End Of Term

It was the last day of the school term before the summer break began, there were quite a few students who would be finishing their school education and moving on to college so would not be returning after the summer break, there were others who be finishing their education completely they would not go to college instead they would be starting work if they could find themselves a job. Things were very relaxed in the school with very few lessons taking place many of the students were just lulling around the school taking thing easy. Mr Holmes was the school caretaker who knew there would be extra rubbish to clear up at the end of the day a job he was not looking forward to, he was doing his best to avoid the students who all knew that he was a peeping tom and tried spying on the girls when they were in the changing rooms, this was also Mr Holmes last day at the school, at sixty years of age he had taken early retirement and was looking forward to going to his native country of Nigeria, as he sat in his work room Mr Holmes could hear the students as they moved about the school, Suddenly the door to his room opened and Sara a sixteen year old student who was leaving school stood in the door way, Sara was known as the school bully and did not respect anybody, Mr Holmes noticed that the top buttons of Sara’s blouse were undone and he could see some side boob which he thought was cool, Sara looked at him, Sara walked in pushed the door shut behind her then to the surprise of Mr Holmes Sara undid her blouse completely and opened it wide showing her naked boobs, Sara then raised her skirt right up, Mr Holmes saw that she had no panties on and her could see her love tube, Sara walked over to the caretaker and sat astride his legs then bent forward and pusher her boob into his face, she then said ” get your fucking cock out ” as she spoke Sara slid her blouse right off, Mr Holmes stood up as he did Sara fell to the floor where she looked up at Mr Holmes watching as he undid his overalls releasing his ten inch erection, Sara stood up reached behind her back and unclipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor, Mr Holmes looked at the naked bully and pushed her back onto the work bench behind her and started to massage her boobs then after a couple of minutes slid his dick into Sara’s love tube pushing in as deep as he could causing Sara to cry out as he did, he then started to thrust in and out pushing in deep and hard and after a couple of minutes he felt Sara Climax but carried on thrusting in and out of Sara’s love tube making her cum three more times before she said no more, Mr Holmes pulled his dick out and sat down, after a few minutes Sara stood up and dressed looked at Mr Holmes and said we knew you were a dirty old man and left the room as she did she said some of the girls are having a shower at two this afternoon, at two Mr Holmes was sat in the gym office watching as four naked sixteen year old girls were in the shower, Mr Holmes sat admiring the naked bodies of the four white girls thinking what a very good retirement present I have got.

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