The Hurricane

The school had been closed early because of the weather forecasters saying there was a very heavy hurricane with wind speeds of over one hundred and fifty miles a hour and very heavy rain, residents of the small English town were advised to take shelter and stay of the streets, Tracy was a sixteen year … Continue reading The Hurricane


The docks were a well known place where illegal immigrants tried to sneak into England, the dock was patrolled by the police and the cross border agency who rounded up any immigrants that they fund and took them to deportation centres where they were held. There were also racist gangs that hung around the docks … Continue reading Dockside

The Trial

Sharon had been in court expecting to be sent to a young offenders centre and was very surprised when the judge had adjourned sentence telling Sharon that if she got a job in two weeks he would not put her in custody he would send her to a young offenders centre for five years. Sharon … Continue reading The Trial

Not Past It

Joel sat in the lounge of his home thinking about his past life, he had arrived in England from Uganda when he was five years old, and now at the age of sixty five years he had been here sixty years, his wife had passed away ten years ago, his son was now married with … Continue reading Not Past It