Girls Night Out Anne Meets A Mandingo Man

Linda and I were at The Club and Bar Thursday night for another girls night out. Half price drinks and no cover charge. They have a popular DJ who has everyone off of their seats dancing and jumping to the beat. We came early to get a booth. The music started at 8:45PM and would be bumping for awhile. We danced with the crowd on the dance floor. The lighting and sound were synced together. Linda was invited to a booth with 3 guys. I decided to rest and went back to the booth. I was happy to rest.

Within minutes a young Black man stopped by the table. He introduced himself as Robert. I told him, “I am Anne.” He bought me a white Zin and he had a beer. He sat down with me.

He is 6’6”, thin muscular and 19 years old. (We won’t tell security his age)
He is clean shaved and shaves his head. He is more brown than black. He wears nice clothes with a sport jacket. He is polite and attentive. He shared with me he is from Trinidad and is here in the US on a work visa. He is considering becoming a citizen here. He works at a factory in town and sends money to his family in Trinidad. He has an apartment in town not far from his job. He told me his ancestors were from West Africa. The tribe had been named as Mandingos. His ancestors were warriors. When there was slavery they were shipped to other countries. His ancestors were shipped to Trinidad to work on plantations.

I told Robert my life is basically that I am a small town girl. I have a computer degree and work for a large corporation in town. He saw my wedding rings on my right hand. He asked me, “are you married?”
I replied, “I was.”
Robert said, “Your white husband wasn’t man enough to satisfy you was he?”
I replied, “that was a big part of the divorce.”
He said smiling, “Anne, maybe I can change your luck if you give me a chance.”
I said, “It takes more than one man to satisfy me Robert.”
He laughed. He replied, “Anne I have more Mandingo friends at the factory. They would be happy to meet you.”
I said, “I would be happy to meet them.”

It was getting late. We both have to work Friday. We left The Club. Linda was gone with some guys in her car. Robert offered to take me home or to his apartment. I chose his apartment. His apartment is on the second floor. We were kissing and French kissing when he unlocked the door. He picked me up as we were kissing and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me into the apartment placing me on the couch. He is a great host. He poured a chilled glass of wine for me and he had a bottle of beer. He had some ganja that we shared. More wine and ganja I am relaxed. We kissed and his hand was between my legs. His fingers probed my pussy. I wanted more. I said, “where is the bed?” He led me to his bedroom. He kissed me and pulled off my top. I pulled my mini skirt off. He said, No “bra or panties? You are still a HotWife.”
Robert saw my Queen of Spades tattoo on my mound. He said, “what is the tattoo about?”
I replied, “the spade symbol represents the Black man and the letter “Q” represents the woman Queen who is Black cock owned.” I was 19 when I met a Black Bull Master on college vacation in the city. He trained me how to sexually serve Black men. He had me branded with the tattoo with his name at the bottom of the tattoo as my Master. That summer I had sex piercings to serve black men better.”
Robert said, “you are beautiful Anne. I would like to take pictures of you to share your beauty with my Trinidad brothers at the factory.”
I replied, “My body is yours Robert.” When I said that he was speechless.
He took my picture as he fucked my holes. I took pictures with his camera to help.

I laid across the bed on my back with my head slightly over the edge of the mattress. I had Robert stand over my head and fuck my mouth and throat. Robert said, “Anne you know how to deep throat my 11” thick cock.”
As I laid naked on the bed being throat fucked Robert remarked, “Anne you are beautiful and belong with more than one man. You have so much love to give me and my Trinidad brothers.”

Robert moved me to the bottom of the mattress. He licked, sucked, finger fucked my clit and pussy. I was orgasming. I was ready to be fucked. He raised my legs spreading them wide. My legs pressed against his shoulders as my hand guided and pushed his cock into my pussy. He slowly deep penetrated my pussy. He kissed and French kissed me as he fucked me. He licked, sucked my breasts and nipples. Robert fast fucked me causing me to have multiple orgasms. Robert fucked me bareback squirting deep into the walls of my vagina causing me to make squealing noises as I had intense orgasms. My body convulsed from the intense orgasms from pressure of his copious squirting. My pussy overflowed with sperm. It flowed down between my legs. Robert laid on me emptying cum into me. He continued kissing and French kissing me. He pulled my hips as he pumped his cock into my pussy to keep the cum into my overflowing pussy. When he laid back I licked, sucked his cock and balls clean of of cum. He got a cup, spoon to clean the sperm from my pussy and legs. I asked Robert, “to feed me his love sperm so as not to waste it.” He was surprised as he remarked, “I never had a girl do that. You are a trained Queen for black man’s cock.” He watched me swallow spoonful after spoonful. When I finished swallowing he kissed me.

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Robert rolled me over on my stomach. He pulled my ass up and pushed my shoulders down. He lubricated his fingers and stretched my anus with his fingers to accept his 11” thick cock. He lubricated his cock and slowly pushed it to allow my pussy to adapt to his thick cock. When Robert’s balls touched my ass I knew he was all the way in my ass. He slowly fucked me as I adjusted to the size of his cock. The lubricant helped relieve any discomfort. I was able to move my body to start fucking his cock. I moved faster humming and squealing as I orgasmed. Robert grabbed my long hair pulling my head up and slapped my ass as I rode his cock like a black cock whore in heat. I guess I was in heat as I was sweating. When he squirted me he pulled me up to his chest holding me and kissing my neck and face. I turned my head to kiss his lips. He had his camera taking my picture.

We finally got some sleep as we both have to go to work Friday morning. We were up in the morning to the alarm clock. We showered together and sexually played with each other. I held his cock kissing him as he finger fucked me. After shower was coffee and toast. I had just put my summer strappy short dress on with strappy shoes on when Robert walked into the bedroom pushing me back on to the bed. He pulled my dress up, pushed his cock into my pussy, kissing me and fucking me. I was totally surprised but French kissed him as he squirted a load of sperm into me. When he finished squirting me he said,
“I want you to hold my sperm in your pussy today to remind you how much you love and need my black cock.”
We finally went to work.

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