Better Business Consultants

Alison could feel the slightest imperfections in the paint as she was pushed against the wall. Her senses were hyper-aware. She was vividly aware of everything around her, every sight, every sound, every smell… so that ruled out being drugged.

She knew as was willingly having unprotected sex. She could feel the opening of his urethra against her cervix… when the corona of his massive cock crested and entered her uterus… She could even feel the changes in his pulse and increase in his body temperature through her vaginal walls as she eagerly awaited the torrential ejaculation and flood of semen.

She knew she was still wearing her wedding ring. It weighed down her left hand. When the main diamond of the ring caught the light… it seemed to burn white hot in her vision and increase the satisfaction of her black lovers every thrust.

She knew she was being filmed. The camera was set off to the side, on a mini-tripod. The red led an obvious sign that each of her adulterous pleasures were being recorded.

The blinds and curtains were wide open. The bright day light flooded the room and elevated her taboo transgression to a heavenly religious experience.

If not so focused on her current activities, Alison could have had a breathtaking view of the park and cityscape beyond but instead she was giving the observant pedestrian an interracial performance of a lifetime.

Alison knew this was where she belonged. The tall blonde haired, blued eyed Caucasian woman knew the purpose of her tone and fit body was to serve as a sheath… a conduit… a receptacle for Black Cock.

But she could not remember how she got here. The more she tried to remember the more she forgot. In her forgetfulness was a clarity of purpose… increase her efforts to please her interracial partner and take as much black cock as she could.


Earlier, Alison was sitting in her office. She was trying to complete Friday’s paperwork so as to be freed from the tedium of the work week when her assistant Beth came in with more papers.

“Alison, can I get you to sign this?”

“What is it?” was her quick response knowing that this was going to delay her timely departure.

Sheepishly Beth replied “Everyone in the company is going to be issued a cellphone and you need to sign the release form. I’m sorry but I forgot to give this to you earlier.”

Alison looked at the letterhead. It was from Better Business Consultants Inc. and not their company letterhead but she knew there had been some changes in the works. It was a simple enough document. The phone equipment was being provided free of charge to the individual. She was to be responsible for any loss or damages from use of the service and that her use would be for BBC purposes exclusively.

Before signing she googled Better Business Consultants and found a website, “For the discriminating business woman. Your privacy is our security…by referral only” and they appeared to have a healthy list of female clients… so after a moment… Alison signed the form just to get Beth out of her office and so she could escape herself.

The weekend passed too quickly. When Alison arrived Monday morning there was an elegant gloss white box on the center of her desk. This was not cheap packaging. The lid was heavy and revealed decorative black packing paper and a letter.

“Alison, thank you for choosing us. Please inventory the contents and wear the Bluetooth earpiece when you first initialize the phone. We hope you enjoy BBC services.”

This a so much effort for a phone that was going to sit in her desk drawer. Plus, she was not going to wear an earpiece just to turn on a phone. Alison did inventory the contents. There was a jet black smartphone, a multi-purpose USB wall and car charger and a small Bluetooth earpiece.

After looking over the phone for a few minutes, she pushed the power button and the phone vibrated to life. The screen lit up with the message “Hello Alison. Would you like to initialize?” and a green Yes button.

All the other contents were still in the box… where the phone would soon follow.. but she was going to activate it so no one else could use her phone. The phone was on her desk when she pushed the green button. The phone flashed as if her photo was taken.

Alison was startled when Beth came in her office… Fifteen minutes late as usual on Monday. Somehow Alison had lost track of time. She was holding the new phone and had the Bluetooth earpiece in her ear. The phone simply said “Thank you. Enjoy!”. Alison slipped the phone in her jacket pocket and covered the earpiece with her hair.

The day and the rest of the week progressed as usual. The new phone never seemed to ring and only vibrated when it wanted recharged.

Then a text message arrived “Consultation scheduled. Today. 1:00 PM”.

Alison called out to Beth, “Do I have a consultation today? And if so why is it appearing now?”

Beth replied “Yes, it was scheduled, your calendar is open all afternoon and they are sending a car.”

Alison didn’t give it a second though. The new phones must be part of a new automated central scheduling where everyone’s calendar is controlled.

When the car arrived, it was a white limo with small letters on the side “BBC Inc”. Alison instantly thought the letters should be bigger. The driver was a smartly dressed black man in his early 20s.

The back of the limo was dark brown leather with rich hardwood and a small television. The privacy glass was down. Alison, noticed a glass of Champagne in the center armrest. Condensation was running down the side of the tall glass flute.

The driver pleasantly greeted her, “Good day, Ma’am”

Curtly Alison responded “Yes, Thank you but I won’t be needing the Champagne”

“Yes Ma’am, There will be a video playing and I will have to raise the privacy glass while it is on.”

When the tinted glass panel sealed, the television flickered to life. The screen looked like snow… at first … as if it was an old VCR tape. The speakers were admitting a white noise almost the sound of rain or a brook. Alison also noticed the seat was vibrating. It was all very calming. She reached up and removed her earpiece.

The video finally started. It was a semi-narrated introduction and welcome from Better Business Consultants showing the limo arriving outside an office, a petite blonde only 5 2 in a white mini suit walked out and entered the back of the limo.

Alison thought they should have a taller actress so I can relate more with the character.

The scene cut to an interior shot of the woman seated in the back of the limo. Her legs were crossed right over left.

Alison changed her seating position to right over left.

The young lady reached out and tasted the Champagne.

Alison reached out and tasted the Champagne.

Then an exterior view of the limo arriving… a large black man in a business suit helped the young lady out of the back of the limo. She entered the building followed by him.

The scene quickly cut to the young lady wearing a white string bikini, next to a pool, and holding hands with… then the scene abruptly changed again. It looked like she was standing on her toes… or was she wearing high heals?… was she dressed? Her mouth was wide and the head back.. was she gasping? It looked like the black man was standing behind her… holding her by her upper arms… were they dressed?

Alison wished the television was larger. She wanted to see was happening. She had to know and understand the girl’s expression.

Then the screen went dead as the side door was opened. The light filled the back of the limo, Alison could see an outstretched hand to help her up.

Alison turned the black hand so that her hand met his palm to palm and interlocked her fingers with his. She marveled at the strength of his grip and their contrasting tones.

The gentleman was easily 6 4 and 250 pounds of pure muscle in a tailored suit. He said nothing and followed Alison through the double doors and into the building. They quickly crossed the foyer and entered a private elevator.

Alison liked that the elevator had mirrored walls. He could see her from every angle. She looked up, unbuttoning her jacket, and even the roof was mirrored. She was disappointed that the floor was not mirrored. He should be able to see her from every angle.

The elevator ascended, Alison felt her knees almost give. She wanted to turn and kneel before the stranger. It felt so natural… but he gripped her upper arms from behind.

Alison thought of the video. He is holding my arms just like… She closed her eyes and gyrated her buttock into his groin. She could feel his member growing between her ass cheeks.

Alison wanted to throw her head back. She wanted to gasp for air. She wished his hands would migrate forward, open her blouse and massage her breasts.

She had to know and understand the building desire.

She cursed the millimeters of clothing that separated them. They were both naturally fit and attractive. Why should they cover up what they had been intended to be? Only a society of the unjust and unfit would want to cover what is naturally superior. Only the small and inferior need to hide.

Alison was a discriminating woman… always had been… and had exacting tastes. She wanted the best. It is only natural to want the best in everything.

When the doors of the elevator opened to the penthouse, Alison shed her miniskirt business suit and wrap blouse to reveal a black lace half bra, t thong panties, garters and stocking. Under her conservative garb, she was already dressed for today’s impending… inevitable event.

The bra barely covered her breasts. Yet, nothing could hide her hardening nipples and jutting areola. She had even put her panties on last over the garters and stockings knowing that she would soon be stripped of them.

Alison so much wanted to kneel. To feel his cock head past her lips. She couldn’t help herself. She wanted to stuck out her tongue… to lick the underside of his shaft. She would twirl her tongue around his cock. Her arousal was growing. She wanted his cock down her throat.

“No, Fuck me!” was all he said. Alison wanted to pout but couldn’t. She leaned back against the wall, slipped of her bra and panties as his strong black hands lifted her.

She felt his black cock splitting the lips of her soaked pussy. The pain was sharp and burning. Alison felt as if she was a virgin again. There was nothing gentle about it. Alison’s body was being stretched around his cock as her thoughts conformed to his will. She could take him, not easily, but willingly.

Alison’s body had surrendered completely to the pain and discomfort of her first black cock. She needed to cum and started flexing her legs, raising and lowering herself along his cock, taking more as she got used to it. The shock she felt from all the pleasure made her body shake and became weak.

Alison collapsed forward, her breasts mashing against his muscled chest. Her pussy had contoured itself around his entire cock. This was where she belonged. He thrust his cock to the back of her womb and held it. His hot black seed exploded, flooding Alison with pleasure. Each blast from his cock sent more and more potent semen into her uterus, filling it.

Only after his cock had softened considerably did he let her loose and say, “Clean up!”

Alison spent the next thirty minutes on her knees. She could not remember how she got here but had a content look on her face.