Charles And The Guys Keep Anne Stimulated

In my last story my childhood sweetheart and first Black lover Aaron had moved out of state. He did introduce me to Charles Bailey the President of The Black Businessmen’s Club. He also owns in town Chaz’s Club and Bar. There are other officers of the club who are business owners. They are Vice President Randolph, Secretary William and Treasurer Lester. The guys and I partied at Charles’s home Friday night and Saturday morning.
I love those guys so much I want them in my life and my husband James’s life. They have a key to visit me at the house when they want me. I told them when I get out of work to call my cell phone or text message me when they need me.

Late Sunday night William and Lester called my cell phone. They said they were coming over. I opened the bedroom on the first floor. I told James and asked him to join us. He agreed. He said he knows I love gang bangs. William and Lester unlocked the door to our house letting themselves in. I greeted them. They kissed me. They pulled my shorts and and tube top off. They said we love you Anne. You are our girl. They undressed quickly. They both kissed and French kissed me. They helped me get on the bed. They both finger fucked my pussy. I sucked James’s cock. Lester laid next to me. They had me sit on Lester straddling him I put his cock into my pussy. James had me lean forward and slid his 10 inch thick cock into my ass. My husband is an ass man. I had William’s cock in my mouth sucking him. The guys started out slowly fucking me. I was enjoying the slow ride and feeling the sensations in my holes. The guys increased the speed of their fucking. It was fast and hard. The stimulations were so intense I was squealing sounds and straining as I was close to orgasming. Finally I did orgasm. I had multiple orgasms as they squirted my ass and pussy. I almost swallowed William’s cock as I was having extreme orgasms. The guys were squirting copious loads of sperm. My pussy, ass and mouth were dripping cum. There were drops of William’s sperm in the corners of my lips and on my chin. William used his finger to put his precious sperm between my lips into my mouth. He said, “Anne, suck my finger like you did my cock.” I did. I sucked his finger hard and he moved his finger between my lips. He said, “James is going to watch me deep penetrate your pussy lips and give you the breeding of your life. When you have my baby you will always remember me.” He got his wish. I sucked his cock to give him the erection he needs.

As arranged the guys had my ass on the edge of the mattress. My husband James and Lester had my legs up and spread. They held me by my ankles. My legs were pushed back to give William the ability to do push-up style on the bed with deep penetration fucking. Before fucking me he told James, “Anne will never forget how I fucked her. She is my Queen of Spades. She will always be a Whore for the Black Man’s Cock.” With that statement he kept his word. He pushed his cock into my pussy. He did hard and fast fucking. It was intense, highly stimulating. I used my fingers on my clit. He forgot that. After that he had me on the bed doggy style. James tickled my clit and Lester licked, sucked my breasts, nipples. I admire William for his 12 inch cock however my husband James and Lester helped me orgasm as a gangbang should do. I am a Queen of Spades however, it’s about fucking cock not color.

I licked, sucked William and Lester’s cock, balls clean of sperm. James brought me a spoon and cup. I asked William my Queen of Spade to spoon the sperm from my pussy and thighs and put it into a cup. He did. I asked him to feed me his sperm. He fed me and watched me swallow it. When finished he had me lick and suck the spoon.
He looked at James saying, “she sucked the spoon like she sucked my cock.”
James said, “you aren’t her first guy. Aaron is her first black lover. He is and always will be Queen Anne’s first Spade.”
I said, “as a woman one cock is not enough for me.”
Upon that discussion William got the message.
The guys said goodnight and left.
I licked, sucked James’s cock. He fucked me missionary position. He made passionate love to me. He ate my wet pussy from all of the fuckings I had. He always remembers my clit and stimulates it. We heard someone unlock the door, come into the house.

It is Randolph. He said, “Hi Anne, Hi James. May I join you?”
I said, “I love you Randolph. Come fuck me.”
James said, ” Anne likes cock. She loves yours.
Randolph was on my left side and James on my right on the bed. Randolph kissed me. Both guys were kissing me and taking turns French kissing me They each had a breast, nipple to lick and suck. Their fingers found my clit and pussy. I love team work I put my arms around both guys as they made love to me. I whispered to Randolph, “Will you fuck my pussy?”
Randolph replied, “I love your beautiful tight pussy and ass. I came tonight for both. I came to be with you.” With James sharing you, Charles and I have our love plans for you.”

I was surprised by what he said. I do love what he said. He pulled me to him kissing me. I put my leg over him and sat on him pushing his cock into my pussy. We kissed and French kissed. I told him, “I had had sex tonight with William and Lester. I hadn’t had a chance to bathe.”
Randolph replied, “James shares you and likes you covered with other men’s sperm. He told me it makes you more beautiful. Like him I feel the same way. I get horny just being with you. I want more of you covered in sperm and by me.”
We kissed and I rode him pulling his cock with my vaginal muscles. He increased my sensations in my pussy. I felt James’s cock in my ass. I can always tell when James fucks my holes. His cock is slightly curved. His cock always stimulates me.
I like these men fucking me. They are real men. Their hands massaged and rubbed my body as they fucked me. The hugged and kissed me. Both my husband and Randolph whispered in my ear. My husband encourages me to be with Charles and Randolph. He whispers to me they love me and they will be good to me.

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Randolph whispers to me, “he and Charles want me more with them. Like after I get out of work to be with them at the Club. Also nights, weekends and holidays.” I told Randolph, “I had to talk to James.” Both men had me orgasming and then they squirted my holes. My body spasamed from the stimulations. Both men hugged me and kissed me.

When James was done squirting me he said he had get up early in the morning to go to work. He was going to bed. He said, “he wants to share me more with Randolph and Charles. He knows they will be good to me.” He said, “when you decide on a schedule please let me know. I will always love you Anne.”

Randolph and I continued making love. He fucked my well lubricated ass. He picked me up off of my hands and held me tight as he pressed my back against his chest. He kissed me. He fondled my breasts and using his fingers kneaded my nipples. I would bathe and sleep with him tonight feeling excited about what he and Charles have planned for me.

After a fun night with Randolph I awakened to my alarm clock. Randolph kissed me and rolled me over on my stomach, pulled my ass up and fucked my pussy. He squirted my pussy and I orgasmed. His sperm dripped from my pussy down between my thighs. I kissed him. I had to get dressed and go to work. I told Randolph, “I would wear his sperm for the day honoring his love and thinking of our beautiful morning together.” I don’t wear panties. I will feel his sperm for the day as I work.
At work the other girls commented how I have a sexual glow. I giggled and blushed. I said, “guilty.”

After work Charles came to our house meeting with James and me.
He asked me and James about about me moving into his estate. He said your relationship with James would continue but your residence would be at the estate. James said, “for a long time I have shared Anne as was agreed by our legal prenuptial agreement. I knew in time sharing her would lead to permanent separation. That is not a marriage. If Anne agrees to an annulment of our marriage and 50-50 share of our money I will agree to her moving out.”
I sat there with tears in my eyes but I knew James was right. I kind of smiled nodding yes. It was time for both of us to move on from each other. I will always have great memories of James. I moved into Charles’s estate. Moved my clothes and personal items out of the apartment Saturday morning when James was teaching at the university. Our annulment was waiting a formality of the court. Our financial dividing of money was agreed and legally recorded. Monday morning everything was finalized. We were no longer married. I had taken the day off as a personal day. I drove to Chaz’s Bar to meet Charles. When I walked into the bar this big brown man picked me up and kissed me. He took me to his office and asked me, “how the dissolution of marriage hearing went. I told him, “I am yours. My body is yours. Please share me as yours to share. I love you Charles.”
Charles said, “I welcome you into my life and home. You are free to come go as as you please. I have arranged a special party Friday to celebrate your joining me. It will be a party you will love.”

Charles Has A Special Evening Party For Anne… cont’d

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