My wife Kavi

My name is Ramesh. Today I am going to narrate a story which was happened few days back. My wife was fucked by two of my friends.

My wife name is Kavita. She is 26 now. A superb Bengali housewife. She is very fair in complexion. 5’5” Is height. She was 34 26 34. We are happily married couple. But she is a shy and conservative type. She always wear a saree.

Few days back two of my friends suddenly came to my house to enjoy the weekend with us. One is Vishal and another one is Subhash. They are well known to my wife. Because they are my close friends. They also love to share time with my wife Kavi. I know they also lust for her.

After lunch we all were seating in our drawing room and chitchatting with each other. Myself and my wife seated in a same sofa and they were opposite to us. We were laughing and enjoying our time. But I noticed that they were looking at her hungrily with full of lust. Vishu was looking at her lips and Subu at her boobs.

Suddenly Visu said, “aaj raat party karte hain. Thik hain?”

Me – ok no problem.

Subu – but food and drinks from our side.

Visu – haan aur kavi tume bhi aaj hamare sath drinks lena padega.

Kavi – nehinehi main kabhi nahi piya. I can not.

But after some emotional trick they managed her but in one condition that Kavi will take only one peg. They agreed and went to arrange our party. Before leaving they told, “please party matlab party so sabko party wale getup main hona chahiye. Aur kavi tum bhi acchese tayar hona, aisebhi tum bahut khoobsurat ho.” Kavi blushed and low down her head.

At evening we all gathered in our seating room. Kavi is looking like a goddess. She is wearing a red saree, with red blouse and matching red lipstick. I saw the bulge in their pants. They bring all the snacks and food. Visu took four glass and and we start drinking. After my two three pegs, I saw Visu and Subu were smiling to each other. It was already 9 pm.

Subu told me yaar please thoda pani le ana kitchen se. I got up and went to kitchen. Just then I saw Kavi was also coming. She said They send her to help me. I gave the bottle in her hand and go back slowly. I saw they put some medicines in my glass. I understood that they Add sleeping pills in my drink. So that I sleep deadly and they can enjoy my wife easily.

After two three min me and my wife go back and seated with them. Visu now insist my wife to take the remaining in her glass. My wife hesitantly took all the drinks. Vishu said to me, “are yaar glass to khatam kar dusra peg banana hain.”

Then only my landline phone start ringing. I got up with my glass and took the phone. I talked with one of my relative and at the same time emptied my glass in a vas. They did not notice it. After 2 to 3 min I came back and seated with my wife. I put the glass. I saw the effect of drug in her. I am acting like I am sleeping. Suddenly I got up from my seat and went towards my bedroom. I told them I was feeling sleepy and I was going to sleep.

Kavi also tried to get up but Visu hold her hand and said, “aap bhi jarahe ho, pls thora hamara sath baithiana.”

Kavi hesitantly sat there with them. Subu told bhabi ji aap hamare glass se to ek ghoont to pijie. Kavi said no.

But they are not ready to listen. At last Kavi took a sip from their glass. This is the first time she was taking hard drinks. She was now trying to get up but Visu hold her hand and told Kavi mere paas thoda baithona and pull her in between them. I was watching all these from a hidden place.

Now my wife Kavi was seating in between them. They were flirting and made her fully drunk slowly.

Suddenly Visu hold her head and before she react Visu locked her juicy lips. Kavi tried to protest and freed herself but she could not. After around 2 to 3 min he leave her. Kavi was not in a state anymore to react. She just tried to got up from there. But this time Subu held her and said, “kyun visu aap ka jada karib hain main kuch nahin.” And also smooching her.

Already her pallu was taken out. Subu was kissing her lips with full force at the same time Vishu is licking and sucking her entire back. She was trying to protest but her all efforts were gone in vain. Subu is now kissing all over her beautiful face.

Kavi is shouting, “please aise mat karo, I am married. Please you are my friends, ummmmmmmplsssssssss don’t do this. My husband will come any time please leave me. Ufffffffffffahhhhplsssssss.”

But they were not ready to listen to anti thing. Slowly Subu down his head and now licking her neck and chest above her breast. Visu is now licking her earlobes. Kavi became restless. She could not control her emotion. She only now told, “pleassssss leave mee….. Yeh thik nehi hain…. Ufffffffffffahhhhhhhmaatttttkorooooooo…….. Plsssssssschordooooooo.”

Now Visu moved her hand in her front and hold her both boobies in her hand. Visu is enjoying her luscious boobs above her blouse. “Uffffffkavitumharedoodkitna soft hain.” Slowly he opened her blouse hook one by one. Kavi tried to stop him but Subu hold her hand. Now her blouse hooks are open. Vishu slowly takes off her red blouse. Now she was wearing a red satin bra. She was looking stunning with her fair colour and red color bra.

Immediately Subu starts licking her cleavage and Visu is twisting her nipples with full force. She was jumping in ecstasy. Her whole face neck is glistening with their saliva. “Uff bhabi app Kitna sexy ho” and Subu start biting on her boobs side which is open from the side of her bra. Visu again starts sucking her lips when Subu is busy with her boobs. Subu starts sucking her nipples above the bra. Visu is kissing and now puts her hand inside her bra. The first time my wife Kavi’s boobs touched by any other man than me. Visu felt the softness and hotness of her melons. She gasped as Visu pressed her melons. Now Subu is sucking her left boobs nipple over her bra and Visu inserts his right hand inside her bra cage and starts fondling her right boobs.

Kavi is now jumping with pleasure. The mixed effects of alcohol and sex made her mad. She is trembling with pleasure and guilty feelings.

Visu took her right boobs out of her bra cage. Her nipples stood proudly. It was fully erect. The very fair color and red cherry on the top make her boobs very very luscious. Subu brought his hand back of her. Slowly he opened the bra hook. Kavi is now trying to free her again. She understood the upcoming. But she failed in front of two good build men. They take her bra from her shoulder. Now Kavi is completely naked from her waist to above. She was looking super sexy. Very pair color, perfectly shaped boobs, and red erected cherry on the top. Her boobs stand straight but I know how soft it is.

Immediately Visu starts kissing her right boobs and Subu her left boobs. But they never touched her nipples. They also gave a small bite on her boobs. Sometimes they are licking her boobs, sometimes her armpits.

Kavi is now totally surrendering herself. She was very hot now. She was now only waiting for a good fuck but still, she can not accept it. She can not accept any other than her husband.

Suddenly Subu and Visu leave her and open their clothes. Before Kavi understand anything they are in the same position but now they are in their vest. Both Visu and Subu are fondling her boobs. And licking her cheeks from both sides.

Subu told, “Kavi I love you.”

Visu – “pls aaj hame thora pyar karne do.”

Kavi closed her eyes. Her boobs become red with their continuous fondling.

Visu asked – “Kavi turn your face”

Kavi turns her face and they went into a deep lip-locked, Subu is now licking her neck. Then Subu also came and start smooching her. They are drinking her sweet juice from her lips alternatively. Their hands are always busy fondling her boobs. For almost 10 min they were sucking her lips continuously. She was panting for breath. Her lips are swollen due to their continued invasion.

They slowly brought down their head and take her both nipples in their mouth. Kavi had a shock. She trembled. They start sucking their nipples. They have gone crazy. They tickling her nipples with their tongue. Slowly they moved their tongue on the areola. Slowly they start sucking her nipples. Gradually intensity of sucking was increased. They want to take her full boobs in their mouth. Kavi couldn’t take it anymore. She was moaning loudly. They start biting the side of her boobs. Also, they licking the base of her boobs. They took some sass from the plate and put it on the valley of glory in between her two tits. They start licking sass from there with their tongue. They put some on her nipples. Again they are sucking her boobs like there is no end. They took her hands and kept them under their vests. Reluctantly Kavi kept her hand on it. They opened their vest completely.

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Subu and Visu are now sucking my beautiful wife Kavi’s boobs and she is stroking their cocks. I took my mobile and start recording.

Now Subu and Visu opened her saree completely and threw it on the ground. Kavi is now seating in her red panty. Subu inserts his hand inside her panty and starts messaging her pussy lips. Visu opened the panty and threw it out. Now they all are completely naked.

Kavi now totally helps less. They now took her in their arms and went to the guest bedroom. I slowly followed them. They put her on the bed. She tried to escape once again but she couldn’t.

They jumped upon her. They start licking her from head to toe. Her whole body is glistening with their saliva. They turned her back. Now they are licking her back. Subu is licking her back and Visu is licking and biting her butt. Now again they turned her up. Subu again starts sucking her both nipples turn by turn. Visu moved down and kissing and licking her inner thigh. Slowly he put her mouth on her pussy. He kissed her pussy lips. Start licking it with her tongue. Her tongue licking all the part of the labia. Now he was licking her clit. She now reached her first orgasm. Her juices are flowing through her pussy lips. Visu starts drinking her pussy juice. Sucking her pussy with full intensity.

Now Subu also went down and start licking her ass whole. The first-time Kavi was experienced such pleasure. Visu put her finger inside her pussy and scratching her g-spot. She was attacked from all angles. Almost 20 min they were giving her the ultimate pleasure. Kavi climaxed already 2 to 3 times. Now she laid on the bed like a dead log. Now Subu positioned herself and entered his cock inside her pussy. He was fucking her with full speed. Within 5 min he released his load inside her glory whole. He took out his dick. His white juice mixed with her fluid came out from her pussy and flowing through her thigh. Now Visu took position and fucked her like hell. He also seeded her and laid by the side of her. They all were laying side by side on the bed.

After some time kavi gain her consciousness and tried to get up but she couldn’t because before that they also wakeup and hold her. They again hold her back and pinned her down on the cot. Subu told “bhabiji sabe to 12:30 hua hain abhi to puri raat pari hain.” Kavi pleaded “please ab to mujhe chod do time jo chahie that tume mil gaya.”

Visu kissed on her lips and said, “abhi to pane hame oral bhi nehi diya, or aapke virgin gaand bhi marna baki hain.”

Kavi – no please don’t do this.

They both laughed and said ok bhabi fir hum eek nice blowjob dijiye. Kavi reluctantly agreed.

Now they both are lying side by side and Kavi is giving blowjobs one by one alternatively. But after 2 to 3 min they got up.

They continued their foreplay kisses and sucking passionately to arouse her more and give her the best treatment of her life……

They are licking her from head to toe. Their saliva and sass are glistening all over her body.

They make her lied on the bed. Subu takes his lund and puts it in her mouth. His dick goes deep into her throat. She is coughing and gasping for breath. But without giving her any chance Visu thrust his black monster cock in her pussy with full speed.

Kavi is now jumping like a fish out of water. But there is nobody who can rescue her.

Subu and Visu fuck her mouth and pussy mercilessly. I am enjoying the live show. Her boobs are daggling with every thrust. Her waist comes up with every thrust. She surrounded by two merciless wolves, ready to tear her flesh. They moved their hand all over her body. Already she has multiple orgasms.

Suddenly Visu jump upon her and pinned her down on the bed. He entered his dick in her already lubricated love whole. Visu starts fucking mercilessly. He kept his lips on her and start sucking. Kavi gets back her consciousness and slowly half open her eyes.

After a good 20 min of vigorous fucking he is Cumming inside her. Visu is taking some time to hold his breath, but immediately he was replaced by Subu.

What a seen. A black monster fucking my beautiful wife with full force. Kavi is now almost senseless. She cant bear the pain & pleasure anymore. Black cock and white pussy making a perfect contrast.

Visu is again waiting for his turn. After a good 25 min, fuck Subu leaves his white curd into Kavi’s love whole.

Now Visu again take the charge. His cock head was glistening with her love fluid. He is also fucking her with full vigor. Visu again empties his balls inside her love hole.

They are now seating naked on the chair in front of her. Kavi is lying naked almost a dead log. Her whole body was marked with a biting sign. Especially her boobs and nipples are red. Her pussy lips are swallowed and their mixed semen is oozing out from her love wholes.

After 20 to 30 min Kavi slowly getting her senses but already she is attacked by them again.

Kavi is trying to push them out but they are much more powerful.

Suddenly Visu lied on the bed. Subu takes her and puts her upon pintu, with face down. Immediately before Kavi could understand Visu insert his penis into her pussy. Visu circled his hand and hold her tightly.

Now Subu starts licking her ass. He is licking her anal hole with the tip of her tongue.

Kavi understands that they are going for anal penetration. She never allowed me but today there is nobody to hear her no. She starts fighting again and tries to escape from their clutch. But Visu holds her very tight.

Now Subu slowly brings her cock to the entrance of the anal whole. He gives a slow but steady push and his penis get half inside her ass. She is shouting like hell.

Now Subu penetrates her ass slowly. After 5 min of short thrust Subu takes his dick outside and gave a full thrust. His cock gets deep inside her ass fully.

They are fucking her like that for 2 hours continuously. Once they cum they shift their position. They all fucked her all the whole serially, and leave their thick load in all her whole. They are satisfied in fullest.

Now it was 4:30 am. They are fucking her for last 6 hrs. Kavi is now not in a state to move her any body part for an inch.

My wife came out of the room. She can’t walk properly. Her whole body covered with their biting marks. Her lips and nipples were swelled. She came into the room and lay down beside me fully naked. She can’t even notice where I am?

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