Alexa in Love

Alexa was always a difficult child. Moody, insolent, mouthy and worst of all never cleaned her room. All her clothes were scattered all in a pile and nothing I could do would motivate her to pick them up. She always exasperated me in so many ways, and her father was little to no help. He just kept feeding into her bad habits and made them worst not better. Getting her into school was next to impossible and her senior year was a disaster. Luckily I was able to convince the school to graduate her making the case that failing her would do nothing to improve her or motivate her. Much to my surprise, after graduation Alexa worked hard to secure a job and for the first year held down two jobs as she continued to live at home and save money. I never put two and two together when Alexa started to text me on a regular basis telling me she would not be home till late from her cleaning position with a local cleaning company. After the fourth time of not coming home till after 2am I started to get suspicious. When I mentioned it to Alexa she got very defensive and lashed out at me. I tried to settle her down but she seemed really out of control. So at that point I laid down the law and told her if this kind of behavior continued she would have to move out and get on her own because I was not putting up with this kind of behavior, she huffed off to bed and slammed the door. It was over a week that she refused to talk to me but still came home extremely late from work. So, being the caring mother I was I called her employer and asked them why she had to work so late, and that I was concerned. To my surprise, they told me that Alexa was done every night at no later at 11:30. At this point I knew I had to approach her regarding her lying. The last time any lie from her was this profound it drove a wedge between Bryan and I that turned out to be irreparable. I told myself that I would never allow this to happen again. So the following night I followed her to her job and waited for her to finish. Just as I was told, Alexa left the office she was cleaning at 11:30 sharp. But instead of getting into her car I saw her walk to a car that was sitting in the parking lot and climbed in. Because of the distance I was parked away from her car I could not see anything but I knew she was not alone. So I planned to and went and bought a pair of binoculars from Dicks the next day and set out my plan to follow her the next night as well. Right on time at 1130pm Alexa left the office she was cleaning. Moments later I received a text from her saying she was tied up at work and would not be home till around 3am and not to wait up for her. I returned the text by telling her thanks for letting me know. I took out my binoculars and watched as Alexa crossed the parking lot and climbed into the same car as the night before. But tonight I had a great view and could see everything. When she got into the car she leaned over and threw her arms around the man who was in the car and I could clearly see her kissing him. My heart was racing as I watched this scene unfold. I could not understand why she would not tell me, didn’t she know I would be happy, so happy for her. Then once she moved away I could see why she would not tell me. The man she was with was black and seemed somewhat older than her. But still, I couldn’t understand why she would not tell me, she knew I was not prejudice; my best friend Teresa was black. It was never an issue with me, and wouldn’t be. So after about a month of this I couldn’t take it any longer and confronted Alexa. Alexa honey I said, don’t you know by now how much I love you and how much I want the very best for you. Well yessssss she replied. Then honey why wouldn’t you tell me about your new boyfriend? With that I thought she was going to faint. She began to visibly shake and turned 10 shades of red. Mom, how did you know? Call it Mothers intuition I said. Actually I just took a wild guess I laughed. It’s not funny Mom. And it’s really none of your business. Wrong Alexa, it is my business as long as you are living under my roof. Move out and you can do whatever you want. Now tell me and tell me NOW, what’s going on? I watched as she must have been considering her options and after about two minutes she took a deep breath and spoke. Well Mom, it all started about 2 months ago. I had started having this conversation on line and he seemed so nice and so sweet so we met for coffee. I was a little shocked at first that he was black but because of his other sweet attributes I didn’t even see the color. So we started to see each other. He lives in Morrisville and works the 3-11 shift so he has been meeting me after work and we have spent some time together. I really like him Mom and being my first real relationship I didn’t want to go public till I was sure it was going to work. So, how IS it going? It’s going well Mom, he’s really a nice guy and we really get along. Have you met his parents yet? As a matter of fact I have she replied. Well I’m happy for you honey, I really am. I hope everything works out. With that she leaned over and hugged me. Thanks Mom, I really appreciate your support. There were so many other questions I wanted to ask her but I choose to stay silent till the time was right. She began to open up to me so I didn’t want to blow it or push her away. But I really did want to meet this man and assess for myself what he was like. Not that she would listen if I had an opposing view.

It was about a month later and I was doing devoting on my day off and Alexa came down the stairs and went into the kitchen to make herself some breakfast. She eventually came out and sat down beside me. It was then that I realized that keeping my mouth shut was the best choice I had made. Mom, aren’t you the least bit curious about Marcus? Marcus, is that his name? Yes she replied. Well of course I am baby, but I figured you would tell me in your own good time. Well, he’s 29; He was married for 2 years and his wife ran away with her boss; He doesn’t have any children; and he has a full time job that he has been at for 8 years, he is a welder, and works the 3-11 shift. Sounds like he has his life together I answered. Of course as your mother I’m always going to say, just be careful. It seems so Mom, Alexa replied. So when will I get to meet Mr. Wonderful I laughed. Well he just texted me and wanted to know if we could meet for breakfast tomorrow morning? I think that will work honey. Where and what time? I’ll let you know in the morning ok. I will see him tonight and he will tell me. Sounds good Alexa. And Mom, please don’t say anything to embarrass me ok? I laughed as I took my finger and moved it across my mouth simulating zipping it. Alexa laughed and gave me a hug.

The day really dragged as I was so anxious to meet Alexa’s first real love so to speak. Was this the real thing I thought, OR would this just be the first of many till she found the right one? So many questions but I just decided to roll with the punches and let it unfold the way it was going to unfold. Later that night I got a text from Alexa saying we would meet Marcus for breakfast at 9am at the local Denny’s. I text her back ok.

I woke up the next morning a little nervous about our breakfast as I got ready to leave. Alexa met me down stairs and asked if I would drive. Of course I said yes. We pulled into Denny’s and walked inside, there in the back was Marcus, and he had already acquired a booth for us and was waiting. He extended his had to shake mine and I reciprocated. Upon touching his hand something just didn’t feel right. Call me paranoid but I just got this feeling, call it Motherly instinct. But none the less I didn’t judge. Alexa sat next to Marcus and I sat across from them. We spent about an hour just chatting and getting to know one another. At the end of our conversation Marcus asked if I would be open to having dinner with Him, Alexa and his parents. Of course I replied. I was VERY curious by this time to find out more about this man, there was just that something, I couldn’t put my finger on it. But I was not about to say anything to Alexa, she would go crazy. How about tomorrow night around 7 Ms. Zupcic, Marcus replied? Sure Marcus sounds good I said.

I felt like a teenager the next day trying to figure out what to wear. I wanted to look my best to meet Marcus’ parent and I wanted my daughter to be proud of me as well. I finally decided upon a red dress I wore to church on Sundays and black heels, a simple cross necklace and my watch. Alexa came into my room and asked me to button her dress, she had on a light mauve dress and was wearing a black short sweater with it. She looked very beautiful. She also commented on how nice I looked. So, after all this, we were off. We arrived promptly at 7 and Marcus answered the door. Good evening ladies Marcus quipped, don’t you both look beautiful tonight. Marcus walked us into the living room where his Mom, Mavis and Dad, Sam stood up and extended their hands to me. His mom was short and seemed very sweet and I shook her hand. His father however was about 6’5″ and had piercing blue eyes and a very tight hand shake. I did a double take when my little hand disappeared in his. A glass of wine anyone Marcus’s mother said? Sure we all replied and she poured a glass of Zinfandel for all of us. Dinner was nice as we all sat around and chatted about our lives and trials and tribulations. Then at the end of dinner I was sort of shocked and taken aback when Sam said out of nowhere. So Btittney, you don’t have any problem with your daughter dating a black man? Not at all I replied, beside that is Alexis’ choice anyhow not mine. Well that’s good to hear he replied, there is so much prejudice in the world today you never know. I like to think of myself as color blind I replied. My best friend for over 20 years is black. Oh, you mean Teresa, the Dr? Yes, she is a temperament analysis I said. Very interesting he replied with a curious snicker. After dinner we all retired to the living room where we continued to talk. Then about an hour later, Marcus’ mom stood up and said that she was going to call it an evening and proceeded say good bye and leave. Everyone must have picked up on the quizzical look on my face because Sam spoke up. Ok, guess we forgot to tell you, Mavis and I are divorced, have been for about 5 years now. She is remarried. Oh I retorted. I see. Everyone just kind of chuckled. It was about 20 minutes later that Marcus spoke up and said that he and Alexa were going to go to the movie. He said that because of his schedule that they didn’t get to do much in the evening so they wanted to take advantage of this Saturday night. He said the movie started at 9:20 which was about 15 minutes from now. I think that’s great I replied not knowing what else to say as they got up and headed for the door. Well it’s been nice I exclaimed, but I think I’ll call it a night too. Marcus’ dad spoke up and said. You don’t have to rush away Btittney, at least finish your glass of wine. I’m pretty tired myself he said. So I sat back down on the far end of the couch from Sam and we resumed talking. So Btittney, Sam quipped, you REALLY don’t have any problem or concerns about your daughter dating a black man? The question, for the second time kind of caught me off guard as I hesitated for a moment before answering. Like I said, that is Alexia’s choice but I have no problem with it at all. Tell me Btittney, have YOU ever dated a black man he chuckled? Ah ah well, ah no actually I haven’t’ I stammered. I saw Sam smile as he could sense this conversation was making me uncomfortable. I find that hard to believe he quipped a beautiful woman like you would be every black mans fantasy he laughed. So if a black man came on to you, you would have no problem dating him? Sam, in all due respect, I would rather not discuss my dating habits. Hey, just asking Sam laughed. Can’t kill a guy for being curious can you? With that I sat my glass down and proceed to get up from the couch, as I began to say that I was going to go now, Sam very sternly told me to sit back down. What? I exclaimed. You heard me Btittney, sit back down, we are not done with our conversation yet. Ah, I think we are Sam. Then Sam stood up. I said we are not Btittney. Now sit down. I began to shake inside as he moved toward me, and I sat back down. Ok now, that’s better, he retorted. Sam then sat back down on the couch a few feet away from me and turned facing me. Tell me Btittney, do you know the whole story of how Marcus and Alexa met? Not really I replied, my voice was quivering. Well it seems like they both belonged to a web site called Tumbler. Alexa went by the name of Alexa InLove. I felt my face flush when he said that. Seems like she got a kick out of posting not so modest pictures of herself. Knowing Alexa’s past history with porn I was not surprised, but was still embarrassed. Listen Sam, I really don’t need to hear this, it’s her life and her decision what she does. Without any concern for what I just said Sam continued. Seems like she was a little tease. Here look for yourself. With that he clicked on the television and up came her web page, she had on a sexy little face and her profile description was quite, well as you might say, alluring. He then scrolled down to where she had done a post in July about really being pissed because I was in her room going through her stuff. She used the “f” word quite frequently in her description of how she felt. By now I was in a full flush. Sam, I’m going to leave now. I don’t really care to see or hear anymore. Don’t get up Btittney, we have only just begun. He scrolled down further and there was Alexa on her knees on her bed, legs parted with a pair of skimpy red underwear on that revealed very prolifically the outline of her labia. Click after click he moved from picture to picture then there was as set of pictures with white underwear on, then with her standing stark naked in my living room with her butt to the camera with legs spread just enough to see the outline of her labia from behind. I was dying here watching my daughter disgrace and demean herself with these risqué pictures. Sam obviously saw the repulsion on my face as I viewed these pictures. But the worst was yet to come. As he pressed another button on the remote a video came up and there was Alexa with her finger in her mouth sucking on it, obviously mimicking oral sex. Then as she turned the camera toward the mirror in the room she was in she reached around pulling her pajama bottoms down and sliding her hand into the back of her panties. At this point it looked like she had slid her hand between her legs and was massaging her pussy from behind. Please Sam I screamed out, that’s enough, please turn it off. Just watch Btittney he snapped. As Alexa rubbed herself she began to moan and mimicked an orgasm mouthing the words “ohh fuck” at the end. The screen went blank. So Btittney what do you think of your little innocent Alexa? I could not even speak I was so horrified. Then I asked the most stupid question. Does Alexa know you have this? Sam laughed. Of course she does. And you may wonder how she feels about it huh? Well yea. Well at first she was appalled but she came to accept it and now she’s fine with it. I didn’t like the implication he was making but it didn’t take long for him to clarify his position. Well doubtless to say Btittney when Marcus hooked up with Alexa he thought he was getting a hot little number, only to find out that Alexa had not only never had sex but she had never even had a boyfriend, turns out she was just a little tease. I interrupted, where is this going Sam? I really don’t need or want to know anymore. Don’t interrupt me Btittney; I will more than adequately explain where I am going with this. When Marcus came to me and explained the situation I thought it would be good to teach your dear Alexa a lesson, a lesson in why it’s not nice to tease. What the fuck I jumped up screaming. Who the hell are you people? What do you think you are doing? Btittney, Btittney, settle down. Do you see your little daughter stressing in any way? Do you see her anything but happy? Do you see her anything but submissive? Well, he did have a point, but I still didn’t know where he was going. Sit your ass down Btittney, we’re not done yet he snarled. No, I won’t, I’m leaving. Either sit your ass down here or I will help you sit down. I was getting scared by now and I began to shake. Btittney, I’m only going to tell you one more time. Reluctantly I sat down, looking straight ahead with my hands folded in my lap. Good Btittney, you made a wise decision. Then Sam pressed another button on the remote and another video came on. It showed Marcus and Alexa in the dining room with a glass of wine talking and laughing. Then they walked into the living room and sat down on the same couch I was sitting on. As they faced each other talking Marcus reached over and put his hand behind Alexa’s head and pulled it forward. He then moved his head close to hers and kissed her. This was their first time together Btittney, Sam commented Alexa was visibly shaking as Marcus kissed her long and passionately. Breaking the kiss Alexa said that she really should be going home, that she was tired. Marcus leaned in again and kisser her harder this time. We better stop now Marcus I heard Alexa say. Stop? Why the hell would we do that Alexa? Marcus snapped. Marcus please. I don’t want to go any further. What the hell you talkin bout girl? All those pictures you posted and you want to stop. Marcus please, try and understand. I’ve never done anything before. What the fuck you mean. How can you post all that shit and never had done anything before. With that Marcus pulled in tight to Alexa and began to kiss and fondle her. She resisted as she tried her best to stop him. Finally he pulled away and stood up. Alexa was half in tears. What he fuck girl, you are some kind of trip he yelled. Just then I heard Sam come in the front door and close it. Looking into the living room he saw that there was some tension. What’s going on here he asked? Alexa, you ok? Alexa didn’t speak. For gosh sake Dad, she’s a damn tease. She posts all that shit on the internet and when it comes time to make out she freezes up and rejects me. Is that right Alexa? Sam asked. Please, I just want to go home she sniffled. You mean to tell me that you are just a little tease Alexa? What do you mean she cried? I saw the web site, and I saw the pictures and video. Now are you telling me you want to shut my Marcus down? I’m just saying that I want to go home. Well my dear Alexa, that’s not going to happen he said as he approached her. When he reached her he extended his arm and took a hand full of her hair and pulled it. Her eyes flew open and I could see the fear in her eyes. Your problem Marcus is that you don’t know how to deal with these white bitches Sam said. Saying that he pulled her toward him by the hair and put his lips to hers and kissed her hard. Mmmmmm she protested as he continued to kiss her. She started kicking and pounding him with her fists. That’s when he moved his head away from hers and hauled off and slapped her across the face with the back of his hand. He hit her so hard she fell back onto the couch crying and shocked.

What the fuck I screamed, you bastard, she is underage, she is only 20, I’ll have you put in jail, you bastard I said as I began to get up. Sam then reached over and took a handful of my hair and pulled me back down on the couch. You move one more time Btittney and I will slap the shit out of you. You understand? I just sat there stunned. Watch the fucking video he said. Alexa was still on the couch when I heard Sam say. Alexa, I’m going into the other room. Marcus, I want you to sit down here and do what you want with Alexa, and she won’t give you any more shit. Will you Alexa? Alexa just sat there motionless. Will you Alexa? Sam screamed. She just nodded her head. I watched as Sam disappeared to the back of the house and Marcus went over and sat down beside Alexa. Please don’t hurt me Marcus, Alexa cried. You should have thought of that before you stuck yourself out there on the internet Marcus quipped. Look Alexa, I like you a lot. I like you a lot too Alexa sobbed. Then let’s go where we need to go ok? Alexa didn’t answer. Marcus moved in and put his arm around Alexa and tenderly kissed her. Just relax Alexa he said, I only want to make you feel good. You hear? She nodded her head yes. I was sick to my stomach, I didn’t want to watch any more but I didn’t have a choice. As Marcus kissed her I saw him move his hand to her blouse and begin unbuttoning it. Alexa stiffened as he opened up her blouse and moved his hand to her large breast. He unsnapped the front of her bra and it fell open and both her breasts dropped out. He then proceeded to move his mouth on to one of them and start sucking while with his other hand he began tweaking the other nipple. Alexa’s eyes were closed when Marcus moved his mouth off her breast and told her to just relax. I watched as she took a deep breath and seemed to relax. Marcus returned his mouth to her breast and was suckling it softly and he kept tweaking her other nipple. At this point Alexa’s arm moved around Marcus’s neck as he continued his ministrations.

Sam was watching me watching the scene on the screen and was just smiling.

Once Marcus thought Alexa has relaxed enough he took his left hand and began to move it down her body to her knee. He pulled her skirt up and placed his hand under it and began to massage her knee. Then he moved his mouth from her breast and was face to face with her. He just looked her in the eyes and started to peck kiss her as he began his journey up the inside of her left leg. Alexa pulled her legs closed when Marcus shook his head no as he continued looking her straight on. Move them apart Marcus commanded. Alexa, with her feet flat on the floor let her knees fall apart. I could see Alexa shivering from the sensation of his hand on the inside of her leg as he steadily moved it upward. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know when Marcus had reached his destination cause Alexa’s eyes widened and her mouth opened in a gasp. With that Marcus leaned Alexa back as her head came to rest on the back of the couch. Open them wider Alexa, Marcus told her. She obeyed as she opened them wider. Then I watched as I saw her ass begin to move up and down on the couch. Marcus then kissed Alexa again and she swooned. Then he whispered something in her ear and I saw as she lifted her ass up off the couch. I watched as he tugged at her panties until he finally got them off her ass and began to pull them down her legs, over her knees, that when I saw them come into view as he pushed them down her thighs and they fell to the floor. Moving his hand back to her pussy I heard her grunt and I just knew he had slid his finger inside her. I watched as I saw the movement of her skirt knowing that he was sliding his finger in and out of her. Kissing her again Alexa threw both arms around his neck as I could tell she was having an orgasm. Her ass began to bounce up and down on the couch and I heard little grunts from her. Oh gawd she whispered, oh gawd. He continued slowing and methodically fingering her as she was getting more and more into it. The way she was moving he had to be rubbing her clit as he fingered her because she was becoming more and more animated. He would not let up as I watched her cum over and over again. Then from the back of the room I saw Sam emerge and walk over to the couch. Everything ok here kids he smiled. With his finger still in Alexa’s pussy Marcus said, yea Dad, everything is great. Right Alexa? She nodded her head yes. Good, Sam approvingly smiled as he leaned down and kissed Alexa on the head. Good he said as he turned and walked back into the bedroom. I could feel myself sweating as I watched the screen knowing that Sam was watching me.

Enjoying so far Btittney he laughed?

Back on the screen Marcus was removing Alexa’s blouse and then her bra. She was not resisting as he continued to finger her with his other hand. Her head was turning back and forth as it laid against the back of the couch. Then Marcus removed his finger from inside her and moved to the bottom of the couch positioning himself on his knees at her feet. Looking up at her he first removed her panties that were laying at her feet. Then reaching up he put his hands in the waist band of her skirt and began to tug on it till it began to move over her hips, down her thighs, over her knees and finally came to rest at her feet. Marcus then took both hands and placed them on her knees and spread them apart as he moved his head closer to her pussy. Once he arrived he stuck out his tongue and placed it directly on Alexa’s clit. She let out a guttural moan and her legs flew open wide. He then placed his hands under her ass and lifted and began to eat and lick her furiously. All Alexa could say was oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, over and over again. Then she began to cum as she threw her legs over his shoulders and pushed her ass up off the couch. She was going crazy as he continued to lick her. One thing was for sure. She was NOT an innocent tease anymore. She just received her first dose of sex and she loved it, at least from where I was sitting. Once she finally came back down to earth, Marcus removed his mouth from her pussy and stood up. He unbuckled his belt and pulled it out. Then unsnapping and unzipping his pants he let them fall to the floor. Then I saw him push his shorts off his hips and they feel to the ground as well. Alexa gasped in shock as she was seeing her first cock in person. Then as he moved slightly to the right I could see why. His coal black cock was hard as a rock, about 8 ½ inches long and about 3 inches wide. Alexa looked up pleadingly and I heard her ask if they could possibly wait before they had intercourse. Fuck no Marcus quipped. Would you like me to call my Dad? No, please no Alexa responded. With that Marcus maneuvered Alexa till she was lying on the couch with one let on the back of the couch and one leg on the floor. There she lay, spread and splayed on the couch, I could clearly see her pussy and it was soaked from the attention Marcus had given it. Ok Alexa, here we go. I’m going to make a woman out of you now. Please don’t hurt me Marcus, Alexa pleaded. Hurt you, hell no Alexa, I ain’t gonna hurt you, I’m going to make you feel great. Now just relax and breathe, you think I’m too big for you but you will be fine, you’ll adjust. And then you’ll never be able to get enough. I can tell you must use tampons because your cherry is not there. Right? Right Alexa responded. I watched as he moved in over her with cock in hand. Slowly he positioned it and gently pushed the head inside. Alexa groaned as she felt her first cock. Then slowly and methodically Marcus began to move the head in and out making sure he did not hurt her. Look at me he commanded as he continued his in and out rhythm, each time pushing just a little more inside of her. By this time Alexa had begun to respond as her ass was moving up and down off the couch to stay in rhythm with Marcus’s in and out motion. Then, the moment of reckoning. One last push and he was balls deep in her as he bottomed out and his balls came to rest on her ass. Good girl Alexa, Marcus complimented, you did real good. You are a natural. Alexa smiled back. Thank you she whispered. Then Marcus stretched out over Alexa and told her to wrap her legs around him. Obediently she did as she was told. Then in the classic missionary position Marcus began to move his ass back and forth sliding his cock in and out of this new found treasure. Alexa wrapped her arms around Marcus as he kissed her deeply while giving her the hilt of his manhood over and over again. I knew Alexa was close to cumming when I saw her heels grind hard into Marcus’s ass and her arms began to shake, her ass went up into the air and stayed there as Marcus pounded her. Then I heard her start to groan and squeal and she exploded into a mammoth climax. Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd she screamed as her climax overwhelmed her, Marcus had taken all he could take and his ass began to pile drive into her and he screamed out, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, then Alexa started to scream……. I feel it Marcus, I feel it, I knew she was referring to his hot seed that was obviously whitewashing her insides. Finally both of their climaxes subsided and they collapsed. Marcus and Alexa were panting hard as they finally came back down to earth.

By this time I was squirming, crying, laughing and sniffing. I just saw my little girl get her cherry popped and as much as it appalled me it was also the most erotic thing I had ever seen. I was awakened from my little trance by the sound of Sam’s voice.

Well Btittney what do you think? I could hardly speak as the flashbacks of what just occurred keep playing over and over in my head. Btittney, I asked you a question. Sam said with an aggravation in his voice. I don’t know what to think I said with a quiver in my voice. Looks like Alexa won’t be teasing anyone else any time soon, huh? Probably not I quipped. Alexa is quite the fuck, wouldn’t you say? I jerked when he used the “f” word. Wouldn’t you say Btittney? Yes, it sure looked like it. That’s why she is so happy Btittney, she’s getting fucked on a regular basis, and she’s loving it. How about you Btittney? How about me what? I said with a jerk. Sam laughed…..are you getting fucked on a regular basis? WHAT? I screamed. Who the hell do you think you are talking to me that way? Calm down my dear, I asked you a legitimate question. Legitimate my ass I screamed. What I am or am not doing is none of your business. Well you realize that before long your little Alexa will be pregnant, and then that will make you part of the family; and family can ask those questions. Pregnant or not, I won’t be part of this family. Btittney, Btittney, Sam mocked, Alexa loves being part of this family, and so will you, in time. I was appalled by this conversation and I just wanted to leave. Did you hear what I said Btittney? Alexa loves being part of this family. Yes, so what, what’s that to me? That’s her business. Would you like to know WHY she loves this family so much? I don’t care to know. Well I’m going to tell you anyhow. Better yet, I’m going to show you.

With that Sam clicked a button on the remote and there was a video showing Sam working in this living room when the door bell rang. Walking over to the door and opening it I saw Alexa standing there in her work shorts and work boots. Then I heard her speak. Is Marcus here? No Sam answered; he got tapped to do a double tonight. Oh, I didn’t get his message, my phone died. Ok Mr. Jones just let him know I stopped. Whoa, you don’t have to run off, come on in and have something cold to drink, you look tired. Yes, I cleaned 4 spaces tonight; it’s been a long night. What do you want Alexa, Coke, Sprite, Lemonade or a Wine cooler? How about a Wine cooler she answered. Popping the cap and pouring it over ice Sam handed her the drink. Come on over and have a seat Alexa he said as he walked to the couch. Alexa sat down in the exact place I was sitting now, and Sam sat down in exactly the same place he was sitting right now, in the middle of the couch. I could see on Alexa’s face that she was very nervous and uncomfortable. Obviously Sam saw it too because he began to talk to her. Alexa, I hope you don’t have a hard time facing me after what happened the other night. Alexa just looked away as he spoke. Alexa, look at me Sam said. Slowing moving her head to the left she was looking Sam in the face. I just want you to know Alexa that you were incredible the other night. What she jerked, how do you know what or how I was? Sam just laughed; do you really think I was not going to watch the action with a beautiful girl in my living room? Closed circuit you stupid girl, closed circuit. I saw Alexa turn 10 shades of red after he spoke. I was amazed at how good you were being a virgin and a little tease. Guess you won’t be teasing anyone else anytime soon huh? Alexa just sat there speechless. Come on Alexa, lighten up. You will be part of the family soon. What do you mean? Well before long you’re going to be pregnant and will be having our baby. Our baby? I’m on the pill; I won’t be having a baby anytime soon. Wrong again Alexa, the other night when you and Marcus was fucking I went into your purse and replaced your birth control pills with placebos. So since your last period you have been taking placebos instead. You’re crazy Alexa yelled, what, how, what, how she stuttered? Am I, am I? Who knows Alexa; you may or not be pregnant yet. I sat there in horror as Alexa began to cry. That’s when Sam scooted over and was sitting right next to Alexa. Putting his arm around her he tried to console her. Don’t cry honey, you’re in a good family. You and your baby will have everything you need. You will want for nothing. Saying that he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him. I watched as she tried to push him away but he was too strong and just held her tight. Looking out of the corner of my eye, I could see Sam intently watching me as I watched the screen. Sam then began to rub Alexa’s back up and down with one hand as he stroked her hair with the other. He had pulled her head onto his shoulder as she cried. Abruptly pulling away from him Alexa said that she should be leaving now. Pulling her back to him Sam said, I don’t think so Alexa. What she said? With a fearful tone to her voice. Not quite yet honey he softly said. That’s when he grabbed her head and pulled it toward him and placed his lips on hers. Mmmm Alexa protested in his mouth trying to push him away. This was the second time he had forcibly kissed her.

You fucking pervert I screamed, this is rape of an underage girl, you’re going to jail. Sam just laughed. Not so quick dear Btittney, not so quick. Just watch.

Back on the screen Alexa has settled down and was resigned to the fact that she was going to get kissed by this man. Then I could tell by her cheeks that Sam was French kissing her, and I could see his tongue moving in and out, she was protesting in his mouth but it didn’t deter him from what he was doing. Then he released her from his kiss and took both his hands and put one on each side of her head and planted another kiss on her lips. Only this time it was not gentle and soft, it was hard and aggressive. I could see Alexa panicking and trying to breathe as he relentlessly kissed her hard and passionately. She had stiffened up and was trying her best to get loose from his grip.

He was a fucking animal I thought to myself. I have to get the hell out of here as soon as I can and get to the police. This man was going down.

Back on the screen Sam had moved one hand down to Alexa’s breast and was fondling it through her blouse, never taking his mouth off of hers. Then she stopped resisting. Was she just too scared? Was she numb? OR, was she enjoying it? I couldn’t bear the thought of that as I watched Sam continue to fondle her.

Then I felt the couch cushion move and out of the corner of my eye I saw Sam move closer to me as he put his arm around me. What are you doing I screamed? Get away from me. You know what Btittney? You are beginning to get on my nerves with your bullshit. Now I’m going to tell you once and once only. Put a stop to it and put a stop to it NOW!!! The tone of his voice scared me as I felt him start to rub my shoulder.

Then he began to unbutton Alexa’s blouse and I could see her breathing becoming labored. No Mr. Jones, please no she begged. The pleading in her eyes was pathetic. That’s when he unsnapped her bra and her big tits feel out. Pulling away from his kiss she pleaded with him again, no Mr. Jones, no, please stop, please, we can’t do this. Ignoring her pleas, he quickly took his fingers and began to tweak both her nipples, never taking his eyes off of hers. Alexa gasped at his touch as it startled her. I saw Alexa begin to squirm at the attention she was receiving by this older perverted bastard.

No I shook my head, for gawd sake no. Sam laughed as he moved his head close to my ear and whispered. Yes Btittney, yes indeed. Just watch your little girl. I could feel a tear forming in the corner of my eye and felt it as it ran down my cheek.

Back to the screen I had never seen anyone hold a kiss for so long. By now he had moved his left hand to Alexa’s left knee and was rubbing the inside of it, she then closed her knees tight. He then took a handful of hair and pulled her head away from his kiss, she was gasping for air. Looking her straight in the eyes he told her to open her legs, and open them now. She was visibly shaking but did as she was told, then he moved his left hand quickly up her leg, under her shorts and straight to her pussy. Alexa’s eyes became wide and rolled back in her head as Sam began to massage her. Alexa was mouthing the words no, no, no. Then she closed her eyes tight and I knew she was close to cumming. Her legs were shaking and her stomach started to twitch. But then Sam removed his hand from her pussy and pulled it out of her shorts. Alexa’s eyes shot open and she had a quizzical look on her face. Not yet dear Alexa, not quite yet. Why? She whimpered. Because I’m going to teach you a lesson in obedience. Still with a handful of hair in his right hand he instructed Alexa to unbutton her shorts. She didn’t even hesitate as she reached down unbuttoned and unzipped them. Good girl Alexa he said. Now take them the fuck off he ordered. Alexa lifted up her ass and pushed her shorts off, over her thighs down her legs till they came to rest on her ankles. All the way off dearest, he said. She then proceeded to shuck them off her feet and they fell to the floor. Alexa was only in her panties now as Sam spoke again. Now lean back honey and spread them nice and wide. Obediently Alexa leaned back and spread her legs wide with her feet firmly planted on the floor.

I was so transfixed on the screen that I didn’t notice Sam had placed his lips on my neck and was nibbling on it. No Sam, leave me alone. Come on Btittney; don’t tell me your fucking pussy isn’t soaked by now. I pushed his head away and he laughed.

He moved his hand back to Alexa’s pussy and was lightly touching her clit through her white panties, just teasing her. Her hips were jerked as he teased her young clit. Then without warning he moved her panties aside and thrust his finger knuckle deep in her. Her whole body convulsed as he moved his finger in and out of her. But just as she was ready to cum, he pulled out. Alexa was a mess. He knew just how to manipulate her for maximum effect. She needed to cum but he would not let her, he was definitely establishing control over her. By now her whole body was shaking like a tremor and her ass was bouncing up and down on the couch. Sam then moved off the couch and got between her legs; he then reached up and took hold of her panties. I think it’s time to get rid of these, wouldn’t you say so Alexa? Gasping for air she answered YES!!! With that he proceeded to tell her to lift her ass up and when she did he pulled them off her ass, down her thighs over her knees and finally down her legs and off her feet. Holding the panties he brought them to his face and laughed. My, my Alexa, your panties are soaking wet. Alexa’s stomach was heaving as her breathing was out of control by now. He had her in a state of total arousal. Then he moved his mouth up her legs, kissing the insides until he got to her pussy where he placed his hands under her ass and began to lick her from her asshole to her clitty. That was all it took. Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Alexa screamed. Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Sam held her ass tight and continued to tongue her pussy as Alexa was enthralled in a cataclysmic orgasm. He kept eating her relentlessly as she kept cumming and cumming. Then Sam removed his mouth from her pussy and stood up. He quickly pushed his sweat pants off and since he was not wearing underwear his cock sprung out like a spring. HE WAS HUGE.

No I screamed, you will hurt her, I started crying. Settle down he whispered in my ear, just watch.

Alexa’s eyes were popping out of her head. She had seen two live cocks now and was literally mesmerized by this one. No Mr. Jones she pleaded. No, gawd it is so big. Holding his cock and wagging it he looked Alexa in the eye and said. You think so Alexa? You don’t think you can take it? No Mr. Jones, please. Let’s just stop now. Please, I want to go home. Tell you what Alexa. I’ll make it easy for you. I won’t fuck YOU ok? OK Alexa said with a sigh of relief. No Alexa, you’re going to fuck ME. What Alexa screamed? What, what do you mean? With that Sam sat down on the couch and motioned for Alexa to straddle him. No Alexa shook her head. Yes Sam laughed wagging his cock back and forth. With his right hand he reached out for Alexa and took hold of her arm and pulled her toward him. Straddle me Alexa. Now he growled. Tentatively Alexa swung her right leg over him and moved in position directly over him. Now I know I’m big Alexa, but trust me, your pussy was made to stretch to take whatever it needs to take, and with those wide hips of yours you are a natural to fuck a cock my size. So just resign yourself to the fact that you are going to take this cock and you will be fine. OK? Alexa nodded her head yes. OK, you are in control, so you can take it at your own pace. But be sure of this… will take all of it, one way or the other. The choice is yours. Do you understand? Alexa nodded her head. I then saw Alexa move into position and began to lower herself. Sam was holding his cock so it was sticking straight up. All Alexa needed to do was hit the target. I then watched as she bent her knees and lowered her plump ass into position. Oh shit I thought to myself. She’s going to do it. I could clearly see as the head of his big cock disappeared in Alexa’s vagina.

Well Btittney, Sam said, do you still think it is rape. Oh God I retorted. Oh God. How could you? Sam then took his left hand and shoved it up under my dress, up my leg and directly to my pussy. What the fuck I screamed, get your hand out. I was fighting for my life as I pushed with both hands and resisted the best I could. But it was to no avail. He was so strong he just held on tight and would not release my pussy from his grasp. I fought till I could not fight anymore. I was panting like a greyhound after running a race. Good Btittney, Sam quipped. Now just sit still and relax. How can I relax with your hand up there? Sam laughed, go with it girl. Like I thought, your pussy is drenched. You know you need some relief. I was determined to separate myself from this thing and just concentrate on the screen and not what he was doing between my legs.

Back on the screen Alexa had sat half way down on Sam’s cock and was moving slowly and cautiously up and down.

At the same time I felt Sam rubbing me softly and slowly as I watched the screen.

Then I watched as Sam put his hands on Alexa’s waist and in one clean motion he pulled her down on him till his cock went out of sight and was buried in her pussy. Alexa squealed as she felt the pain of this big intruder go balls deep in her. Just sit still Alexa I heard him say. Just let your pussy adjust to it. I saw Alexa’s back heaving up and down as she was breathing heavily. Then I saw Sam take hold of her waist and begin to pull her up. Alexa got the message and moved her ass up all the way to the head of his huge cock. Then in one clean motion he pulled her hips downward and he bottomed out into her again. Alexa grunted from the pressure it was causing inside her but he would not let her stop again. Keep going Alexa he commanded, keep going, your pussy is stretching nicely. Then Sam started to push his cock into her as her ass would come down. In her next up position Sam put his hands under her ass and held it up and began to fuck her from below. I watched in disbelief as his hips began to move up and down and his huge monster kept driving into her. She started to moan. I continued to watch as his huge cock slid slowly in and out of her. I could see his cock glistening from the wetness in Alexa’s pussy as it methodically slid in and out.

Try as I may, I could not separate myself from what was happening on the screen coupled with what was happening between my legs. I held my breath as I felt myself start to react and I felt my climax quickly approaching. That’s it baby Sam whispered in my ear…..just let it happen. No I shook my head, no, no.

On the screen Alexa was moving her hips downward on Sam’s upward movement and upward on his down movement. She was taking all of him. Then I heard her start to scream. Oh gawd Mr. Jones, I’m cummmmmmmmmmmming. I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmming. Sam was squeezing Alexa’s ass tight as they continued to move, that’s when Alexa began to cum, over and over again. Then I heard Sam start to moan and he started to cum as well. I’m filling your little cunt Alexa with my baby seed he screamed, filling you nice and full. Oh gawd she screamed back, fill me Mr. Jones, fill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. And did he ever, so much that it was gushing from her pussy and running down her leg.

I admit it. I couldn’t take anymore; I just let myself go as Sam fingered me fast and furious. I leaned my head back and took a deep breath as my climax hit. I grunted as I thrust my hips forward to get as much of his finger as I could. He put his lips on mine and began kissing me with full tongue. That only intensified what was happening and I kept blasting off, over and over again. Like Mother like Daughter he taunted. Then Sam removed his finger and stood up. Take my pants off bitch he screamed. No, no, I won’t do it. Sam then reached out and took a handful of my hair in his left hand and with his right hand he slapped me hard. Like fuck you won’t Btittney. Do as you’re fucking told and I will. Ok? Ok I replied crying. So what choice did I have? I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his trousers, as I pulled them down and they fell on the floor. Take my shorts off, now he screamed. I pulled his short down and there in front of me was the same cock that I just saw fucking my little girl. Pulling my head forward he screamed for me to suck him. No I shook my head. Made no difference. He pulled my hair so hard that I thought it would come out of my scalp. Open that mouth you white bitch and suck some black cock. You’ll love it. I opened my mouth and he shoved his big cock to the hilt till it hit the back of my throat and I started to choke. You gonna suck it? If so I will pull it out. I nodded my head as he finally released my hair and I gasped for air. My stomach and chest was heaving as I tried to get air into my lungs. Then I reached out and took him in my hand and started to suck him bobbing my head back and forth. Good girl Btittney, you learn fast, just like your daughter, now suck it nice. I had never sucked a black man before and I must say it did taste different. Then Sam spoke and said. Stand up here Btittney. I shakily stood up facing him. Get rid of the dress. Still looking him in the face I unbuttoned my dress till it fell open and I shucked it off my shoulders and it hit the ground. Standing there in my bra and panties Sam said. Looks like Alexa don’t get her tits from her mama as he reached up and cupped them in his hands. He reached around and unsnapped my bra from the back and it fell to the ground. Well I guess anything over a mouthful is a waste anyhow he said laughing. Then he leaned over and took my whole breast in his mouth and started sucking. I was usually not very sensitive in my breast but there was just something about this black man sucking them that was so erotic. Take them panties off Btittney he commanded. I put my hands in the waistband and wiggled out of my panties and they fell to the floor. Looking me straight in the face he said, you know you’re going to get fucked now don’t you Btittney? Yes I sobbed. What’s your favorite position baby he taunted? I didn’t answer. With that he picked me up and walked to the bedroom. Laying me down on the bed he moved between my legs and looking down at me he said. I’m gonna love fucking you Btittney. Just like I loved fucking your daughter. I’m gonna drive my huge black cock in you and fuck you silly and out of your mind. Shaking my head back and forth and sobbing, he just smiled and stretched himself over me and with his right hand he moved it between us as he positioned the head at my entrance to my pussy. You ready white girl for your first black cock? I just stared at him. Then with one clean thrust Sam buried his huge cock deep inside me. Oh gawd I grunted. Too much for you girl he laughed? Easy, please. That’s right baby, you don’t want your daughter outdoing you do you? Then without hesitation Sam began to fuck me slowly and methodically while he looked me directly in the face. His cock was so incredible, there was definitely a difference between white and black cock. He began to taunt me as he fucked me. Does Btittney like black cock? Does Btittney like being fucked my a black man? Yes, yes I hissed as I felt my climax approaching. Tell me girl, tell Sam what you like. I like black cock; I like being fucked by a black man; I like being fucked by youuuuuuuuuuu………..ohhhhhhhhhhh I started to scream as my climax hit me like a ton of bricks. I wrapped my legs around him and dug my heels into his back as I thrust my hips up to meet his every thrust. He was driving me nuts, I was cumming over and over again. But I wanted to feel him cum as well. I wanted him to shoot his hot seed into me like he did Alexa. Fuck me you perverted bastard I started to chant, fuck me. Squirt your load in me, white wash my uterus you rotten prick. That’s all it took, I felt him stiffen up as he moved in and out of me. Then he came to an abrupt halt as he pushed in me one last time. Oh fuck I screamed as I felt him begin to blast off. I felt it in every fiber of my being, it was hot and wet and it drove me crazy as I came three more times before Sam collapsed on me, panting and gasping for air. My gawd, my gawd, my gawd I moaned. I told you I’d fuck you silly Ms. Btittney he said as he lowered his head and placed his lips on mine. Kissing me softly with his cock still inside me I could feel myself getting aroused again while at the same time I felt his cock start to stir. Then I did a stupid thing. I started doing my koogles with him inside me, immediately his cock hardened to full length again. Fuck girl he chanted, you want more don’t you? Well big Sam will give you more, he’ll give you ALL you can take. And he was true to his word. But this time instead of going slowly, he began to pile drive in me and I thought he would break me in half. Every time he bottomed out in me his big hard balls would slap against my ass. It was so erotic. It only took about 20 seconds of this and I began to erupt. Oh fuccccccccccccccccccccccck I hear myself scream, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. And did he ever. I tried my best to keep up with him but finally gave up and just laid here as he assaulted me with that lethal weapon. I lost track of how many times I came when I heard Sam grunt unloading those full balls in me one more time. Collapsing on me and putting his head next to mine he whispered in my ear. I knew you’d be a great fuck the moment I laid eyes on you Ms. Btittney. And this is only the beginning. You’re going to get as much black cock as you can take.

Once we both came back to life, Sam looked at me and said. Welcome to the family Ms. Btittney. Does that mean you will leave my daughter alone? Are you nuts? He retorted. You are a great Mother and Daughter team. I’m gonna be fucking you both. And oh, by the way, Marcus will be fucking you too. We are going to be one happy family. I can’t wait to double team both you and Alexa. It’s going to be heaven. As I lay there I couldn’t image what that was going to be like. But I found out soon enough.

You can get dressed and leave now Btittney, Sam exclaimed. And oh, by the way, here is an fyi. In my presence you are to ALWAYS wear a skirt or dress, and never, and I mean never, wear panties. You understand? Yes I replied. And just in case you were wondering, you and Alexa now belong to Marcus and Me. And you WILL do as we ask, when and where we ask. There will be no other males, is this clearly understood? Yes, it is understood I replied.

Three days had passed since that night. Alexa and I went about our business just as before and never a word was spoken regarding Marcus and his family. I was working around the house when I heard my phone ringing. Hurriedly I ran to get it and it was Sam. Hello Btittney, how are you Sam greeted? Ok I guess I quipped. You don’t seem very happy he laughed. What’s the problem? Do I need to tell you I said? No, I guess not. Anyhow, he said, I was calling to see if you and Alexa could come to dinner on Saturday night? I don’t know if I can or not. Btittney, just for the record, I was being polite by asking. Would you like me to phrase it another way? I hesitated before I answered. Btittney, you there he laughed? I’m here. Well? I guess not Sam. Ok then, that’s better. Be here at 7. And don’t forget to be dressed properly. I didn’t reply. Good Btittney he responded, I’ll take it that you understand.

Later that day I saw Alexa and mentioned to her that Sam had called. Yes, Marcus said he was going to. Are you alright for Saturday night? Yes Mom, no problem. Alexa, can I ask you a question? What she sighed? Forget it, never mind. Mom, go ahead, you already started this. Did Marcus give you a dress code? Alexa turned beet red when I posed the question to her. I will take that as a yes honey. Alexa got up and started up the stairs when she looked around and said. How about you Mom? I just looked at her. Well I guess I will take that as a yes as well she said as she bounded up the stairs.

Saturday came way too fast. I was not looking forward to what was going to unfold tonight but I had little choice over the matter.

Alexa and I had both dressed in skirts and blouses as we arrived at 7pm promptly. Sam answered the door and greeted us with a big smile and a hello, as he proceeded to hug us both. Come on in he said, dinner is on the table. It was so funny, Marcus was in an apron and was putting the last dish on the table that he had gotten from the oven. Welcome he said, have a seat we are ready to eat.

We all sat down and enjoyed one of the best meals I can ever remember having. Afterwards we all cleaned up and with a glass of wine in hand we retired to the living room. Well ladies, how do you like being part of your new family Sam boldly exclaimed? I about chocked on my drink as everyone started to laugh. I shot a look to Alexa and she was just smiling. Would you like to share? Marcus said, how was it fucking and sucking my Dad? Ah ah ah ah, I stuttered. Come on Mom, what’s wrong? You were not at a loss for words when Mr. Jones nailed you last Saturday night. Alexa, what the hell I snapped? Come on Mom, it’s not like you’re a stranger to sex she sneered. I remember you and Bryan and how he made you nuts. Alexa, that’s not anyone’s business but mine. Ah, too late for that Sam snickered. There will be NO Bryan or any other man in your life from this time forward. You understand that, right? Then everyone laughed. Alexa told us everything. Glaring at Alexa she just raised her eyebrows and looked away. Well Btittney, I’m sorry you are late getting into the family, but it took Alexa a month before she shared what a hot, sexy, beautiful Mom she had Sam stated. And being that I was single, she thought that maybe we may hit it off. With you being color blind and all. Guess she was right. Alexa? I screamed. What the? It’s ok Btittney, relax Sam said trying to calm me. It just took Alexa awhile to get fully indoctrinated and come to the conclusion that this is where she wanted to be. Right Alexa? Yes she cooed. You have a lot of catching up to do Btittney. Alexa is way ahead of you. What? I snapped. You need to get caught up, that’s what I said. Caught up to what? Well you see Btittney, Alexa has enjoyed our undivided attention both individually and together. She’s a real team player Sam said laughing. Right Alexa? Alexa nodded. I must have had a quizzical look on my face as Sam continued. Well it didn’t take Alexa long to realize just how much she loved to fuck. All those wasted years, huh Alexa? We had to train her but she learned quickly. Amazing what a little slapping will accomplish. They looked at her and she was blushing. And she loved it even more when she had two black cocks and not just one. Right Alexa? Alexa just smiled. And as for you Btittney, you’re going to love fucking us both as well. I’m not sure I’m ready for that I responded. Well ready or not Sam quipped. Every laughed. Except me. What do you think Alexa, would you like to see your Mom get double teamed by us? Sure, I’d love it. Jumping up off the couch I made it known it was MY decision NOT my daughters. Sit down Btittney and chill out. Maybe what you need is a little demonstration. What do you think Marcus? I think so Dad. She seems a little up tight about it. That’s when both men got up off the chairs they were sitting on across from the couch that Alexa and I were sitting on. Sam extended his hand to mine. Come on Btittney, get up and come over here and sit in this chair. Reluctantly I took his hand as I bounded up off the couch and moved across the room and sat down in the chair that was vacated by Sam. Then both men went over and sat down with Alexa between them. I sat in shock as both men took their respective hands and placed it on Alexa’s knees. Now watch closely Btittney. Then Marcus looked up at Alexa and asked. Are you dressed properly Alexa? Yes sir she laughed. Good girl Sam commented. You’re a fast learner. Sam then moved in and planted his lips on Alexa kissing her soft and passionately. Mmmm Alexa moaned as he began tonguing her. At the same time both men began moving their hands up the inside of her legs. As they did, she spread them in order to give them better access. I caught my breath as I watched the scene in front of me unfold. Then Sam took his mouth off of Alexa’s and Marcus quickly replaced it with his. By now both men had reached their destination and had begun rubbing her. Sam, realizing that all I could see was her skirt moving up and down removed his hand and good hold of Alexa’s skirt and hiked it up to her waist, as he did Alexa lifted her ass off the couch so he could pull underneath it. In doing so I had a birds eye view of their hands doing their work. Sam looked at me and winked as he smiled. She’s a good girl, isn’t she Btittney. Still kissing Alexa, Marcus slid his finger deep inside her pussy while Sam took his finger and began massaging her clit. Then they turned up the heat and I saw Alexa’s ass start to buck up and off the couch as she quickly embraced the climax that engulfed her. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Alexa moaned as both men continued their ministrations. If counting was possible I thought I counted 4 orgasms she went through in that short period of time. Then both men removed their hands, stood up and took Alexa by the hand and helped her off the couch. When she was on her feet they started walking toward the back bedroom all holding hands. Sam looked over his shoulder at me as I sat there frozen in my chair. Come on Btittney, you don’t want to miss this. Believe me. As I stood up shaking, I followed them on wobbly legs. I thought I was going to pass out as we reached the room where they had already laid Alexa on the bed. Go ahead Btittney, have a seat Sam said as he pointed to the chair in the corner. Alexa had her legs in the air and Marcus had his face buried in her pussy slurping and licking her as she moaned in ecstasy. Shucking his shirt and talking his trousers off Sam got onto the bed and walked on his knees toward Alexa’s head with cock in hand, never taking his eyes off mine. Once he arrived he took Alexa’s head and moved it so that his cock was lined up perfectly with her mouth. Without hesitation Alexa opened her mouth as Sam slowly inserted it into her mouth and she began to suck. Looking at me he smiled as he slowly fucked her mouth with his big cock. I could hear the slurping sound emanating from her mouth as Marcus continued eating her pussy. Nice huh Btittney he quipped. She sucks a good cock, just like her Mama. I can’t lie, the scene in front of me was making me hot as fire. I tried to hide it the best I could as both men continued to do her. Marcus then removed his head from between her legs and positioned himself on his knees between them. Positioning his cock right at her hole he spoke. You ready to get fucked Alexa? Mmm huh she mumbled as she continued to suck Sam without missing a beat. Marcus then moved his hips forward and his cock easily slid to the hilt into Alexa. I watched as Alexa began moving her hips up and down on the bed, meeting every thrust with a thrust of her own. Damn I thought, they have trained her well, even though I knew some of it was just instinct. Then Marcus pulled out and told Alexa to get on her knees as Sam came in behind her and Marcus went up to the front of the bed and laid down so that he was directly under Alexa’s face. Then with his big cock in hand Sam positioned it at her hole and slid it all the way in till he was balls deep in her. Ugggggggggggggggggggg she moaned as Sam started fucking her slow and methodically. At the other end Alexa had taken hold of Marcus’ cock and was sucking it hungrily bobbing her head up and down. I heard Alexa grunt each time Sam bottomed out in her but she kept pushing back none the less. Quite a fuck huh Btittney, she was such a quick learner Sam said as he continued to drive in and out of her. And you know what Btittney? We will never know who the baby belongs to since we both have dumped so much cum in her he said laughing. Lick my balls and asshole Alexa, Marcus demanded. As Marcus moved up a little Alexa went to work on his big black balls and his hairy ass hole. Marcus groaned as Alexa picked up speed licking him harder and faster. Behind her Sam was driving himself into her at a maddening pace. Alexa started screaming as her climax began and she kept pushing back on him each time he pushed forward. After she had cum three times, by my count, Sam pulled out and rolled Alexa over onto her back. Marcus jumped up as well and each man positioned themselves on each side of her face. Alexa started to take turns sucking them side to side as each man stroked his rock hard cock. Open wide Alexa, Sam screamed, here it comes. Alexa opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue just as both men began to unload all over her face, in her mouth, in her hair. She was covered in cum as both men finished and proceeded to rub their cum on her face toward her mouth where she willingly lapped up every drop.

My gawd is all I could mutter. Oh myyyyyyyyy gawdddddddddddddddd.

Then Sam grabbed a handful of Alexa’s hair and pulled her head off the bed as he commanded her to clean him up. Lapping and licking she cleaned him up and then he turned her head and she did the same to Marcus. When they were finished Sam reached down and patted Alexa’s belly and laughed. How’s our baby coming in there Alexa? Did you miss your period? I’m four days late she said. Good, well we are going to keep fucking you right to the end, right baby? Right Alexa said. Do you like being fucked by us honey? Yes, you know I do. Do you like our hot cum in your pussy and on your face. Yes, and yes she panted. It’s wonderful Do you like being part of this family? I love it she said. Sam just smiled as he was looking over at me all the time. Well, we’re going to take about an hour break and then you can watch us as we fuck your Mom. Would you like that baby? Yes Alexa said as she looked over at me with a smirk on her face. Listen Alexa said. I want you to fuck her brains out. OK? I want you to hurt her. She’s a bitch and she needs punished. Sure baby, whatever you want. We can tell how much you love your mother they laughed. She’s done nothing but make my life miserable she said, she’s a cunt. I was shocked, appalled and saddened at the way my daughter was talking about me. I sat there crying wondering how loving her so much could come to this. I love you Alexa, and no matter how you feel, I will never stop loving you. She just glared at me as she listened without replying. Just stay right where you are Btittney, we’re going to take a shower and get cleaned up and then we’ll get to you. With that they all three walked to the bathroom as they proceeded to the shower. They left the door open so I could hear everything clearly. What happened next shook me to the core. Get on your knees Alexa, Marcus commanded. And don’t you dare close your eyes I heard Sam say. I heard Alexa squeal and I knew that they were pissing on her. I got up out of the chair and through the mirror on the door I could see into the shower. Both men were relieving themselves all over Alexa. They were pissing all over her tits, her stomach and in her hair and on her face and in her mouth. I stood there in disbelief watching these men abuse Alexa like this. Swallow bitch Sam growled. As Alexa swallowed I saw her stomach start to heave like she was going to throw up. You’ll get used to it baby, practice, practice, practice he laughed. Then Marcus turned the shower on and they proceeded to soap each other up and wash each other till they were squeaky clean.

Running back over to my chair I sat there in disbelief. Shaking my head to prove to myself I was not dreaming. I wish I was I kept telling myself. Oh God, please let me be dreaming. But I wasn’t.

All three of them finally came out of the bathroom, naked, and walked unashamedly past me and into the kitchen to get something to eat. I was not invited. I was so uncomfortable sitting there wondering and concerned what their next move would be or how it would go down. My concerns were not unfounded. I heard them as they cleaned the dishes and put them away, and then I saw against the wall, the shadow of them walking to the bedroom. Well Ms. Btittney, Marcus sneered, you are probably wondering what comes next in this family affair? Well it had crossed my mind I sneered back. Out of nowhere came the back of Sam’s hand and slapped me hard across the side of my head. I saw stars as Sam spoke. Rule fucking number one is that there will be no smart ass attitudes coming from that mouth of yours, because the next time I hit you it won’t be love tap. I’ll knock you the fuck out. OR, maybe I’ll just do that right now to teach you a lesson. What do you think Alexa? Give her one more chance she laughed. Trust me, she’ll blow it. Rule number two Ms. Btittney; what Alexa says goes. She’s your boss from here on out. If she doesn’t like your behavior and want us to do something about it…..we will. Understand? I was shocked at this turn of events as I sat there stunned. That’s right Mom, you’ve made my life so miserable for so long with your controlling ass that now it’s time for me to make YOUR life miserable. I could feel the tears running down my face. Make her stop Mr. Jones, Alexa quipped. Whapppp, he hit me again and told me to stop crying. Rule number three: This is how life will be from this day forward. 1) You’ll quit your job. 2) You will be the house cleaner; cook all meals; nanny for our babies and Alexa’s personal maid. 3)You will do her every bidding or else. 4) No Phone, no Computer, no contact with the outside world except for us. 5) You and Alexa will move out of your apartment and move in here. And if by chance you are stupid enough to try and do anything to breach this arrangement you will suffer for it. Do I make myself crystal clear? Trying my best not to cry, I sniffled, YES. Marcus and Alexa and you and I Btittney will get married at the Justice of the Peace. Man and wife Btittney, man and wife. Just one big happy family. And you will be our……well let’s just say it as it is…….our SLAVE! Alexa, now that you are the boss, what is your first order for your Mother? While I’m carrying this baby I don’t want to have to do anything. Not bathe, not dress myself, not wipe myself after going to the toilet, not even feeding myself, not one fucking thing. Do you understand Mom? Yes I cringed in horror. From now on its “yes mame” you understand Alexa sneered? I could not believe this was happening. I was sickened by her tone of voice and her behavior. Do you fucking understand Btittney, Sam yelled as he cocked his hand? Yes, yes, I understand……..mame……. I replied. Ok, you got it. I wanted to puke, but I complied. Secondly, I want both of you to fuck her hard, hurt her, like you did me, teach her obedience and submission. Both men laughed. God Alexa, you are becoming a real bitch master. Alexa just gave them an evil smile. Do you want to watch Alexa, Marcus retorted? Damn right I do. Oh by the way Mom, if you think or thought there was the most remote chance that ass hole Bryan would or will EVER come around again I just want you to know that the DVD of Mr. Jones and you is on the way to him in the mail. And from the way it was edited it looks like you showed no resistance at all. It looks like you are asking for it all. My guts were exploding inside me. I knew exactly how Bryan would react to the DVD. He never trusted me before and now……well……there is nothing more I can say that would make any difference. So now that the ground rules are set going forward, let’s get to our next order of business Sam said.

With that being said, Marcus walked over to me and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me up off the chair, rip her clothes off Dad. Sam proceeded to grab the front of my blouse and rip it open as the buttons popped all over the room. Then he unsnapped my bra and threw it. Reaching down he grabbed my skirt with both hands and ripped it down the side till it fell off my hips. Well at least she followed one order Sam quipped, she dressed properly. He was right, I had no panties on and as a result I was standing there stark naked. Then Marcus without any further ado began to pull me by the air of the head toward the bed. Damn it I screamed, you don’t have to hurt me. I’ll come willingly. When I said that Marcus turned around and slapped me with the back of his hand so hard that I lost consciousness. I don’t know how long I was out but when I woke up I was sitting in the shower and the shower was on full blast spraying cold water all over me. Oh shit I screamed, it is cold. I heard everyone laugh. So, you’re finally awake are you? Thought we lost you there for a minute. So you want warmed up do you Sam taunted? We’ll warm you up good. With that being said, both men stepped into the shower, turned it off, and began to unload their warm piss all over me. If it was not so disgusting it would have been a relief compared to the cold shower. Piss on her good I heard Alexa shout. Well why don’t you get in here and help a little Sam exclaimed. Alexa then stepped into the shower between the two men, turned around, bent over and begin to spray her piss all over me as well. Shit I screamed, you are all sick, sick bastards. You want slapped again Btittney? Marcus asked. I don’t care what you do I screamed. You are all a bunch of sick bastards and that includes you too Alexa. You should be ashamed of yourself. This time it was Alexa who grabbed my hair and began slapping me back and forth six or seven time, but not hard enough to do any damage or put me out. Good girl Alexa, Sam screamed. Even though she was not hitting me hard it began to mount up and my head started spinning. Then she stopped as Sam came over and grabbed me by the throat lifted me off the floor and started to squeeze as he walked me toward the bed. I couldn’t breathe but he kept putting on the pressure. My head was spinning and I was losing consciousness and my knees started to buckle,that’s when he took his hand off and threw me onto the bed. Get on your hands and knees bitch Sam ordered. And do it fucking now he screamed. I did my best to roll over and get on my knees, putting my face into the bed and lifting my ass up in the air. Now there is a priceless picture for you Marcus laughed. Go ahead Alexa, take some pictures. No, Alexa said, I’m taking a video; make her beg to get fucked she said. You heard the boss Btittney, start begging us to fuck you in every hole you have. I just didn’t want them hurting me anymore. So I complied. Fuck me I begged; fuck me in my pussy, in my ass, in my throat I screamed. Please, please, please fuck me. What a great internet movie this is going to make Sam quipped, we’ll make thousands. So , let’s accommodate the fine lady Marcus sneered. Marcus got on the bed first and scooted underneath me till his cock was right below my pussy. Mount me bitch he screamed. I reached down and grabbed his cock and directed it to my pussy and pushed till it went balls deep into me. Good Sam quipped. Now put your hands back here and spread those cheeks and spread them wide. With whatever strength I had left I moved my hands to my butt and spread my cheeks as wide as I could. Great target Sam laughed. I knew he was going to take my ass, but I was not ready for the brutality in which he would do it. I don’t know how big the dildo was that he pushed up my ass but it was huge and it hurt so badly. Screaming, my whole body was shaking and convulsing. Please, oh gawd, please stop, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I begged. Gotta get that ass ready bitch Sam laughed. Just want to make sure you can easily take my cock. You want my cock instead Btittney he taunted? Yes, yes, oh my gawd yes. Please, give me your cock instead. As you wish my dear he said as he pulled the dildo out and drove his cock balls deep in one fail swoop. At the same time Marcus started fucking me from below. The two cocks felt like they were going to rip me in two as they fucked me relentlessly. I was afraid to say anything cause I didn’t want Sam putting that thing back in me again. Come on guys Alexa coached, fuck her hard, she’s enjoying it too much, make her squeal in pain. Your wish is our command Marcus replied. With that both men turned up the heat and started to pound in me so hard I thought I was going out again. Ugggg I screamed each time they pushed. The only relief was when they pulled out for one short second but it was short lived as they pushed hard into me immediately following. To this day I have no idea how anything so painful could turn into an earth crashing climax but it did. I started to convulse and my whole insides exploded in a mind blowing orgasm. Yeooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I screamed as they fucked and fucked as I came and came. I guess it was too much for them because shortly thereafter they both in unison began to cum. I felt the hot liquid spray my insides in both my ass and my pussy. They continued to fuck me as I continued to grunt and cum. Finally we had nothing left and I collapsed onto Marcus and Sam collapsed on me. I was sandwiched between these two men and I couldn’t move much less breath normally. You guys are pitiful Alexa laughed. You were too nice to her. Fuck you Alexa, she took all we had, that’s more than I can say for you. What do you mean she laughed? Come on Alexa, you would have died if we shoved this dildo up inside you. Touché Alexa responded. You got me on that one.

After 15 minutes Sam rolled off of me and I rolled off of Marcus. You ok Marcus? Alexa asked. Damn, you try laying here with these two on top of you. No thanks Alexa laughed. I’ll take your word for it.

I found none of their humor amusing as I lay in the fetal position sobbing. Well Mom, Alexa taunted, have you learned your lesson? You ready to shut your fucking mouth and do what you’re told? Yes I whispered, yes, whatever you want I said, accepting defeat as gracefully as I could.

Two months has passed now and Alexa was three months pregnant. She was the most miserable pregnant human being I ever knew. She was true to her word however, she did NOTHING for herself. NOTHING. The worst part was when I had to wipe her ass after she took a shit and while I was wiping she would piss. I was on the verge of puking for two months. And I knew the reality of it was that it would not get better, it would only get worst. Both men made me watch as they fucked Alexa on a regular basis and she would watch as they fucked me. Many nights after Alexa went to sleep they would come into my bed and have their way with me, fucking me relentlessly and cumming over and over again in every orifice. As much as I hated it and hated them, my body unbelievably responded every time and I always came over and over again.

They made me stay in the house and demanded that I was naked most of the time. They loved slapping my ass as I served them breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. It was not unusual for one of them out of nowhere to get up, lean me over the table and fuck me till they unloaded in me, and then sit back down and finish their meal. I resigned myself to being their white whore, I really didn’t have a choice. I only got 4 to 5 hours sleep each night and was exhausted most of the time. The cleaning and cooking was not so bad but Alexa was so demanding that it was unbearable, and she was only getting worst. I could only imagine what it would be like after the baby came.

All I could do is pray and accept the situation I was in and make the best of it. I so missed ministry but most of all I missed Bryan. I could only imagine his repulsion for me after seeing the DVD he was sent. I prayed each day that God would just take me home. I contemplated suicide so many times I lost count. I could only imagine what life would be like after the baby and babies came. Oh God, please help me.

Alexa, Sam and Marcus left the house one evening and had gone to a friend’s house for dinner and drinks, I relished the alone time to just be able to rest and not be on call constantly. I had fallen into a deep, deep sleep when I was awakened by the phone ringing off the hook. I jumped off the couch and ran into the kitchen to answer it. Hello, is this Mrs. Jones the voice one the other end of the phone asked? It is I replied. This is Officer Roman from the Pa. State Highway Patrol. There was an accident and your husband and son were killed instantly and your daughter is in critical condition. Can you come to the hospital? I don’t have a car I replied but I will call a taxi. No need to Mrs. Jones, I will have a car pick you up immediately. Ok I answered. My head started to spin. Was it true? Did a miracle just happen? Am I free? Will I get my life back? Oh God, oh God, thank you. But how about Alexa, what will happen to her and the baby?

Upon arriving at the hospital they took me immediately to identify the bodies of Marcus and Sam, once that was finished they took me to the ER room where Alexa was. There the doctor talked to me and told me that Alexa had lost the baby and had two broken arms and two broken legs along with a fractured collar bone and hip. He went on to tell me that she would survive but would be laid up for months, maybe years, and because of the damage to her throat she may not ever talk again. Time would tell he said. Of course I cried, even as horrible as she had been to me she was still my daughter and I loved her.

That night in bed I prayed all night thanking God for his goodness and for rescuing me from this hell I was in and giving me my life back. The estate was settled quickly in about two months. Even though there was no will, because I was next of kin and married in the eyes of the State the house and all assets of Sam’s went to me. The house, the retirement, the life insurance. When it was all said and done the total estate was about 2.5million, tax free. All of Alexa’s care was covered under Marcus’ insurance at work. It was 3 ½ months before Alexa was able to be up and in a wheelchair, but her arms and legs were still in casts. She had to be pushed everywhere in a wheelchair and her rehab wouldn’t begin for another 2 months. They had her on so much medication for pain that she was out of it most of the time.

One day we were in the courtyard alone, I had pushed her out in the wheelchair and was sitting on a bench with her directly in front of me. She still could not talk because of the damage to her throat but she was cognizant enough to understand our conversation. My dear Alexa I began. I’m your mother and I brought you into this world. I fought for your welfare and tried my best to protect and love you. Your father did everything he could to turn you against me and no matter how hard I tried you withheld your love from me and treated me like dirt. Even when you failed your senior year, I went into the school and begged that they would graduate you. Even then you were not grateful and still had a condemning word instead of a thanks for me when I gave you your diploma. But still, even after graduating, I opened up my home for you and gave you a place to stay while you worked. My house was nothing more than a bed and breakfast to you. You came and went as you pleased, having no regard for my home or life. Your room remained a disaster and up until the day we left, it was still a disaster. How you treated me with the Jones’ was nothing less than criminal. Wiping your shitty ass Alexa, really? Being your slave, really Alexa? Telling those demon possessed men to hurt me, over and over again, really Alexa? By now Alexa was crying uncontrollably. I could see the horror in her eyes as I talked calmly. Your prognosis is not good Alexa. It looks like your rehab could take years, and you may never talk again according to the speech pathologist. Your insurance will run out in another two months and guess where you will be? WITH ME!!!!!!!!! Her face was covered in tears as she knew payback was around the corner. You see Alexa, your little ploy to destroy any opportunity for Bryan and I failed. I just left him and after explaining everything and humbling myself before him and begging him to take me back, he totally understood and we are getting married next month. You see Alexa, HE, was and is the best fuck I have ever had. Those men may have made my body react but they never had my heart. That belonged to Bryan and ALWAYS will. He is moving in with me and when you come home……..well…….I can tell you he is not happy, not only for what you did to me, but for the way your snotty little ass treated him after hiding in the house and lying and deceiving us and throwing the blame on us. So, just so you know, here’s how it’s going down Alexa. Here are the new rules. 1) We will make your life miserable for as long as you are alive, and that may not be long. 2) We will make sure you NEVER recover enough to live a normal life. 3) We will fuck in front of you as often as Bryan wants to. 4) Bryan will fuck also you as often as he wants to, and it will begin as soon as he can find a way to get into that miserable little cunt of yours. But in the meantime, he will jack off on your face every day, his cum may be the only meal you receive some days, you will learn to love it. You will beg for it you will be so hungry. And finally honey, here is down payment of what you have to look forward to. With that I took my hand and put it on her throat and began to squeeze. She began to choke and gag but couldn’t speak. Her face started to turn blue as she gasped for air but couldn’t get any. Then, just as she began to lose conscientiousness I released my grip and she gasped and choked for air till she had enough to breath normally again. You think that was bad dear Alexa? Just wait till Bryan does it. He’s going to enjoy it soooo much. He will take you to the brink of un-conscientiousness on a daily basis, and some days he will let you pass out. You’ll wish you were dead. And just for the record, your daily shower will consist of both of us unloading our bladders on you. Then we will turn on the ice cold shower and let you lie there till we’re ready to take you out. You will indeed wish you were dead Alexa. The horror in her eyes was priceless. Going around to the back of her wheelchair I turned it and began to walk back to her room. Once getting her in bed one of the nurses came in and commented on how lucky Alexa was to have a mother like me who loved and cared so much for her daughter. As I got up to leave the room, I looked back at Alexa who was still in a state of horror and said………. Well Alexa…..PAYBACKS ARE A BITCH. JUST LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I smiled as I turned and walked out, hearing only grunts from Alexa. Life was GOOD and it was going to get even BETTER.