The rape of Draupadi

Draupadi is dragged from her chambers

Someone was walking to Draupadi’s chamber – someone unwilling and slow by the sound of their footsteps. A long minute later, the courtesy of a polite knock on the door filled the room. She woke up startled by the sound and an instant worry drifted across her tired face. Then, a look of epiphany came over her drowsy, yet unbelievably beautiful eyes, as she realized where she was.

“I am coming, Nakula,” she said and started to get out from under the covers exposing the breasts that had been caressed for a good part of the day past.

“No, my Queen,” came a stranger’s voice from behind the doors, “I am Pratikamin.”

Draupadi sat back down and pull her blankets up to her neck. It was not her husband. She was confused and concerned to find a man other than her husband outside her door in the middle of the night.

Draupadi, furrowed brows and all, asked, “Aren’t you one of Yudhisthira’s men? Is he alright?”

Draupadi stared intently at the door as did I. No reply came for a few seconds until suddenly we heard sobs. There was anxiety in her voice as she repeated, “Is my husband alright?”

“My Queen,” the voice finally came from behind the door, “I have been ordered to bring you to the courtroom right away.”

“I cannot go … Wait, did you say ‘ordered’?”

“Yes, my Lady. I was ordered by Emperor Duryodhana to bring you to his presence immediately.”

The look on her face and slump of her shoulders reflected the thousand questions that had arisen in her weary mind, but Draupadi was a Queen. She spoke with the calmness of one when she responded, “You meant Yudhisthira, Pratikamin. I would not repeat those words if I were you.”

“No. The emperor…  Yudhisthira played a game of dice with Duryodhana and Shakuni,” Draupadi’s gasp was audible at the mention of the Pandava’s weakness, “Your husband gambled away all of his possessions, his empire, even his own brothers.”

“Yudhisthira gambled away his brothers? He would never do such a thing,” said Draupadi, “My husband is a man of morals. Even if he would dare do such a thing, his brothers would never have let him.”

“The mind cannot see what wine does,” said Pratikamin between stifled sobs, “Yudhisthira ordered his brothers to obey. He fell prey to every ruse laid out by Shakuni.”

“Oh! He allowed himself to be enslaved by that sly Shakuni. How could he? Does Bhishma know? He is not going to be pleased —”

“He tried but… but,” the sob interrupted him again, “My Queen, Yudhisthira staked you next in the game, driven by his madness.”

Draupadi pulled her covers further up to her neck at those words. Her lips trembled when they spoke again, “Please tell me he was stopped.”

She hoped but what came was much worse than Pratikamin’s sad reply. A thunderous noise echoed across the room and her heart as a powerful fist banged on the doors and shouted, “Draupadi! Come out now or I shall break down these doors.”

Draupadi was incredibly brave and interjected with rage in her voice, “How dare you!”

Draupadi’s angry exclamation, however, did not extend to her body. She slid out from under the covers and and rushed to put on her sexy bra and g-string, before putting on her red sari. The sound of the fiend’s shoulders trying to break the door down was waking up every fear within her. Draupadi quickly put on her lacy black bra, a matching thong and suspender belt and sheer black stockings. Her nipples were obvious through the bra and the rear shot of her arse left nothing to the imagination.
She put on her petticoat and blouse, and draped her red sari on top. The doors to her chamber fell. Dushasana invaded the privacy of his own sister-in-law.

“Leave this instant, Dushasana and I shall forgive you your trespasses,” Draupadi said, holding onto her clothes tightly.

He eyed her body from head to toe. She could feel him feasting on her form, a form that was only just hidden under her skimpy sari.

“Get out now,” she screamed, hoping someone would come to help her.

“Shut up, slave. You have no right to speak unless I ask you to,” he said and stepped towards us.

Dushashana grabbed a visible distressed Draupadi by the hair.

“LET G!,” she screamed, hoping someone would hear her but nobody did.

Draupadi stepped back. The fear in the air struck her speechless. Dushasana reached her even as she backed towards the wall. His hands neared her. Her hands clenched around her waist, fearing the worst and then it happened. His hands gripped a handful of her hair and pulled her away from the wall. Draupadi began to shake in fear.

She squirmed in his hands, one hand beating his, trying to loosen his grip on her hair, and the other struggling to keep her breasts in place to avoid any more humiliation. Her heart sank and her feet struggle to stay rooted. He dragged her as she tried to pull away from the him with all the might in her body. He dragged her towards the sound of manic laughter signaling the intentions of evil men. He dragged us into the lamp lit darkness of the Hastinapur courtroom. He dragged her body, her mind, her fears, into the midst of men she wanted not to exist.

Draupadi in the Courtroom


Bheema got up off his knees unlike his other brothers and ran up towards him. Such was the fear the vicious eyes of Bheema instilled in the Kaurava that he let go of Draupadi’s hair instantly and moved away. Draupadi ran forwards towards Bheema but something stopped her. It was Duryodhana.

“Bheema, I ordered you to kneel. Now get back,” commanded the vile Kaurava, his voice spitting venom.

Draupadi was in utter shock when Bheema, instead of punching the maniac in the face, stopped and turned to his older brother. Yudhisthira nodded as if confirming her fears.

“You should have listened to us,” said Bheema and knelt back down next to his brothers, “Look what you have done.”

“Alright,” said Draupadi with a new resolve in her voice, “If Yudhisthira had already lost himself in this loaded game of dice as I have heard from your servant, pray tell me how he has the right to wager me. What possessions does a slave have to play with?”

The answer to the perfect question did not come from the Kauravas. There was no fake sense of self righteousness voiced by Drona. Dhritarashtra did not try to defend his stance as a man who allowed it to happen. It came from Yudhisthira himself.

“You were my possession, my dear. You made the vow to me on the day of our wedding. Though I was mad to wager you in a game, I was well within the rights to do so once my master permitted me,” he said with absolutely no remorse.

The strange thing about the answer was how unsurprising it was at that moment. Draupadi, however, did not take it quietly.

“And you vowed to protect me with your life, Yudhisthira,” she scoffed.

Yudhisthira was not proud. His naked form had been further stripped of its ego by the stinging words of his humiliated wife.

“Enough with the talk. Duryodhana, don’t you think she deserves the same treatment as her husbands?”

It was Karna who said the dreaded words. Bhishma got up from his seat, but stayed rooted to his spot unable to decimate the utterer of the worst set of words Hastinapur had ever heard. Yudhisthira and his brothers were up on their feet and baring their teeth. Even Shakuni was taken aback by the gravity of those words. Duryodhana said without the slightest fear, “You’re right, Karna.”

The Pandava’s watched in silent horror as Duryodhana continued, “Draupadi, I command you to strip yourself of that miserable piece of cloth that is draped around your form.”

Draupadi spat on the floor next to where he stood and replied, “I am slave to no man and I shall not obey the words of one. I am the wife of the five strong sons of Indraprastha who will rip apart every brick in this city for even thinking it.”

Duryodhana laughed.

“Oh my dear Draupadi, your husbands are not strong men. They have nothing to do with Indraprastha anymore,” he said walking around the five of them hanging their heads in humiliation, “They are idiots who were enslaved in a game.”

Bhima yelled, “Stop! This is ridiculous!”

Duryodhana said, “Shakuni, handcuff that bafoon and gag him!” The sly Shakuni walked over and slapped handcuffs behind Bheema’s back. Then he took out a handkerchief and tied it over his mouth.

Draupadis Clothes are torn apart

Duryodhana continued, “I want to fondle your boobs. Dushanasha rip this whores clothes off her body.” he encouraged.

With a deep breath, Dushashana, tore her sari, and yanked up her blouse up over her head. Beneath the blouse the busty Queen was wearing a black satin bra that encased her big breasts, pushing them up and together into a magnificent cleavage. The way her enormous melons were stuffed into the skimpy piece of lingerie meant that more of her firm round breasts were left bare than covered.

“Holy shit!” murmered members of the courtroom in open admiration of the sight. Even Bhishma sucked in a sharp breath as Draupadi revealed her glorious bra-clad hooters.

Dushasana leant forward slightly as he stared at Draupadi’s substantial rack. “Dear Lord,” he pulled a hanky from his pocket and mopped a few beads of sweat from his brow.

You could hear a pin drop in the courtroom, as all eyes were riveted Draupadi’s breasts.

Duryodhana walked to the front of the five Pandavas, looked back at their faces with disrespect and turned to look at Draupadi. His eyes wandered all over her.

“Continue, lets see her legs and pussy” said Durydhana to Dushana. Draupadi looked at him like a scolded puppy, Dushashan then tore her skirt like an animal.

The crowd all lustfully sighed in wonder at the sight of Draupadi’s lingerie-clad body. Her dark nipples were clearly visible through the intricate lace of the bra and there was the small dark patch of her pubic mound discernible through her tiny g-string. She was still wearing her high heels, which made her fabulously long legs look brilliant in the sheer stockings, complete with suspender belt and garters.

But Duryodhana still wasn’t done. “Step off of the stand and walk past the seated guests. Let them get a close look.” Draupadi stepped down from the stand, and walked slowly past the riveted eyes of the Kauravas, with her head down. Then she walked past Karna and Dhrona. She was trying to move as little as possible, but as she walked her breasts still jiggled, and her ass cheeks rose and fell and quivered. As she walked by the Karna, he had an insolent smirk on his face.

“Sit on the edge of the table and face your husbands, and spread your legs” roared Duroydhana.

Draupadi complied, trying to hide her sizable assets.

The courtroom was starting to buzz again and get out of control. Dushashana said, “Brother, maybe if we can see her breasts.”

“You have crossed a line, brother,” the words came from among the Kaurava brothers, “You have pushed us all into a dark corner with no way out.”

“Vikarna, did you decide to take their side like uncle Vidura and Bhishma?” Dushasana taunted his younger brother.

“This is not a matter of sides, brother. It’s a matter of morality. You must never treat a woman the way Draupadi is being treated right now. The words!” Vikarna held his hands to cover his ears, ashamed, “Threatening to disrobe a woman in the midst of men at the courtroom of Hastinapur is a crime against all good women.”

“It was not a threat and Draupadi is not a good woman. She is a slave,” reminded Duryodhana matter-of-factly, “Did they not insult us at Indraprastha by honoring that wretched Krishna over Bhishma?”

Duryodhana asks Draupadi to sit on his lap

“Your husbands did not stop there. They let you fall into my hands and I did not even have to try hard,” he said and to my horror, patted his right thigh and said pointing to it, “Now be a good slave and come sit on my lap. Right where you belong.”

It did not make a difference that the four younger Pandavas tried to charge at Duryodhana. Bheema’s enraged swearing and assurances to break Duryodhana’s thigh did nothing to quell the trembling in Draupadi’s heart. He had propositioned a woman who was akin to his sister, the Queen of the land. He had openly indignified the daughter-in-law of the Kurus.

Yudhisthira looked down at the floor with shame as did the other men from Indraprastha. Draupadi looked around to see if she could reason with anyone. Before she even tried to say a few words, a frail and aged man came running towards us. She took a step back in shock. He stopped.

“Dhritarashtra, do you see what your negligence has led to? The woman who is supposed to carry the Kuru bloodline is now scared in her own home,” Vidura said as tears began to roll down his face, “We have seen too much already. Undo your sons’ actions and save them the wrath of every decent man present.”

“O’ king,” Nakula spoke up this time, “Has Shakuni’s vileness taken over you too? Do not think you will ever be absolved of the crime of humiliating a woman –”

He never finished his sentence as Duryodhana’s feet made contact with Nakula’s face. The other three younger Pandavas stood up where they were and looked at the attacker menacingly.

“Stay kneeling,” Duryodhana ordered again, and added to the shock of everyone present, “It’s time I punished you for disobeying me.

Draupadi was too embarrassed by the sadness of the moment to even look at them as she turned away from them and looked at Bhishma.

“O’ great Bhishma, son of the most sacred river of the north, you have been an example to my husbands all their life. How can you remain silent watching this?”

“Draupadi, I apologize for what has transpired today, but I am bound to the throne of Hastinapur and I shall serve the will of the king.”

That was it. Bhishma did not say another word. Not a single other word came. It was as if sanity and decency had left Hastinapur for the evening

Draupadi was violently placed on Duryodhana thigh, her posterior on the end of Duryodhana’s knee, her uncovered, g-string clad bottom that was touching his leg.

“Get lost, asshole,” screamed Draupadi in anger as Duryodhana suddenly grabbed her around the waist and pulled her further up on his lap. Her eyebrows rose in rage as she felt something hard in his lap jutting up against her perfect ass.

Duryodhana rested one hand on Draupadi’s smooth, bare thigh and the other on the small of her back. “So what do you me to do, slave?” he asked, giving her thigh a rough squeeze.

Draupadi was enraged and humiliated but was not able to do anything. She suddenly gasped as she felt Duryodhana’s hand drop down from her back to slip up beneath the back of her g-string and rest of her bare right buttock.

“Answer me, you whore!” yelled Duryodhana as his hand stroked over the firm, smooth sphere of Draupadi’s right ass-cheek.

She sucked in a breath as Duryodhana squeezed her ass, then slid his hand over to stroke her other buttock. She could clearly feel his erect pressing insistently upwards against the underside of her thigh.

Sitting on Duryodhana’s lap had positioned Draupadi’s expansive bosom right at his eye level and the horny man was making the most of it, eyeing up her remarkable cleavage lustfully.

“Urgh!” Duryodhana gave a lustful grunt of appreciation as he reached out and cupped Draupadi’s ample bra-clad breasts in his hands. The beautiful Queen gave a wince as her husbands’ cousin brother roughly squeezed, his fingers sinking into the firm flesh of her bosom.

Duryodhana groaned as his hands moved over the lovely young woman’s tits. They felt wonderful, much bigger than his hands even, and incredibly firm. He couldn’t believe this was happening, and this was without a doubt a dream come true.

Draupadi gasped as she felt a hand slide up the inside of her left thigh, she glanced down to see Duryodhana’s hand move between her thighs, once again cupping the mound of her pussy. She was even more shocked when his hand slipped inside the waistband of her black thong and his probing fingers stroked through the neatly trimmed pubic hair above her pussy.

“AHHHH!” gasped Draupadi in protest as Duryodhana’s fingertips crudely brushed down along the slit of her slightly moist pussy.

“Oh, let’s rape this bitch, Shakuni, Karna, Dushana” cried Duryodhana.

Gangrape by Duryodhana, Dushasana, Karna and Shakuni

Shakuni and Dushasana each lowered one of her bra straps, and Dushasana tugged at her bra clasp in back, jerking the woman’s torso a little as he tried to figure it out. Eventually he got the bra open, and let it drop off Draupadi.

Draupadi let out an involuntary gasp as she stood topless before the courtroom. She stared up at the ceiling, batting her eyelids as she fought back tears. There was a brief pause in the action as all four men admired her topless form.

They had seen her nipples before, as she leaned over in her sari, but this was the first time at seeing Draupadi completely topless.

“Holy mother!” gasped Shakuni as he saw Draupadi ‘s magnificent breasts finally uncovered. They were immense, perfectly round spheres that sat high on her chest and barely needed the support of her bra. Draupadi ‘s firm melons were topped by delicious looking nipples that jutted out slightly.

Draupadi tried to cover her melons with her hands, but it was only seconds before Karna and Shakuni and Dushasana all fought for her naked tits, grabbing them and squeezing them crudely, jostling Draupadi as she silently endured having her tits felt.

The feeling became general, as hands roamed down to her thong and wormed their way inside the flimsy garment. Kaurava hands rapidly felt her ass and rubbed her hairy pussy mound. Duryodhana finally tugged the thong down her butt with ease and down her legs, exposing her gorgeous butt and tight wet pussy. Once more, there moans of awe from around the courtroom for the beautiful work of art. Her bare ass got squeezed, jiggled, and lifted, and her pussy got rubbed and had fingers inserted in it.

“Hey, her pussy’s all wet!” Exclaimed Duryodhana as his middle digit wormed its way in and out of sister-in-law.”

“I told you,” said Karna, as he sucked on her left nipple. “She’s a hot slut!”

All four men took turns making out with Draupadi, as they fondled her. At first they held her arms to keep her from resisting, but as Draupadi surrendered to the molestors they let go of her arms. Like a bunch of squirmy jerky boys they twisted her this way and that to bring her lips to theirs and gain access to her body parts, in the most brutal manner.

Dushasana was the first man to pull off his pants and boxers and expose his hard hairy cock. He stood to Draupadi’s left side, took her left hand, placed it on his cock, and made her stroke it. Soon all four men had dropped their pants and surrounded Draupadi with their naked cocks. She gave hand jobs to Dushasana and Shakuni, Duryodhana rubbed his dick head along her ass and up and down the Queen’s ass crack, and Karna leaned forward and let his dick head get tickled by her hairless pussy.

Eventually the hand jobs became general just as the feeling was, with all four men grabbing Draupadi’s hands and making her stroke their cocks, which led to a littlegiggling as they nearly had sword fights with their dicks over the rights to get hand jobs. There were also giggles when Draupadi emitted little squeals and squeaks when someone or other would squeeze her too hard or penetrate her too much, or bite her neck too sharply.

Duryodhana was ready. He pushed sister-in-law back down on her table. “Lay back,” was his only order, and Draupadi hesitantly but obediently lied back in the centre of the court.

“No, brother!!!!!!,” Vikarna tried to stop them again, “She is the Queen. She is the crown princess of Hastinapur.”

Karna fumed. Dushasana almost punched Vikarna, but he did not have to, for Shakuni had stepped up between them and said, “She is married to five men, Vikarna. Have you heard of any noble woman being wed to five men? Do our traditions allow such an immoral life?”

Draupadi lied on her back with her long legs hanging off the edge. Duryodhana stood between her legs and spread her knees with his hands. He opened her pussy lips with his left hand, and aimed his dick head at her with his right hand. As the head grazed Draupadi’s wet outer lips, she emitted a moan, and one weak whimpering, “no,” but otherwise offered no counter. Duryodhana slid his cock into her warm wet tunnel, slowly letting his whole shaft disappear into the dark wetness.

Draupadi emitted another “Ohh,” and a few moans, as Duryodhana slowly slid in and out of her. Duryodhana tried to lift her thigh to get a better angle, but did his best to get into the saddle, and manage to stand between her legs and hump her fairly rapidly.

“Oohhh,” moaned Duryodhana. “This feels SOOO FUCKING GOOOOOD!”

“Oooohh” whimpered Draupadi, her torso being jiggled as Duryodhana fucked her, her brown tits jiggling in unison on her chest.

Shakuni and Karna grabbed the Queen’s tits and played with them as their friend fucked her.

Duryodhana tried a couple of different positions with Draupadi’s long dangling legs, but eventually tried new. He lifted both of her long legs and threw her knees up over his shoulder, until her legs were sticking straight up in the air. This allowed him the deepest penetration, and he fucked her rapidly.

Dushasana sat on the other side of the table of Draupadi, and made her stroke his cock while she fucked Duryodhana.

Dushasana sidled up close to the table, pulled Draupadi’s head and torso to the edge, forcibly turned her head towards him, and offered his cock to her lips. Draupadi moaned between clenched lips and tried to shake her head, but as the persistent Dushasana held her hair tighter, she parted her lips and allowed the cock head to enter her mouth. She bobbed her head over the shaft, and soon it was glistening with her saliva.

“Mmmm, mmmm,” moaned Draupadi through the dick in her mouth.

“Slap slap slap,” was the sound of Duryodhana’s pelvis slapping into the back of sister-in-laws’ rippling ass and thighs. Soon Draupadi was moaning louder, sucking more furiously, and writhing more as her tits and nipples got tweaked, and she stroked the other two cocks faster.

Duryodhana took a moment to run his hands up and down her long thighs, knees, and calves. Only days ago, just touching his sexy sister-in-law’s bare legs would have been the greatest thrill of his life.

Draupadi rocked from side to side, almost throwing Duryodhana out of her. But the Kaurava hung on, and just as Draupadi stiffened and shuddered through an orgasm, she let loose a wad of jism deep into her pussy.

Duryodhana pulled out, and his place between Draupadi’s legs was quickly filled by Shakuni. Shakuni emulated Duryodhana, fucking deeply into niece’s pussy.

Karna heard a choking sound emanating from sister-in-law, and looked up to see cum dribbling out of her mouth from Dushasana’s dick.

Duryodhana had only cum a minute before, but he never even got soft. He got back into the game, replacing Dushasana next to Draupadi, and made Draupadi suck the sticky dick that had just exited her pussy. The experienced wife’s lips felt soft, but she sucked like she knew what she was doing. Within moments Duryodhana was already on the verge of orgasm again.

Shakuni apparently came in Draupadi’s pussy, and pulled out and let Duryodhana take his place. Draupadi hummed on Duryodhana’s cock as she moaned and squealed at apparent physical delight from the cock in her. As Shakuni came in her, she shuddered and gyrated through another orgasm.

Draupadi’s pussy was empty for the moment, so Duryodhana made her concentrate on sucking him off. “Ohh, that’s it, Draupadi, ohh, I’m close! Here it comes!” He shot jizm into the back of sister-in-law’s mouth. This time she did not choke, but swallowed and gobbled the cum, and on Duryodhana’s orders licked his cock clean.

Draupadi lied back untouched for just a moment, crying. Shakuni approached her and appeared to be consoling her for just a moment, helping her to sit upright, and hugging her naked torso.

“Oh poor niece, look at the state of you. My nephews ought to be ashamed. This goes totally against our Dharma”

“Hahaha!” he mocked her. “I’m just kidding, you don’t know how long I’ve waited to fuck your beautiful young pussy ever since you married the Pandava’s, you total whore”

He laid on the table ordered her to stand up and lie on top of him. Shakuni pulled her down on his lap, facing him, her legs up on either side of him. Draupadi squealed again as he made her slide down onto his hard cock. She was thrusting her pelvis in and out, fucking the perverted old Uncle. Her tits were at his eye level, and he had his head buried between them. Draupadi offered no resistance, and just spread her legs and offered her juicy pussy and succulent orbs to Shakuni, who slid his cock into her pussy and fucked her commando style.

Duryodhana and Dushasana were back up on their feet, and played with Draupadi’s huge tits as Shakuni fucked her. Then Duryodhana knelt on the table in front of Draupadi, and made her suck his dick as she got fucked.

Karna took a moment to taunt the Pandavas, and then joined the others in feeling up the naked Queen.

Duryodhana could see that Draupadi’s knees were shaking as Shakuni was fucking her, and he noticed her butt up into the air. Duryodhana climbed onto the table right behind her. He took his cock in his hand, and aimed it at sister-in-law’s puckered asshole that was sticking up towards him. Draupadi moaned again, and whimpered one “Oh, please, don’t.” But Duryodhana ignored her, and began to work his cock, which was still fresh with Draupadi’s pussy juice and saliva, into her ass. She was being crudely double-penatrated by her cousin & uncle!

It was a great feeling just having his crotch nestled in between her soft buns. And while the Kaurava wouldn’t classify fucking sister-in-law’s ass as better than fucking her pussy, it was something he’d never done before, and reveled in his power over his helpless whimpering Draupadi. It was a tight fit, and a little too much friction, but as he thrust in and out, he was soon ready to explode again.

Draupadi moaned and groaned as Shukuni come inside her. Duryodhana looked up to see Dushasana laughing at Draupadis’ husbands, and Karna was playing with her tits again. Duryodhana grabbed Draupadi’s hips and pulled back and forth on her torso. Karna reached under Draupadi and toyed with her vacant pussy, not far from Duryodhana’s cock. As he ran his whole hand over her crotch, he apparently found some spot that drove Draupadi wild, for she let out a yelp, and continued yelping as Dushasana rubbed her there before placing his dick into her pussy.

Draupadi was grunting and chortling in a most un-ladylike manner. She was sticky with sweat and cum, and perspiration dripped off of her nose. “Huungng!” Gharrggg!”

As her asshole relaxed and loosened, Duryodhana fucked her ass faster. Dushasana fucked her pussy faster, “UUURRRGGGGGHHH! HUMMMMMMMMPHHHH!”

Draupadi threw her body around the table as much as the cock in her asshole would allow. She raised her head, let out a bark like a dog, and tightened her asshole around Duryodhana’s cock.

Duryodhana let flow some jism into Draupadi’s asshole. Finally the gyrating Draupadi bucked him off, and he finished his orgasm by dribbling cum on her ass and back. Draupadi collapsed, face first, onto her tabletop, panting and sobbing and moaning.

Duryodhana suggested to all that they get wiped off and dressed. As each found their clothes, the Kaurava’s got hold of the remains of Draupadi’s Sari and wipe their bodies off. Draupadi, lying on her tabletop in a foetal position, was still sobbing.