and I was slowly watching him also… He slowly took out his mobile phone and started shooting my mom’s cleavage…. Then I wake up…. Suddenly he kept his mobile inside…. He was still staring at my mom’s boobs and he didn’t hesitate to tell he made actions about hey boobs and so many things… He also opened his lungi and started to shag his 9 inch old black cock… Then his sperms were ejaculated in his bottle and he wiped his penis with his cloth and said bye to me and gone to sleep…. It was around 12:00 am and it was midnight….. All the lights were turned off in bus but I didn’t sleep… But pretended to sleep…. My mom was a sleepy head…. If she sleep on night she’ll not get to know what’s happening and she’ll wake up in morning only… If some sound come she’ll not be Disturbed….

Bus was fast and it crossed Bangalore and near Hassan it was…. At 2:00 there was half and hour break for whom all like to go to washroom and other stuffs…. It stopped near a dhba and I wanted to pee so I wanted to go to wash room very urgently… I didn’t disturb mom as she was sleeping… I peed and came back to bus…. The cleaner who was near the door introduced himself to me…. He was Vijay and he was 25… Not very good looking… Black in complexion…. He was also a lower caste person… He talked to me generally and said let’s go to dhaba and I said I just went… So he said it’s ok come again… So I went with him… We went to washroom and he peed and took out his phone and said to give my WhatsApp number… I gave him.. Instantly he texted… My dp was dad and mom standing holding each other…. So that he asked who’s she… I said she’s my mom… He said wow, she’s very hot bro…. I just saw in bus and I got instant boner…. I said “what the hell you’re talking”… So he said “I’ll give you 2000 rupees just give me a chance to see her boobs and press that… So I agreed and said “come to my seat as she’s sleeping and she will not get to know”….

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Me and him both entered bus and still 15 mins left for the bus to leave… I thought peoples are in dhaba and some people are sleeping but for my shock 2-3 people were near my mom’s seat and some are watching and some are shooting her cleavage…. Me and Vijay came near that seat and saw her bra cup was also exposing with that cleavage… They’re totally enjoying it and said us you too enjoy…. Good body structure this bitch has…. So I said them all she’s my mom and I’ll complain to police if they continue this act…. So they all went to their places and closed curtains….

Vijay called the driver too and I said don’t call him…. So he pleased me and I agreed they came inside my curtain and closed the curtain and sprayed some spray on kerchief and kept on my mom’s nose and she’s totally unconscious now… I slapped him and said what you’re doing… So he said this is just for 3 hours after that she’ll be awake… I was ok and he said me to shoot their acts…. I started shooting….. Vijay firstly pressed her boobs over chudidar and he moved his hands in circular motion and kissed my mom… So I said him you gave only 2000 rs and you can’t kiss and all so the driver gave again 1000 RS and said let us kiss her too…. I agreed and he again started and removed her top and he was amazed by bra…. It was like silk material and it was very costly bra… He pressed over it also and kissed and left driver to enjoy… Driver pressed her boobs, licked, bit, pinched and punched too and thanked me saying that “I’ve fucked many women in my life but they were not of this much high class and beautiful, even I pressed your mom boobs I felt happy more than fucking… Thank you my boy”.. He started bus and again journey began but Vijay was in my seat only…. He also made same stuffs that driver made and just slapped her ass and kissed all-over body and liplocked for 5 minutes and also he thanked me and left…. It was around 3:30 am and I didn’t dressed up mom… Her top was naked but bottom was covered with black leggings…. Now I opened the curtain as I was horny and the old man was sleeping and I wake him up and other two in next two seats and said them sorry for being rude but now I realized that every man has some desires and you too had… So plzz enjoy my mom… They enjoyed my mom too then after masturbating they left place…. And next day also we got down at 6:00 am near our native…. I saw an evil grin in face of the driver and cleaner when we got down…

I’ll be back in next part of the story…. Till there bye bye….


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