The Storm

It was a quiet time at the beach. The period after spring break and the summer crowds. The families were gone and the kids back to school. The white sandy beach was wind swept clean of foot prints along the emerald clear waters of the Gulf. The normally white puffy clouds were racing across the … Continue reading The Storm

Big Boys

Tina was a sixteen year old Girl who lived in a small English town, many residents of the town did not trust her, she was known to be stroppy and would argue with anybody , she was also known to be a girl who could fight and was good at fighting, many people stayed clear … Continue reading Big Boys

End Of Term

It was the last day of the school term before the summer break began, there were quite a few students who would be finishing their school education and moving on to college so would not be returning after the summer break, there were others who be finishing their education completely they would not go to … Continue reading End Of Term

The Feed

Sixteen year old Tracy lived in a very run down violent area of London, she was well known known in the area and would help people if she could she worked part time in a local paper shop where Mr Khan the sixty year old Indian owner of the shop told everybody that Tracy was … Continue reading The Feed

The Pool

The mansion stood on the edge of the small town it had been owned by an Indian family but they had put the place up for sale and now it stood empty and boarded up.The place had been empty for six months nobody seemed interested in buying the place Anjana who at sixteen years of … Continue reading The Pool

The Examination

Asif was a sixteen year old Bengali boy who had come to England to study to become a doctor, he was granted permission to study in England and was found accomodation with an English family and was soon well settled and made quite a few friends, Asif quite liked Sara the sixteen year old daughter … Continue reading The Examination