Divine’s Fall

I have always been a very sexual woman. From the time I first experienced puberty as a young teen I have always been interested in members of the opposite sex. In high school I couldn’t wait for my first serious date and the chance to have a man. I used to fantasize about guys and what it would be like to see them nude with their penis hanging down and what it must be like to see them become erect. I would play with myself when I went to bed at night imagining what it would be like to feel it inside me. My first time came during my senior year and caught me off guard. It happened on one of those rare occasions when I was not thinking about having sex. At first I was mad at the guy for surprising me as he did, then I was mad at myself because I wanted it to be extra-special. But after I lost my virginity I couldn’t get over what an amazing experience it was and how much it made me want to do it again and again.

During my college years I pretty much had one special boyfriend and we made love as often as we could. I even thought that we would eventually marry and enjoy life together. But as we neared graduation he announced that he had fallen out of love with me and our relationship came to an end.
In the weeks and months that followed I started becoming interested in other guys again and found that I was becoming ravishingly horny for the sex I was missing. I needed to feel male attention again and began to go to bars to meet guys. In my final months at college I got to experience a number of guys sexually and one thing that became very clear is that not all guys are equal sexually. Some guys gave me an amazing experience while others just wanted to get laid.

Moving into my professional work life in another city at the age of twenty-two I was careful of who I associated with and my behaviors during off-work time. It didn’t take long before my sexual feelings came roaring back and my urge to make love to a man again. About two months into my new job one of the other women asked me if I would like to join her and a few other co-workers for a “girls night out”. It was a Friday night and the time felt right to get to know some of my colleagues in a social setting. After dinner one of the girls suggested that we go to a hot new dance club in town where there was always great music and lots of good-looking men. The atmosphere was as great as both music and men seemed to be in abundant supply. As we found a table and a round of drinks, almost immediately the girls headed for the dance floor. The music was starting to get louder and the drinks a little stronger as I noticed guys coming up to us on the dance floor and starting to move with us. In no time a young black guy started moving in on me and wanted my exclusive attention. He had great rhythm and timing and a great look too. It was different but I was enjoying the whole experience. I felt alive dancing with this great looking black guy in this eclectic club. We would bump hips and sway with each other back and forth and before long we were grinding at each other with suggestive dance moves. I began to feel hot and flushed, but it all felt so good. But just then the deejay took a break and he finally asked me for my name as we found a seat back at our table to enjoy a drink. His name was Carlton and he said he was working on his MBA at a local university. He was a natural conversationalist and he kept his attention on me with frequent compliments and light flirting. With each word I felt myself becoming more interested and fascinated by his engaging ways. As soon as the music resumed we were back out on the dance floor enjoying each other’s moves and company. At one point he was grinding against my ass and I could feel him getting big and hard as well as my panties getting hot and wet. He spun me around put his arms around me and whispered in my ear “let’s get out of here”. Despite never having any experience with black men before I was only to eager to leave so that we could enjoy each other in private. We went back to his apartment, only a few blocks from the club.

We were hardly in the door when I found myself with his arms wrapped around me engaging in deep passionate kissing. I was tense with excitement in a situation I had never experienced before. I wanted Carlton so bad but had never been with a black man before. I couldn’t wait for him to get me into his bed so that I could find out. We ripped each other’s clothes off and I stood naked in front of the sexiest man with the most powerful penis I had ever seen. It was long and thick and I could hardly get my hands around it. Without realizing I had dropped to my knees and started to suck Carlton to an even harder erection. I caressed his balls as I sucked his shaft. I could feel my own juices and drips running down my inner thighs as Carlton lifted me to my feet before pushing me back on the bed. Spreading my legs he climbed between and started licking my clitoris. Already tense with anticipation I came to orgasm within seconds as I begged him to fuck me. My dark lover was a master at taking his time to heighten my anticipation. When I thought I might explode in tense excitement my man began to penetrate my vagina with his big black cock. Soon each thrust was invading my womanhood as none of my previous lovers ever had. I could feel every vein on his shaft and the massive rim put me in ecstasy as never before. I couldn’t think of anything other than how good my lover felt inside of me. I had never felt sexier or more alive as a woman in my life. After multiple orgasms in missionary position, my lover had me on all fours and stroking me from behind. I kept pleading for him “not to stop” and we didn’t for a long time. I was next on top enjoying his penetration and power with my own thrusts before my legs gave out. Without hesitation, Carlton rolled me over on my back again and continued our intercourse as he pushed my legs back until they were resting on his shoulders. I could feel myself exploding in another amazing orgasm just as my lover erupted deep in my vagina. The pleasure and ecstasy was beyond anything I had ever experienced. My being as a woman felt more complete than ever before and it took a beautiful, sexy black man to bring me to that point. The thrill was beyond anything I ever believed possible. Without realizing I had become a black man’s woman. I couldn’t get enough. It was an insatiable addiction. I would meet my man anywhere at anytime and give myself to him and every time he made me glad that I did.

Romance and lovemaking with Carlton continued for months and I knew that I had fallen for my black master and would never date white men again.