Carol has a baby

This is a true story that happened a year ago when we were on holiday in Kenya. A little about us, my wife Carol is 28yrs old and is slim 5’2 tall with shoulder length light brown hair. I’m Jeff 32yrs old 5’10 tall with medium build, just your average guy.

This story begins when we arrived in Mombasa to start our three week beach holiday on the south coast. The coach took us though the town and over the ferry and on to our hotel. After checking in two young black boys carried our cases to our ground floor room, I noticed them looking at my wife, she had undone some buttons on her blouse, it was very hot and the top of her breasts were showing. I gave them a tip and they left us to unpack. My wife wanted to go out and start sunbathing so we quickly changed and went out to the sun loungers outside our room. As soon as we sat down a waiter came and asked if we wanted drinks which we both ordered, again I saw him eyeing my wife in her tiny bikini and it quiet excited me to think this black boy was attracted to her. I think it was then that I wanted to see her with a black boy.

We lay in the sun for the rest of the afternoon finally going in as the sun went down. After a shower she lay on the bed and I put after sun on her back, as I did I asked her if she had noticed the black boys keep coming to look at her. She said that she had and asked me what they wanted, I told her that they had the hot’s for her, she went quiet for a few minutes before asking what I meant. I was not sure what to say but then told her the black boys wanted to have sex with her, she told me that they didn’t but I assured her that they wanted to fuck her white pussy. Again she lay quietly on the bed before asking if I would let them. I did not know what to say, I knew that I wanted to see her with a black boy and finally said yes. She sat up and looked at me, and asked me if I would really let a black boy have sex and cum in her, I again said yes. She just looked at me and said that she couldn’t with a black boy, I told her no one would know and she said they would when she had a black baby, I put my arms around her told her we would worry about that when we got home. As I held her I asked if she would let a black boy get her pregnant, she trembled in my arms and said yes if that’s what I wanted, but I would have to choose the boy and ask him.

I had seen a much older hotel guard when we arrived he was around 6’1 tall and must weigh 300lbs huge, my wife is only 110lbs. I started to chat with him and got to know him quite well, he was older than I had first thought at 51 but I knew that I wanted him to be with my wife, I told her that I had picked a black man for her, she asked who? so I pointed him out to her and she said he’s too old and too big, I said he will be ok and she finally said she would let him have sex with her.

I went and asked him if he would come to our room and have sex with my wife, he asked if he should get condoms and I told him no I wanted him to cum inside her, he then asked if she was on birth control and I told him that she wasn’t and that she was fertile. He was surprised and said my wife would be having his black baby. He said he would come to our room at 8pm when his shift finished. I went and told my wife he was going to come to our room at 8pm and that he had told me he was going to give her a black baby, I could see her shaking so went and held her in my arms, I think she was realizing that she was going to be fucked by a black man with no birth control protection.

He arrived on time and I introduced Toya to my wife. I’d already told him her name, standing next to him she looked tiny, after a little small talk he started to undress. I moved my wife to the bed and helped her take of her cloths, I turn and he was standing there naked, his body was huge and his cock was hard and ready, my wife lay on the bed and Toya moved her legs apart and climbed on top of her rubbing his cock against her wet opening, her eyes were looking at me as Toya slowly pushed and his black cock entered her pussy a couple of short thrusts and he had his 8ins black baby maker deep inside her. He lay still for a short time, my wife’s eyes were looking into mine as Toya start the slow thrusts pushing his cock head hard against her cervix, her knees rose and she began to move in time to his thrusting strokes. My wife was covered by Toya’s body only her legs and arms could be seen, her face was looking at me from under his left shoulder and I could see her bite her lip as her first orgasm went though her body, Toya continued to fuck her for 20 minutes giving her many more before finally pushing himself deep holding and then he started to grunt as he pump his baby cum into my wife, her arms were tight around his neck as he bred her. They stayed joined for another 5 minutes before he pulled out and got up of the bed, he got dressed and told her he would be back tomorrow and then left.

I looked at her laying on the bed, between her legs her pussy was gaping open with a thick blob of Toya’s cum just showing, I wanted to get on top of her but she said no, I would have to get some condoms, if she gets pregnant she wants to know who by. This went on every night of our holiday and I could only do it with a condom, which felt really good after Toya.

We arrived home and waited, I wanted her to get a pregnancy test but she said she wanted to wait. After 2 weeks she snuggled up to me in bed and told me she was going to have a baby, we kissed and made love no condom was needed now, we talked about what we would say when the baby comes and decided to say we went to a party on holiday and our drinks were spiked and that a black man must have had sex with her while we were out, and we didn’t know the baby wasn’t mine till she was born.

Everything went as planned, everyone believed what we told them when our black daughter was born, I just have to think of another story for the next time we let a black man cum inside her without protection. Oh by the way mother and baby are doing well, she is a very pretty baby girl takes after her mother thank the lord.