Kept Back

The school bell that singled the end of the day sounded soon there were loads of students rushing for the exits glad that it was Friday and no more school for two days, all that is except for sixteen year old Tracy who was in detention for a hour, Tracy sat in the classroom on … Continue reading Kept Back

The Old Guard

The large shopping centre had been open for three years attracting a large amount of shoppers then one day one of the shops caught fire, the fire quickly spread to three other shops it took the fire brigade fours hours to put the fire out, other shops suffered water and smoke damage but luckily nobody … Continue reading The Old Guard

Giving Freely

The racist march was taking place on a Saturday in the small town, there were more protesters than the police had been expecting. Sixteen year old Karen had been sat at her bedroom window watching the march and knew that there was going to be trouble and when a fight started Karen thought I knew … Continue reading Giving Freely

Mum Is Gone

Amy was stood on the station platform with her sister Karen who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what Amy was, the sisters were waving their mum good bye as she went away to work at the head office of the firm she worked for, after the train had left the … Continue reading Mum Is Gone

Shop Workers

Sharon was a sixteen old girl from a broken home, her dad had left home a few years ago, her mum was an alcoholic, her sister Amy who was four years younger than what Sharon was took after her sister and was foul mouthed with a bad temper, the sisters were for ever getting into … Continue reading Shop Workers


Joel was a sixty one year old Nigerian was just arriving home after being released from prison where he had just finished serving a five year sentence for having sex with under age girls, when he had got off the bus in the town square he had noticed the filthy looks from some of the … Continue reading Released